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August 2015

August 19, 2015 Leave a comment

This is how I’ll have to title my posts from now on if I continue to be inconsistent. It’s OK, right? Gotta live life! Yeah! Who’s reading this nonsense anyway? 

I haven’t written since May, that’s not so bad. Let’s see, what’s new? Jared is a pedophile?! Yes, in news today Jared whatshisname from Subway Sucky Sandwich Store fame is caught with tons of child porn in his posession, and apparently he’s been thrown under the bus by his alleged partner in crime, no pun there, who ran a charity with him. 

What. The. Hell. 

On the short list of what still shocks me is this, child porn people. More so, affluent child porn people. Just under that line, pedophiles in general. What’s more disturbing than this? The beheading of an archeologist by ISIS? Also in the news- yes. These fanatics are ending the lives of people who simply care about preserving human history. Is that more shocking? No. It’s not. It’s tragic, yes, but not shocking. That’s the world we live in. Thank you, religion. 

I could draw a disgusting paralel between that last statement and the pedophile thing- but I’ll pass. 

Moving on- Women are now Army Rangers. Good for them! There’s talk of Navy SEAL school openning up to them too. And again- Good! 

Good! and… So what?

If they can do it, do it.  

It’s not news that women want equality. It’s not news any human being wants equality. It’s not news that women don’t have equality, but let’s be real, why is that? Women don’t have equality, historically, because they are the so-called fairer sex. Physically (also historically), they have almost always been weaker, and thus it has been the expectation of both men and women that men would do the heavy lifting and protecting of women, for the most part. 

Now… if that’s changed, that’s fine in my book, practically speaking. If women in general can now lift and carry the weight men do, in every respect of the analogy- then so be it. 

The question that’s being tossed around is whether women can serve in combat? Why is that I have to think? If they can do the job, carry the load, shoot the gun, etc? Well… The problem for men is I think, the duplicity of women. 

Uh Oh… he said it. Yes. What’s the big deal? If we’re being real we havee to speak openly of what the situation really is with women in the real world. Women, and you can spare me the hypocrisy when I say this, do reserve the right to expect the courtesies afforded to them by the standards put in place for them throughout time, historically again, call it what you will- men being gentlemen, chivalry, whatever- They reserve the right, and even demand in some cases, to be “treated like a lady”, while still expecting and demanding to be treated as an equal in every respect of the word. 

The usual disclaimer; Personally, I have no problem withthe balance. Where that balance may be struck might be a point of contention, but I can see for myself where I open the doors and pick up the tab, and where to expect equality from a woman. In my book, and I think for most men who are practical and fair minded there is no problem finding that balance if they’re dealing with rational and practical women themselves- the problem arises in situations where there is no expectation of balance at all, like in combat. 

In combat everyone is a soldier- and the last thing any team needs is any lack of clarity when there’s a job to do. The problem the military has, I feel, is feeling secure in that male soldiers will not distribute the responsibility in a special operations team if that team has a female member. In simpler terms- will male soldiers feel pressure to exempt a female from say… the duty to stay behind and possibly become a casualty of war, if the team needs that sacrifice? Will the team have a weak link in that sense? Will that female member of service go into the commitment with the full fledged effort a male soldier does, but then… when the shit hits the fan… change her mind and have a problem with that type of sacrifice? 

I’m not saying they will. In fact if I had to predict I’d say they would sacrifice themselves in the same way any other soldier would- but I’m saying this may be the military’s concern. 

This, and of course the effects of capture and torture are a concern, again, because of that chivalrous aspect of male-female relations ingrained in us both hisotrically and socially, make women in combat roles a concern, or so I’ve heard. 

And here we come to where I find a division between what’s really news worthy, and what’s not- or how the news is being reported being a problem- because in the end, the same problems you could attribute to women serving in combat- you could attribute to a man. A man can be a weak link in a team, both physically or by capabilities. A team member may be reluctant to leave a fellow male soldier behind if say, they just had a child, and the respt of the team is sympathetic to that. And a male team member can be faced with the ultimate sacrifice and change their mind as to whether they are up to the task. So… In the end it’s about the same thing- conditioning, and training. Am I wrong?

And might I say… Boooooooring! Why isn’t there any reporting on whether these women who want to be Rangers and SEALs are gay or not? Not that there’s anything wrong with that- but it’s just more interesting! It’s Pride, Pride, Pride otherwise… Is it wrong of me to think that a good precentage of them are gay? Is it sexist? Or is it experience? Having known a few more gay service women than straight ones’es? The latter, I assure you, Heir Audeience. I want to see THAT reporting. Human interest! Real life modern family stuff! Proud fathers doting over their patriotic daughters, Proud wives of wives serving their country. Kids waiting for mommy to get off the plane from her last tour of duty. Stuff like that. 

When you consider why we’re not seeing those stories… You have to wonder, why does the media occupy their time, and your time, with so much of the same remedial point of view?

End of topic. 

The country has bigger problems I think. Like Trump, and all the fools who support his delusions of grandeur.