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F, F, Food; Joey’s, Wynwood, Miami Fla.

Wynwood in Miami is a full fledged arts district. It’s referred to still as up and coming, but if you visit Wynwood on the weekends you will find nothing up and coming about it. You’ll find fully established, up and running, and the monster of gentrification cackling with laughter behind every corner- ducking just out of sight- like any good monster does, just as you turn your head to see where that sound is coming from.

I’d been there a couple times having arrived in South Florida. There’s a central area you can call a strip, from The Wynwood Diner, south to The Meat Market. There are venues off to the sides of course, but generally speaking the main path will be on that street where the entrance to The Wynwood Walls are, 2nd Avenue.

I really wanted to take my date to The Wynwood Diner that Sunday. I’m a Diner guy. The word Diner attracts me. It’s not always an actual Diner that dons that title, but I’ll be the one finding that out since I can’t resist the lure. We weren’t up to waiting half an hour to be seated though, so we went down the block past The Walls entrance to the little corner white building with the quaint black script sign painted onto it’s 2nd avenue wall, Joey’s Italian Cuisine.

I’m from New York, and the words “Italian Cuisine” couldn’t bore me more. Nothing against the cuisine! I love Italian food! Who doesn’t? But like the words “Chinese Food”, in New York it’s so common to read and hear, and hear about… My eyes glaze over as you tell me about anything from the greatest pizza you ever had to the lasagna, or the fettuccine, even if it is Alfredo, my favorite. So don’t count me excited to walk into this very friendly little place tonight, if not for the lovely lady I’m with and enjoying her company so much.

When is a nice Italian restaurant not perfect for a date I ask you. Despite my unfair jaded attitude I know enough to admit this of course. We ordered a small pizza, the Salsiccia, the ravioli for myself that are not on the menu at this time, but I think I recall they were either lobster or crab filled, and she had the salmon, Carpacio Di Salmone.

The food, every morsel, was ABSOLUTELY delicious. I would like to thank The Wynwood Diner, who holds it’s own I found out a few weeks later, for being overbooked that night, because I wouldn’t have changed a thing that night, and Joey’s, where we ended up instead, was to credit for a big part of that perfection.

You could tell the clientele love their Joey’s when you’re in there. Now I am one of those who appreciate it just as much. I can’t wait for the opportunity to go back and make up for what we left behind. It was our first date, so we both didn’t feel like being complete-pigs in front of each other yet- but we both agree everything was absolutely delicious.

If you’re in Wynwood and you’re not out to just get fucked up, like unfortunately I see some are- or if you’re in the mood for some near-home style Italian cooking in a comfortable and unassuming setting, with a friendly staff to serve you… go find Joey’s.

If you have to wait, you’re better off waiting there than anywhere else on the block.