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2010 in review

January 2, 2011 Leave a comment

Let’s hope it’s all about Graffitti Park this new year…

The stats helper monkeys at mulled over how this blog did in 2010, and here’s a high level summary of its overall blog health:

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In 2010, there were 80 new posts, not bad for the first year! There were 62 pictures uploaded, taking up a total of 3mb. That’s about 1 pictures per week.

The busiest day of the year was May 21st with 62 views. The most popular post that day was 12 Events That Will Change Everything.

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Some visitors came searching, mostly for funny turkey, children born to immigrant parents august 2010, the occasional opinion, blissful apathy, and military power in alleviationof poverty in the phils..

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I like the Boss… May 2010


Maura Kelly & Should “Fatties” Get a Room? (Even on TV?) October 2010


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You know what I think?

October 26, 2010 Leave a comment

Neither do I. I have no distinct opinion that registers right now. There is election madness going on, so what? Nothing is going to change because it’s the system thats fucked.

The hiccup girl is up for murder- adn well, I can’t help but notice the company she was keeping, and hearing the hypocritical echo’s of a certain face crying about “injustice” and the misuse of the N-word… Can we agree there is a correct use if you confirm there is a mis use? It’s her own fault, who cares?

The poor innocent blonde who’s husband was killed by Mexican “pirates”… In this day and age if someone I love is killed by Pirates, do you think I am going on TV to bring attention to it? It’s just embarrassing. Shiver mi timbers matey.

Then to hear her clearly say how they knew there was violence and crime in the area… but they went anyway??? Smacks of white entitlement not working out the way you hoped. Is anyone going to cry for me if I go somewhere near crime and violence and my wife ends up getting killed as a result? They cant find the body of this guy, if they could’t find my wife’s body, I’d be a suspect, not a blonde little pariah looking all sad and woe-is-me on TV. Again, it’s their own fault, may he rest in peace but buddy, you asked for it. Mexico has problems, and until it becomes a problem where the American government can’t profit in some way- it’s Mexico’s problem. You’re an idiot if you go and get in the way.

As the story began I could smell the word “god” coming, and yes, I should have put money on it because she sure as hell said it. But honey, if god had anything to do with it so much else would have happened other than what did. Oh but yeah, god is awesome in that way isn’t he? The fools errand, I mean act of faith is, believing, despite the acts of cruel indifference.

Am I wrong? To who? Someone who prefers a watered down denial ridden version of the truth? Yeah, I bet I am.

What else?

Taylor Swift… Can we find a sex tape with a black athlete already please?

There is nothing on my mind except…

October 13, 2010 Leave a comment

That politics is and are, ridiculous.

American society has become ridiculous. If we’re not too fat, we’re too stupid. We’re definitely too complacent. We like to complain and complain but we don’t get up and do somehting about it. And those that do, like the Tea Party, bad example perhaps, but the only one available- are ridiculed for the beleifs they stand up for. Yes, they’re racist cheap white Amercians with nothing but more complaints and no soplutions, being used by a darker power hiding in the wings… but they are actually at least standing up for something and making some noise.

It’s all just perverse. I read abotu it all the time, all day, every day- a n opinion on politics is like the old sayiong about an opinion on anything- it’s like an asshole, everyone’s got one, and no matter what all it produces is shit.

MyfriendAngelo Rodriguez,may he rest in peace, used to say- “ok, stop talking shit, what are you gonna do about it?” after hearing you out intently and quietly. He left us too soon, and he was right.

The Establishment, is broken. Humanity is perverse, greedy, corrupt, self serving. Too self serving to ever expect that whatever group in power will serve all of the people. Humanity can’t help itself- it will always divide and ostracize. Humanity is insecure, so it has to single out “the other ones” and put them down to maintain its own self esteem. Use god, use money, use skin color, use sexuality- use whatever you like- there will always be something to use and there will always be a human being ready and willing to use it.

There is no governemnt on the face of the erth that seems to have gotten it right. That is, if “right:” means the prosperity of ALL of the people.

If “right” means squashing the less fortunate, and is a perception set forth by those more fortunate, those on the top, the rich, the equivalent of what monarchies were… then sure, it’s working fine. Exceptionally well in fact, since we have no revolutions anymore, since people don’t stand up together and force change anymore- when things are as wrong as they have ever been.

Since people, are easily fooled into thinking what doesnt work, like the present system, is somehow going to work, once the billionth band aid is tacked on.

Fuck Politics.

And I, will be no different than you, in respect of doing nothing about it- other than to do this nothing, honestly, and not pretend I don’t see what’s going on.

Until someone, or some group, stands up and begins the clean up, from the top to the bottom-andisbackedupbyan unyeilding force, loyal to no one and no thing more than the commitment to the cause- I’m going to keep this “opinion” and pont of view- what I think, is an honest one. And pray, in my own non-religious way, every day- that that if it allcant just come crashing down and level the playing field for the have – not’s, and a better society can be put together from the ashes, then that I should get my shot at whatever type of freedom I can attain to live the rest of my life like a big Fuck You to the system, and assure that any proginy I mistakenly and selfishly bring into this unfair society gets the opportunity only to do the same.

Have a Nice Day!

Well Thank You Dumb Ass

September 8, 2010 2 comments

Months I’ve been waiting for the day to come where the controversy over the Mosque being built near the site of the former World Trade Center dies down (I’m not referring to it as Ground Zero- this isn’t a movie, this is real life and that sounds overly dramatic and downright stupid). But of course, when the day comes it’s not because people actually took a breath of sufficiently oxygenated air (no, I didn’t REALLY expect the general public to all of a sudden become mature and intelligent or respectful of others, turn the other cheek, live and let live or love each other as Jesus told them to, overnight or even over a millenia) and exhaled their demons like the release of smoke from the last cigarette you’ll ever have- promising you a better, healthier life, no… It’s because – some idiot is doing something just as ignorant and stupid as all those calling New York objecting to the Mosque to begin with.

This Jerk…

In his blissful ignorance, thinks that burning a bunch of Quran’s on September 11th is somehow a right thing, or a good thing to do.

Well sir, you are a Dick.

Officially, and on a grande scale- you are very much so, confirmed – a DICK.

Military officials have come forward saying that the action this fool is taking will endanger the lives of military personnel over seas. Still this fool does not retract his intent.

Why would he? This is his 15 minutes of fame. He’s not giving that up for anything or anyone. For many an ignoramus around the country, religious freaks, right-wing hate mongers, hell, even neo-nazis I’m sure- he has become a hero. he likes being a hero. he likes the spotlight. What religious leader doesn’t like the spotlight? I mean, let me rephrase that… What religious leader who passes around a collection plate- doesn’t like the spotlight?

Now, the military thing is a good point. But let’s look at a couple other things that I think the media, in its infinite wisdom to capitalize on riling up the Stupids of the nation- have missed- further proving that theyre not qualified to run news broadcasts…

1. It didn’t take this guy lighting a match to a book for him to boost recruitment for all fanatical muslim factions around the world- all it took was him announcing it. If they are already burning his image, along with our flag, half way around the world- I guarantee you that there are some poorly educated, hungry, very young men watching all of this and since they are young, hungry and poorly educated, they will be easy marks for the terrorists to recruit. A little food, a reason, a little anger, (both thanks to Mr. Dick up there), and now you have a jihadist that will be molded into a tool of destruction taking down both those of his or her own faith as well as those he is bent against.

So Thank You Mr. Idiot, for helping the radicals who want to harm us, to get more people on their side. YOU helped the terrorists- you mother f*cking dick.

2. If what this guy is proposing is putting U.S. lives in danger abroad- shouldnt it be considered an act of terrorism itself? Shouldnt it be considered a threat against national security? What if because of this people are not only killed but also kidnapped? Tortured? Held for ransom? I’m sure there is a lawyer out there somewhere who can make this case in this day and age (post Bush/Guantanamo Bay), and can set the standard by making an example of this fool. A nice hard time sentence of I dunno… let’s say 5+ years? That should let anyone who thinks of burning a book considered by any faith to be holy, in a public forum, that they’re gonna be screaming the name of their own god when the lights go out in their cell every night for 5+ years if they actually do it.

3. In a sort fo 1&2 combo- why isnt the government stepping in to seize this opportunity for peace? What I’m saying is, this is an opportunity for the United States Government to step in and prosecute this dick- and show the world that religious intolerance of any kind- is what will not be tolerated.

Akin to the point I’ve made about the Bush administration’s vengeful reaction to the acts of terrorism on 9.11.2001, where I asked what if we had turned the other cheek, sought out those responsible without invading anyone’s country or going to war on a large-scale (but of course I know-I know, the B.A. had other intentions and seized the moment- If* they didn’t manufacture the opportunity they needed all together)… But if we had turned the other cheek so to speak- the reaction of the world would have been the opposite of that which was recorded by history- anti-American sentiments all over the globe.

Put it this way… I’m a big guy, above average, and I can be pretty intimidating, never intentionally, my curse. Now, if someone came up to me and assaulted me out of no where on the street, and I took the hit, bloody lip, whatever- standers by would of course be shocked- omg all over the place, maybe someone would come up to me and grab my arm to help me up off one knee- right?

What if when I took the hit, I got up and pulled out a gun and shot the guy who punched me in the face- BAM!


Now who’s the bad guy?

In the first instance, I have public sympathy, even help.

In the second- I have alienated everyone around me, scared the bejesus out of them, and now I am the public enemy. A killer, when for a split second I was the victim.

What I’m saying is, as I’ve said before- if 9.11 wasn’t about needing a reason to invade countries, then why didn’t we simply stay the victim and garner the worlds sympathy, and help?

This country could have done something so much stronger in respect to eliminating terrorism- and likely uniting the world against all radicalism had we just turned the other cheek. We could have more effectively sought out our enemies in a clandestine manner- as has been done so many other times. Instead, the immense posturing move of going to war only made the problem worse, enriched the terrorists cause and boosted their recruitment as well as swelled their number.

In this case why doesn’t the government step in and say No. No, the United States stands for freedom, but not the freedom to proliferate hate.

If they would do this- not only the muslim world would have more confidence in this institution, but maybe even 1 out of every 4 radicals will say to themselves “hold on before I put on that bomb vest there Mohammed, I know you worked real hard on it and all that, but if the U.S. is such an infidel and stuff… how is it they came down so hard on that guy who wanted to burn our holy book?” and when the radical then excuses himself to go to the restroom, he just doesn’t come back.

Instead he either goes back to his family, gets married, has kids and teaches them to be peaceful and loving by telling them this story, or he leaves and goes to the nearest U.S. Embassy and trades what he knows about his terrorist cell for citizenship.

A win-win scenario if you ask me- but one that is not possible if the government stands by and does nothing. One in four… I’m guesstimating, but I think it’s off the top accurate. If it is, that’s a worldwide 25% drop in their ranks. Sh*t just got easier.

For those who think it would be an infringement on freedoms of religion or speech- you are wrong. Because we were all taught that we have those freedoms- but it never gives us a right to go in a crowded theatre and yell FIRE! Remember?

What the Dick is doing by burning another culture’s holy book is just that- proliferating hate and causing a danger to the general public and/ or military personnel. This action, and even the threat of it is inciting anti-American sentiment and should be handled swiftly by law enforcement.

And that’s my Occasional Opinion.

Thanks Dick, for drawing attention away from the New York Cultural Center, but no thanks for being an all American asshole.

Burn yourself in effigy, makes a better statement and does us all a favor at the same time.


June 23, 2010 Comments off

Why is it in a person’s custom to introduce themselves to an anonymous someone answering a phone in an office somewhere?

If you’re calling an individual in some rergard- it’s understandable, necessary and polite… but if you’re calling a public office or a business, such as a customer service center and you’re not required to identify your account- then why are you stating your name?

Who cares who the fuck you are?


Why when you give someone exactly what they are looking for- because you know what they need, since it’s your job to recognize their needs as soon as they state them clearly- do those people question your determination- if they came to you for the answer they couldn’t figure out for themselves in the first place?


Why are most people opposed to clear communication? Why must they find the path most complicated towards reaching their goal- when communicating?


Why can’t most people just recognize, and answer, a Yes or No question when asked?

Why must they respond with a story? An elaboration on details that if they were of any consequence – you would’nt have had to interrupt them with a Yes or No question.


Why can’t people learn to simply ask for what they want in a direct way? Why must people approach the attaining of information by telling you a story? Is this some ghetto form of communication I simply do not comprehend?

Why must I interrupt a “story” and ask- “What are you looking for?” – “What can I help you with?” – “Who do you want to speak to!?”??


These questions plague my mind every single god damned day, before and after I pick up the phone at work, several, and I mean several times- throughout the day.

People are generally stupid it seems. They clog their lives with unecessary irrelevant habits and customs preventing them from acheiving their goals, by preventing them from their own clarity of thought.

This, is the first and foremost reason I sincerely believe mankind is doomed to eventual extinction.

Most, are stupid in these ways and are followers who need to be led, but leaders are corrupt. Greed for money and power ruin any possibility of the evolutionary advancement of the human race.

There is no talking sense to most people. Instead of trying to get to a higher point- a point of progression- a mutual advanced understanding- all most people want to do is make it an arguement, and win that arguement- so they feel like they accomplished something- even if in accomplishing it- they held up their own advancement- and especially if they held up yours.

Misery, loves company they say. And the human race, however benevolent or gracious they may think they are- are miserable.

I’m for the closing of this chapter in the history of existence. This human thing is a failure.

I bet they don’t approve my comment…

The Blog is called Say it Ain’t So Already where you can go and see the post for the day- 6/21/2010. This is my comment to the post- and I just bet they won’t allow it on the site.

“Sh8t happens. You should have thought about what kind of pelicans you wanted your kids to know before the oil spill and done what you could to make sure regulation of the oil companies was in order. But of course- like most Americans, we don’t give a flying pelicans ass until the fit hits the shan- BECAUSE we didn’t care to pay attention before. So quit your crying and pseudo martydom for your kids- you’ve done a great job at showing them the effects of complacency and non-involvement along with the effects there-from.

You should now be teaching them what fun a greasy pelican can be. God’s pelicans- you kill me! Ha! – HA! God’s Pelican IS the one with tthe oil on it! Or are you not a creature under your own god’s brow? God made you and everyone else complacent- made the oil companies advantageous of that complacency- and now an oily pelican! God WANTED to oils up mother nature and hey- we can all guess what happens after god oils her up! That’s betwen them- if they like involving pelicans in their activities- we should all just respect god’s little fetishes.

Hilarious Post- thanks for the laugh!”

Correction; not “your kids” but your “2 year old friend”… Don’t get me started.

Good Morning Jehovah!

I work for the City of New York I’ve sometimes revealed. The office in which will remain a mystery to you. But an occasional perk of my employment and the location of my office is the opportunity to have a seat in City Hall Park when I have time before work. In the spring and summer the fountain is pretty cool. Relaxing. I don’t give a flying fuck about the law, but I used to work for the Parks Department, so if I want a smoke, I’ll stand just outside of the park and have that before I go in and take a bench.

Now, in any wilderness you have predators of course. Those predators lurk in areas the prey would frequent. In this concrete wilderness the predators seem to lurk about in the oasis’ of Parks. To cal them predators is probably flattering, and it depends on the prey of course- but sometimes I see them more like scavengers. Like vultures. And it seems the Predator or Vulture must like this particular park, as it’s been my experience on more than one occasion to be approached with “a question” regarding either life or the world in general- but all in all question is always bait to lead you into a conversation about Christ.

Today’s Vulture was a Jehovah’s witness.

Well Jesus H. Christ I thought to myself.

Nice enough guy, but do I really look like a lost soul?

I wasn’t thinking about God at the moment to tell you the truth. I rarely do that anymore. for myself- i got that shit all figured out. I was just having my smoke taking in the scenery, rather habitually checking out the passers by, thinking about the great morning I just had with my girlfriend and how lucky I am- getting used to that feeling really- and here comes this guy with his “question”.

After I grant permission for him to enter my world like allowing a vampire to enter your home, “What do you think would need to change” he asks, “to make the world a better place?”

Off the top of my head, I answer “Government”. And I know him already- this guy, his type. He’s a nicer one than usual. I don’t sense that aire of condescention coming from him, like the thought behind his eyes that must go something like “fudge, I have to convert this (insert racial epithet of your choice here so as not to sully this post with my ethnic distinction and to allow you to personalize the experience)?” As has been the case at times. No, this guy seems genuine and nice. But little does he know…

He may not the actual predator at the park today. His will not be the predominant message, and he may not be the one to walk away from the conversation having converted anyone- but maybe- just maybe, he may be the one converted.

We talk for a while and he busts out the little bible and drops some quotes on me. We talk a while longer and I see I’ve got a ringer here. This guy is a true believer. Blind faith… Nothing blind is gonna see you anywhere I like to say.

Now comes MY baited question…

“So you wanna know what I beleive in?”

this is after I gauged him well with a “so what about gay marriage?” query- threw him off while he tried to answer and simultaniously figure out if I was gay. Releived him by saying after his bible-assisted answer, “as a straight man with gay friends, theyre great people and any kind of future in any kind of society has to include all its citizens, not admonish or jusdge them for whomever they choose to be, but accept them and make room for them under new categories of law if not ammending the ones already in place”…

From him: Bla – bla – bla – bible. Something about angels and Sodom and Gamorah???

I thought to myself- Seriously? In this day and age? Angels?

But anyway, my question was what I beleived in, and I told him- Everything is Energy. You, I, the gate I’m leaning on, the bible in your hand- the thoughts in your mind are all Energy- and to me- THAT is God. Religion- the bible, the koran, the talmud, all written by man in times of little understanding of the world around them. No sooner would you follow a modern day psychic today- but you follow one six thousand years old right there in your hand. No offense I said, but thats how I’ve coem to reconcile religion in my journey to define God. I’ve been on the verge of converting to and adopting almost all the popular theologies- so it doesn’t come with a light heart that I share this with you- and I don’t think aout this all the time either- but since you brought it up- here it is. God is the energy that binds us all- all living things and all matter existing on this earth and likely the universe around us. As with your scripture and many others, to know the name of God would likely destroy you- and so it would be if you could comprehend with our limited capacity- 10% of our brains is what we can use according to science?- the relationship between all matter in this universe.

I told him there was a book written called Three Magic Words and I couldn’t remember the author then, but right now I recall it being Wayne Dyer (i think), and the three magic words- were You Are God. In it’s way if not directly- this book described the theory of energy I feel I have discovered for myself- and I’ve found others who have done the same.

If you and I, I told him, accept our responsibility as Gods, being the givers and takers of life that we are- both figuratively and literally- then with that mutual respect, I think between us we can make our acquaintance a good one. When you and I part ways- we will give each other life by imparting positive energy between us- we will shake nads, and respect each other and wish each other a good day. If only but in an infinitessimal fraction of influence- we have given each other life- instead of cursing each other and taking life away. The energy we exchange will carry on and effect the rest of our day- and by relation the rest of the people in our lives. This is God. This, what we can do here and now, between us, if done by the rest of the world- will make the world a better place. Love, what Jesus supposedly taught- and respect.

And we didnt need thousand year old text, names of gods, rules and regulations, the threat of hell or admonsihment or excommunication or expelsion to make this happen.

All we needed to do was accept that we are creatures of this earth, we are comprised of the same stuff everything else and everyone else around us is, and we have to respect each other for the power we have equally to give, and take life- as gods of our universe.

We didnt need a third party as most religions seem to proliferate- to mediate, threaten or dictate.

Well Mr. Jehovah seemed to have glossy eyes now. Glazed over with maybe being overwhelmed. I don’t think he liked the part where I said my theory explains his, and his and every other theology are just evolutionary pre-texts to mine.

He closed the dialogue as quickly as he could, we shook hands as I said we would, and wished each other a good day. He went his way and I went mine. I long since finished my cigarette and strolled over to a bench where I continued thinking about the hot sexy morning I had with my girlfriend and how lucky I’ve been in love lately… in the distance over to the right of me I could see my Vulture turned Prey form moments before… Striking up a conversation with a cougar sitting by herself.

It’s too bad he can’t just continue his day and enjoy his life- he has to do that thing he did with me all over again in the name of his … God?

Good luck buddy. It’s the year 2010. How long are you going to keep that recruitment thing up? It’s no wonder religion is still holding man-kind back, when guys like that are so eager to follow, instead of lead in their own lives.