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Date Game of Thrones. Campus Game of Thrones.

Who gets it? Get it? No?

It’s OK, because it’s a tasteless joke. But a joke, none the less. Same as all this talk about rape on Game of Thrones.

So quickly- yes, I haven’t written anything to this blog (as is my intro usually) in a very long time but I just couldn’t walk away from the screen today without throwing this one out there…

It’s silly. Not rape. Rape is horrendous, of course. But it’s the “of course” that I’m surprised most people can’t connect with in the mainstream.

You’re watching a SHOW Senator McCaskill. A SHOW! Unfortunately yes, someone out there I’m not going to link to referred to this show as an interesting depiction of historical events, but wait a second… You don’t think it’s historical as well do you?

Point? No? Not yet?

The point is man… This is made up shit. Made up by a fat hobbit looking, recluse looking old nerd- that got REALLY lucky in this day and age that his toils over a fantasy world hit the mainstream and he’s become a millionaire with… but I digress.

Point being- It’s a silly show. I watch it, because I am silly. Many people are silly.

In the show though, you have SOOOOOOO much more to object to than the probably necessary story telling tool of rape.

Senator, and everyone else milking press attention from the coattails of GoT… You got past the incest and beheadings (popular in  parts of the real world unfortunately) in the first episode quite well I see, since you’ve gotten this far. You got past ALL KINDS of murder. You got past the Red Wedding, which was like… a new level of murder depiction. You got past a whole lot of male dominated social depiction and female subjugation (at times between a son and mother!), hello? Patricide? Torture and dismemberment. No pun intended. And you still watched.

So I say to all of you… You’re a bunch of hypocrites.

I say to all of you as well… Get ready because if you didn’t get the telegraph that Sansa was going to get raped- You’re definitely not seeing what I see, and that’s the probability that you’re going to see the head of a closeted gay male character roll down some steps pretty soon.

Gonna stop watching then too?

Get over it.

It’s a show about a place that doesn’t exist.

An educated tweet may have been- “thank god we live in a world where the depictions of abuses on women both social and physical are not common place, and are definitely shunned, thanks for the reminder, Game of Thrones”

I know, too many characters.

Or is it?

(Irony though; A show like Mad Men can be equally wrong, but no one tweeted they were going to quit that one did they?)

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