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Thoughts so far…

They are hiding something. Is there any doubt? Multiple members of the Trump camp have either failed to disclose their meetings with Russian officials, or out and out lied about it. Without forgetting that credible sources are treating the hacking of the DNC by Russia as a certainty, and that the undisciplined blowhard himself literally invited Russian hackers to commit a crime against his own country during the campaign- Yes. They’re definitely hiding something.

This morning the blowhard-in-Cheif announced via his favorite form of Hillary-like non-secure communication, Twitter- that he “found out” (who knows what the source of his finding out really is, and we likely will never see hard proof of it) that Obama had Trump Tower bugged during the election.

Aside from clearly sounding unbalanced, or the fact that as the POTUS he’s still using Twitter like a teenage girl, doesn’t it sound like he’s purposely putting out fake news to distract from something?

I wonder what it could be that he wants to distract from?

The longer this goes on, the more I can relate to what it must have been like living in pre WWII Germany, watching a political party use all the words people wanted to hear or couldn’t really disagree with to make the changes they wanted, while hiding the true intent behind those changes.

They call it border security, but it’s veiled racism, and neo-nationalism. They dismiss parts of the media that ask the hard questions, while openly promoting other media venues that report with the party message in mind. They say all they can to sound patriotic and confuse the undecided. They go forward undauntedly despite a majority of the country openly standing against their actions.

Every time he mentions his intent to reinforce the military, he says how “hopefully we won’t have to use it”… But has anyone missed the announcement to “totally eradicate ISIS”? Not dismantle it. Not handle it. Not contain it. And definitely not get the hell out of the middle east’s business- a business they SHOULD be left to handle on their own and held responsible for the failure to do so. Personally, I see it coming.

The businessman president is preparing to line his pockets with the war machine. I can’t be alone in this can I?

He’s come out and said how he;s not telling anyone when they’re making moves- claiming they don’t want to telegraph their intentions to the enemy- but really I think it’s because it’s much easier to give the go ahead on military moves when they don’t have to answer to the American people or hear an opposing opinion before doing so.

Doesn’t anyone else see how this is how dictators and such declare war and invade countries?

I hope I’m wrong… But it’s hard not to see the writing in the sky on this one.

They’re hiding something, and lying to the country. That much, we know.


Weekend Movie Reviews

November 22, 2010 Leave a comment

127 Hours

Well I’d rather cut my arm off rather than tell anyone where I’m going. If you see this movie, you’ll see, you’ll probably have to.

The spin is- Appreciate your life and your loved ones and bla bla bla. The undeniable moral of the story is (if you don’t get sucked into the media “think as we tell you to think” marketing campaign), if you’re a dick, you’ll find your way to punishing yourself for it. Psychologically (my favorite thing about humanity), this is true for everyone. They want you to come away from this with such admiration for the guy’s resolve and dedication to staying alive- but I say unto you, isn’t it obvious that he wouldn’t be in that situation had he not been a dick?

So, come away with it having the knowledge that if you want to be a dick, at least be careful about it because you may end up stuck in a crevice and have to cut your own arm off to survive. A cell phone, a GPS or Satellite phone, something many outdoorsmen carry in their packs, shit, a senior citizens health alert or just letting your Onstar know that you’ll be hiking in the outback and if you don’t report back in such and such time- bingo, no self amputations necessary.

“A Triumphant true Story”… of a dick, and his having to cut his own arm off to have to realize it.

Otherwise, as a movie it’s a good piece of work.

The Messenger

By contrast, these men are not dicks. They, the subjects, are heroes. Did this movie win awards? I don’t know. I think it did and it should have. I remember wanting to see it when it was in theatres, but like so many movies, for so many reasons, I didn’t. Well it came to cable this week and I made it a point to catch it. It’s powerful and it brings into the experience of our troops in both a unique and universal way.

As someone who missed many an opportunity to serve in the armed forces, some by choice others by negligence, and the first time, by strong physical influence of a friend who put me up against a wall, lifted me off the ground by my shirt and said he’d kill me if I followed in his footsteps, just after he came back from Paris Island-  I will always live with the regret and underlying feeling that I not only want to do something… as well as that primal urge to kill something we all have (don’t lie), and of course, an unwavering respect for those who take up the call to duty whether by choice or necessity. 

Thats me. I am a pig. And I acknowledge that I owe my right and privilege to be a pig in this country to those men and women who put their lives on the line, and lets be clear, the line they put their lives on is the first line, the line on the edge of what is, and makes possible, everything that we call life and society that can exist behind that line they stand on. Without them standing there, going where they are unjustifiably sent, surviving it the best way they can and dieing… we cannot have what we have, because we would be overrun and slaughtered like the fat, lazy, uneducated and unconscionable Americans we have settled into being. Again, that’s me and how I feel. You may be more or less by margins I can only imagine- and I feel I owe so much more, but at least, I owe those brave soldiers the respect of sitting down and taking in a work like this so to better understand their experience. In the end it’s just about all they want, and all they can have of us, the people behind the lines who enjoy the fruits of their sacrifice.

You, whoever you are, however good you have it or however hard, should at least, sit down and try to understand  too. At least.

It’s a deeply compelling movie and the acting is captivating. The actors themselves are among the very best in their craft and a complete pleasure to watch.


Why is the President a Pussy?

November 4, 2010 Leave a comment

I told you the party system is waste. It’s a funeral pyre. In a country where segregation was abolished between the white and brown (I reject the term “black” in reference to skin color) people- separation is still practiced. Prejudice is still practiced openly. “I am different, and better than- you… You are less than me” is still practiced, in the form of the party system.

If you allow people to group in this way and enforce the power they have in that collective, you create an unfair situation for those who will inevitably disagree with that collective set of ideals. Fair representation becomes impossible.

We have districts. I refuse to believe that Democrats or Republicans tell their real estate agents that they need a home in a red or blue district. Hence districts are mixed, inevitably. In this way as well, the party system usurps the individual’s right to representation. I know there must be people out there who live in a district and feel they can’t ask for consideration on certain issues because the party member representing their district is of the “other” party. That’s like being African American during segregation and wanting a drink of water but knowing your “kind” is not allowed int he establishment nearest to you. It’s WRONG!

And when those who arrogantly believe “the present group in control is wrong” (not that I have heard one solid offering from Republicans on what they would do to to fix things, but only that what’s being done is not to their liking) regain a majority position, el Presidente comes out sounding like a scolded child promising to behave.

Where is the hard warning to those who are now in a majority position- that the progress of the nation is now on their shoulders and that we are all now waiting to see all this “better job” they’ve been promising they can do.

I don’t see it. I’m disgusted with the White House’s response to the change in government. The President may have just as well come out and said,” sorry mommy, I promise I’ll behave, don’t ground me”. President Bush was a moron, but at least that moron would have stood up to talkers, at least reminded everyone that he’s the President of the United States if not reminded them ALL that they serve The People- not themselves. Not the rich. Not the poor. None exclusively. All equally.

Statements like “We are taking back OUR country” resounded yesterday… Am I the only one who hears how wrong that sounds?

No one is saying “Americans, of all races, creeds, colors, class distinctions… he let you down in our opinion, now we are going to help you ALL”


Because their intent is clear- and you all voted for it. You participated in what’s going to happen next.

Not me.

Can you imagine the look on Republican’s faces when the numbers came in and they said… “Democrats didn’t vote”.

Democrat’s abstained from voting, and let you have the floor. Now, let’s see what you can do.

There should be no fear of them destroying the country because as they propose policy, they can be stopped. But it’s important to do this, to shut them the fuck up already and expose them for the classist, eliteist, racist greed mongers they sometimes seem to be.

But that’s not going to happen. Because we the people, buy into the present system and actually believe that the repetition of the same steps will some day garner different results…

Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results. Albert Einstein