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Two thoughts confrimed, and a cause…

August 18, 2010 Leave a comment

1. When one’s material needs are taken care of (all of you making good money), there is very little that exists, to satiate your personal contentment- aka, to make you happy. This says a few things. It says that if  a human being has things taken care of for them (i.e Paris Hilton or anyone in a lucrative line of work or business), they have enough money to provide for their material needs- they, unless divinely gifted, become either a creature of excesses- or they become a philanthropist. Sometimes both in good measure, or one after the other.

In a way… it may be that human beings may NEED to be in a state where everything IS NOT taken care of- or basically- we get bored. The rest of my case is in the following…

2. The oft-not talked about dirty little secret of poverty- that the poor are poor because they’re stupid with their money. Spending it on excesses they would be better off abstaining from and reinvesting what money they do have on improving their situation. To this I can extend a small amount of understanding because in a world of excess, it is truly hard not to feel a drowning desperation when the world around you shows you the life you do not have that is better than yours, constantly, and consistently, without reminding you that to get there you have to bear down and sacrifice, hold out and abstain from indulgence whether it is for a temporary alleviation of your misery, or for a illusory taste of the good life.

In other words when you watch Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous, there is no disclaimer warning you that the influence of seeing such lavish extravagance may lead you to despise the conditions you were born to so much that you could develop a materialist complex thinking that if you can buy everything you see advertised that you will be happy- or you will develop a substance dependence from occasionally over indulging in the “feeling” of having it all.

No, there’s no disclaimer telling you that to get there (if you actually want to be a person who can justify a quarter million dollar car), you have to turn away from indulgent expenditures and invest the money and time you have with sacrificial habits to be able to garner the results that would improve your situation to be able to afford those comforts everyone else around you has. Which isn’t easy advice to take… “hey, see this good shit? Well if you want it- don’t go out this weekend and have drinks with your friends, don’t go out on that date with that girl you met, don’t have fun that’s going to leave you closer to broke before payday… instead, when you’re off work, you should work. Study, make shit, so that one day down the line, maybe then you can have the latter problem of finding how to be happy because all your material needs are taken care of.”

Anyone else seeing the vicious cycle here?

Stay poor, because you don’t know any better, or get rich, and end up bored…

Which then brings us to the present day… where there ARE enough billionaires in this world (millionaires are old news), to quite possibly fix the worlds problems… Don’t you fucking tell me there isn’t enough money out there!

But they don’t.

I watch a video like this one, and so much goes through my mind… So much.

Towards the end when they show the size of the audience- watch it, it’s a STADIUM… of people she openly referred to as “having enough” and being a group she can appeal to for help- easily. In other words- they GOTS money, and they just don’t know what the fuck to do with it.

We live in a world where people shouldnt go hungry, but do. We live in a world where people shouldnt be uneducated, but god knows, they pick up the phone and call New York because they think they actually have an opinion that matters on the subject of the Mosque, and so they are uneducated and downright bigoted and stupid.

And we live in a world where Paris Hiltons aren’t strangled by their parents for simply being a waste of flesh. A mistake. An embarrassment. A disgrace. (I use the name because it’s the most common that comes to mind, but there are plenty of others) We live in a world where it’s allowed… to manufacture a vehicle, for sale to the public that can afford it… at the cost equivalent to the amount of money that can feed a small country, build a dozen schools, educate a hundreds if not millions of children to become teachers to work in those schools, or otherwise improve the world we live in… And despite living in a world where such a sad waste of money is offered to those who may have it to spend- we also live in the world where those people actually spend it. Not as a quick cheap thrill- like renting that Bugatti or Lamborghini for the day or the week- no. BUYING it. Saying goodbye to the large percentage of money that’s lost on resale value at the very moment it’s driven off the lot.

And if it takes $13 a month to send a young chinese girl to school, and a donation of 10k+ to change not only her world but the world of her entire family… how is it not criminal to buy a $250,000 car, a 4 million dollar wedding, a yacht, diamond rings, I could go on.

I’m not saying one can’t have these things if they must- but I am saying that it’s disgusting to see those that indulge, and haven’t done enough to help the world they live in.

I am saying I wish I lived in a world where such a car can be built, and maybe even manufactured in limited supply, but prohibited from mass production or permanent purchase simply because of the sheer disgusting human shallowness it would exhibit- and we should be above it. Because of the horrible things it would say about the human condition. And the proceeds resulting from the lease or rental of such vehicles produced in limited supply, should be severely taxed leaving only moderate profits for those producing them, and the taxes put directly and unconditionally towards community renewal, urban development and education.

This is the point where I want to stop writing, for the futility of it all.

Here is the link if you haven’t already seen it on Freshly Pressed.

And by the way, people like Sheryl Wudunn should be leaders of the world, not just fundraisers.


Boycott Commercial Holidays- Or give me Oral Sex

Father’s Day

Mother’s Day



Valentine’s Day


Those are the big ones. What makes them different? They are commerically driven. They aren’t about commemorating anything really. Not purely. They’re about making you spend money. They can all be replaced by the sentiment that you should commemorate that occasion every day, every week, every month, every chance you get.

Yes yes yes, the ignorant will argue that those days are “nice” and all that nonsense- but I’ll just say really? Thats nice. I think oral sex is nice, we don’t have an Oral Sex Day where all kinds of interesting sales could happen do we?

No. I celebrate Oral Sex Day all on my own and as often as I can. I don’t need a calendar reminder to tell me that I need to go home and give my significant other oral sex on that day- although if you ask me it’s a day thats needed- especially after Valentine’s Day- so I can get some in return.

So- same as I dont need an Oral Sex Day- I dont need a Father’s Day. Read my short story Lost and tell me how much I need a Father’s Day on my calendar? In fact- I have a step father I appreciate very much and Father’s Day for me- makes it really awkward.

I have a couple friends whose father’s have past away- it makes it very uncomfortable in this fat assed unintelligent country ( I can say this as I am a natural citizen) to be reminding these good people of their loss on this day.

As it is they have two days they commemorate without a national calendar reminding them to – a birthday and a…

Thanks so much.

Can you imagine how much more painful Mother’s Day is?

Screw that.

Don’t get me started on Christmas… Fat Imaginary Magic Man Day.

Derived of religion, bastardized and set on a Pagan Roman Calendar day- why the holy fuck are we still entertaining this charade?

The Day Christ was born… no, it isnt. Do your research.

Leave the religion to the religious.

Anglo Christmas is a ridiculous bullshit celebration of how much money you have and how much you can spoil your children with that capitalist gain.

It’s more appropriately named- Pretend You Care About World Peace and Show Off Your Money Day.

Thanksgiving? Again- you need a day to help you be grateful? OK, lets combine it with Tax Day. Take a look at your bottom line on Tax Day and sign your 1090 or whatever form you deal with- send it off, and feel grateful.

Get together with your family who you haven’t felt grateful for all year and tell them how much you appreciated the fact you didn’t have to tell them you appreciated them all year – just so you could get it out of the way today on Thanks-Tax Day.

Valentine’s Day and Easter- both religious days just as bastardized as Christmas.

One is represented by a bunny- a rodent thats known for how much it can fuck and reproduce- to represent a day of resurrection for Christians…

Get this now… even if you remove the bunny… youre celebrating the resurrection of a human being from the dead.

A zombie.

Easter is a Zombie celebration day.

So lets put on funny hats and paint eggs and hide them in a garden and then send children to go find them???

Why don’t we just add Jesus to the latest version of Left 4 Dead- xbox 360 version please- and call it a day. Literally.

Valentines Day? The fucking nemesis of hipocrisy for a single man. No matter when you start dating a woman- save for the remaining days of February AFTER that shit day- are you saved from the eventual hipocrisy of Valentine’s Day.

St. Valentine.

Who the fuck was he again? Patron saint of WHAT? Don’t tell me- because it won’t make sense to me anyway. It will only make ass-sense. Sense for asses.

For Americans it means going out of your way – like we do for the other unecessary days and telling your sweetheart- your significant other- that you appreciate them.


Verbally? No.


You have to go out and BUY shit. Because if you say you love her every day, be supportive of her desires and endeavors, be a man for her when she needs one, whether its with a hammer and nails or with a strong shoulder to cry on or an ear to listen- it won’t mean shit if you dont have flowers on Valentine’s Day- right?

So… as a dating or married man you have an anniversary or two depending on how high maintenance and insecure a woman you’ve paired yourself with… You have her birthday… her parent’s birthdays, your parent’s birthdays, her siblings if any, and the list goes on, holidays all- where you have to shell out money to purchase items representative of your love.

Real Love, according to the American Calendar- does not exist.

It doesn not exist and  you need to be reminded of when to be a human being to your mother, your father, your significant other, your god and then you have to be grateful to them all.

Why? Because you’re probably stupid.

Being American, you’re probably obsessed with money. You should be, you’re gonna need it to keep up with the holidays.

You think this kind of a calendar has anything to do with the national debt? The problems Americans have with their health, their spending, their educations, and basically- everything?

Nahhhhh- right?

Now that we can put to rest the question why King Tut died…

February 16, 2010 Leave a comment

Now we can get down to the rest of the world’s problems…

Remember earlier where I said- because scientists are paying attention to something and spending time on a subject- its worth listening to- even if the science isnt exact?

I take it back.

Malaria Most Likely Killed King Tut, Scientists Say

And I say… Why do we care?

Unless youre going to tell me, “additionally, the sci-fi theorum of Stargate is now shown to be true”, I honestly do not give a flying but-tut why the boy king died, unless he was Goa’uld host.