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I didn’t say 1,2,3 – Go! Did I? Yeah you know what I’m talking about. And you knew it was missing from my little welcome back to myself last week. But you didn’t say anything did you? No. Of course you didn’t. I know why too. Because you hate to hear me harp on and on about the subject don’t you? No? Well no. You don’t because in truth I’m modest. I harp on it only when I have to. I only speak up, when I absolutely need to on this subject. If you check back on when I used to write more you’ll see- what? Maybe 10% of posts? If that much.

But see this is the point. Somehow, somewhere, some way, America is too modest it seems when it comes to the matter of race. Yes I know, I said modest. Can you believe it? I say this for those who scoffed at the statement, not for those who haven’t. See I’m writing with consideration to both parties here. I have to. Because as it seems there are two sets of people in this country. No I know, I know there are a myriad of sets of people in the damned country, I know. But you, you know what I mean. You. You there. You’re like me. You know what the fuck I’m talking about.

On the one side, you have these people, like you, like me, who live in the real world. We are racists (look up my post on the word Racism versus Bigotry and how they’re misused). We’re Racists, and not Bigots. We see the races, we acknowledge them, and respect the differences. You can’t do that without being a racist. Same as you can’t be sensitive to issues feminine, if you’re not a feminist. Do I have that right? I think I do. Even if not- you know what I mean. We’re not bigots, because we do not judge based on the very races we recognize, and respect the differences of.

On the other side… Well there we have the kinds of people who live the dream don’t we?

But the dream, is the dream, because you’re fucking asleep, stupid.

Now, the reason I’m going on right now is because of a headline I read between last I wrote and this time. The headline read: Trayvon Martin and 2013 Revealed Harsh Reality of Racism in America. A gem of a headline I thought. But what always surprises me isn’t the headline itself. It’s the ignorance it feigns. I literally said the last part out loud to myself. “Revealed, the Harsh Reality of Racism”… I thought- Revealed? Really? I have to wonder- who writes this shit? And for who? And then I remembered- Not everyone works in a place where the majority minority assumes prejudice and therefore enacts it on everyone around them like where I work. Not everyone grew up with at least one starkly real experience of prejudice put upon them by the minority majority, much less too many vague experiences to count.

And that’s OK. Not everyone will know what it’s like to be regarded less than, of course. Not everyone will know what it’s like to be regarded as less than deserving by those who have been regarded less than for too long either. Not everyone will know what it’s like to be treated wrongly, sure. But the fact that a major online publication proliferates the point of view that no one does, in my opinion, is very ignorant in and of itself. Either that, or the article was written, edited by, and cleared for publication by the very kind of people who don’t know what the fuck they’re talking about when it comes to racism.

And who if not those who have had racism, and reverse racism set upon them, which is most of us out here in this beautiful ugly America, can be better qualified to know what it is, and of course, not be as the headline supposes, overcome by some marvelous revelation that poor kid Trayvon Martin and 2013 afforded us.

Now, I don’t know how to rectify the situation. All I can do is have this little occasional opinion. And say, at least with one voice… a boy didn’t have to die in 2013, or any of the times before, in the years before, and decades before for anyone that I know, to know, that racism, the bigoted kind, still lives in America.

In fact, I’ll go so far as to say I have a screaming suspicion the entire world knows this to be true, and they probably find it one of America’s more entertaining national traits. It makes our celebrities more interesting, our music more marketable, and our movies much more profitable all over the world.

What this means? I don’t know. Should we stay a country of subversive racists in the big cities and closeted ones in the rural areas? No, of course not. We should always strive to be above it. But most of all, be above the hypocrisy of pretending there is no problem, and that it’s something we are somehow discovering still exists.



New Planet? Not excited.

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Last on that list from last week was something to the effect of “Family and the Holidays”??

Well, long story-short, I was going to boycott Thanksgiving since my family didn’t find the time to drop by (not to my man-cave, to my neighborhood like actual social beings) for even one cup of coffee since I let go my car and with it, the ease and opulence of driving to their house and sayin’ hey. But last week out of no where my mom calls and says they’re coming to my area to have breakfast, shall I join? Yeah, I joined. Even though as usual my presence was just a side dish, the idea originated otherwise, likely my little brother somehow, but whatever, that situation isn’t going to change. I’m sure they won’t attend my funeral either if I don’t send a car.

More importantly, now I can’t really boycott Thanksgiving with just cause. Grr.

I hear they found a new planet out there!

So what?

Last I checked we live ina capitalist society. Which means, most of our energy as a race, a Human race, is focused on how to fuck each other over and take each other’s money- right? Not space exploration, the advancement of this supposedly “human” race or the search for life other than our own narcissistic kind.

So you found a new planet. So what? I say again. Had we, as a unified group of individuals, allocated the appropriate amount of effort and resources to the search for habitable planets outside our solar system, or the search for extra terrestrial life, we would have found this planet long ago, and we’d be much closer to actually going to another planet by now!

So you found a planet. it’s about as significant to this generation as the booger I found up my nose last night.

Flick, and done.

Oh, and by the way, WordPress didn’t give a shit about a blogger using racist epithets. Not even a response.

So, Latinos, now you know that WordPress does not consider you a worth while people. Self professed drunken women from Washington D.C. apparently, can use racist epithets at you, disclose personal information about you on their blog, insult you otherwise, and WordPress will not respond to your needs for attention to the matter.


But like I said in my blog, if the people don’t speak up, then racism apparently can run rampant. Authoritative sources such as WordPress management, will not step up to set anything straight for just one voice.

Cafe Press at least responded and said they would address the situation, but a week later, the link to the “beaner” cafe press store is still active. Yes, I e mailed them on it.

Hey maybe on my way home tonight I can be a victim of a race killing and my body can be thrown in the train tracks, as long as no one speaks up about it, it can be overlooked like any other anti-Hispanic, anti-Latino sentiment.

I just like polar bears.

Following up…

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The list is as follows…

~ Racism, yes, still. Entitlement, and the phenomenon of disassociation.

~ Blogging, on my production sheet?

~ Relationships, the unfamiliarity of this word and the actual value of.

~ And relatives, the holidays, and the stress that comes with. Believe me, as with most things “me”, you haven’t heard this take on the subject yet.

Last entry, the first issue wore me out. I’ll try and keep the update brief. 

So I am still waiting to hear back from Facebook and Word Press on their reaction/ response to the open use of hate speech (what I’ve come to term it) on their sites. In research for some images to put up with this entry I found it interesting that there was a Cafe Press shop dedicated to the very word in question! Openly offering bumper stickers and other items not only with the word “beaner”, but mocking the ethnicities associated to that word with “I love…” and other phrases including a reference to the I.N.S.

Now, it occurs to me, as it obviously would by the lack of response and commentary to this matter from both the organizations in question and the public (a total of one person weighed in seriously), that the value of a racial epithet, or rather the value of it’s offensiveness is dependant only on the ethnicity’s willingness to stand up against it.

I made the point in my e mail to Cafe Press, that if I were to go open a shop with them emblazoning the N word, swastikas, and antisemitic rhetoric, ethnic mocking and other “more popularly accepted” forms of hate speech, I would hope they notice and stop me.

For this word though, it seems no one cares? Not the people at WordPress, not Facebook, and I have to be fair and give Cafe Press the chance to weigh in, but it may be they don’t care either.

It seems too many people consider this a point of humor to even realize it’s racist. Part of the reason I despise the comedian Carlos Mencia, a non-Mexican by the way, for playing a large part in popularizing the term and blatantly focusing it against fellow Hispanics of another nationality than his own. But if Mexican-Americans don’t stand up against it- I suppose I can likely accomplish only so much.

My observation is derived of course from seeing how the N word has been handled by the African American community. They took a stand and made the world recognize that it’s wrong. In my last entry I wrote a bit about Disassociation, and that word, that condition, is what the AA community relieved the general public of for the most part, by bringing attention to it in the way they did. Personally, I believe there is the correct use of all language, and however offensive, certain words unfortunately have their place and time. But I did learn that language is always like a gun in this respect. You can have one in the house and sure, keep it loaded if you wish, but be sure that when you take it out, think twice before you use it, because not only will you be hurting someone else, but you may very well hurt yourself in the process as well.

I mean, whats it going to take? A hate crime? Do some ignorant people somewhere need to hurt someone or god forbid kill them while using that anti-Mexian, anti-Hispanic term? Wouldn’t it be typical of American society that it needs the media to get involved before it really shows it can care about a cause?

It’s disgusting how ignorance in America targets Muslims now because of the actions of some fanatics nearly 11 years ago. You have some fanaticism in respect to southern border patrol issues and immigration, you have a quiet hypocrisy about how the northern border is handled (the joke is on the hypocrites though because enough Hispanics use that to their advantage and immigrate as they please through the northern border), but you don’t see these things associated to each other when it comes to issues of race. A teacher reads Shakespearean literature and is ostracized immediately for the lack of understanding to context, but people run around using a word that to me is as racist as the word “Spick”, and no one says anything about it. A Village Voice column humorously named “Ask a Mexican” where I’ve seen the word used comes to mind. Although I can’t say that other than it being a funny and informative column, that they used it in a racist manner- just that I do remember it in there, to be fair. But it all comes down to people standing up and saying something… which they’re not.

So these self admitted “drunk bitches” (thats right they call themselves that), who randomly picked a blog fight with me over a one line response to one of their entries (all documented well enough on their site- which by the way, hilariously makes them seem like lunatics, but they don’t see it) can go around calling Spanish people “beaners” and no one, not the website they have their blog on, or their misguided short list of fans… or anyone who reads (save one person) my words, bother to say one word in criticism of that inappropriate behavior. It’s unbelievable.

Alright- said I’d keep it brief, so thats it for that update… more to come. I plan on writing The Voice and The New York Times as well. The L. A. Times might be interested.

Next on that list is Blogging… on my Production Sheet?

I keep a production sheet of all the up in the air projects I have going on. I have an idea that becomes more than just that before it vaporizes into the id, I create a row and track progress. If I don’t, nothing will ever get done and I’ll remember about a great undeveloped idea a year later when I’m copying over a hard drive and I find the folder under an inch of digital dust.

Putting blogging on the production sheet will legitimize it… so should I? If I do, it means I take this shit seriously, and really, a lot of time I don’t. But I do spend time on writing, and it is constructive, developmental and fulfilling…

Also, if I add that line, it’s another line of empty cells I haven’t worked on in however long since I last did…

I’m pretty good at coming back to it though, even on weekends, so I guess it can’t hurt.


Thanks for listening.


Relationships, the unfamiliarity of this word and the actual value of…

It occurs to me this isn’t my personal blog, it’s the O.O., so I have to write this with a particular and distinct literary skew meant for public consumption and not the t’hell with it voice I use on for personal stuff ova’tharr. But if you need reference to comments and you can’t find my blog, which is good, you can refer to The New Good instead.

Recently I heard the word “relationship” and felt such an unfamiliarity with the concept it made me realize how far I’d come in the last year (ref. to personal blog you can’t find). It caused me to examine (of course) the whole concept of relationships from a new perspective. The usual perspective, one where I actually cared for them to work, I am now thankfully relieved of.

Now, I’m sure that somewhere out there, there are the relationships that work. Excluding those using crutches like religion or otherwise cult-like behavior that makes drinking the kool-aid seem like sexy and romantic together stuff. I’m not saying it’s impossible otherwise, but as far as I see it now, after half a life of experience and half of that if not more, searching for love enough to see a pattern in the type of women I personally attract- I am saying that for the majority of people a great relationship is as rare as that jackpot lottery win- maybe even more rare.

There are mechanisms in people that in most, are broken. There is a trait, I do not know what to call it, one of calm and patience, that lends itself to the success of a relationship. In fact, it lends itself to being able to get along with people in general. But even this, in my observance can be defective in some, because it can also lapse into passivity and over compliance. Save this well balanced trait having wise person finding someone equally wise and patient, the best the rest of us can hope to do in my opinion, is master, and become accepting of, our own personal situations.

Not everyone will find or accomplish what they want in life.

Some people will die alone.

That’s just the way it is, and it’s real, and it’s true. And it may be you.

Me? I’m OK. Finally. The strange thing is, that it’s on the complete other side of the spectrum than I thought it would be. I may die alone, and that’s OK. I’ve accepted that considering the kind of women that come my way, I’d rather.

I’m not trying to be funny, though it may make you laugh. It does me. But I’m serious. I’m not enamored with the thought of lovey dovey cuddling anymore, I’m not thinking about “what if I don’t have kids”. I’m happy, focusing my efforts toward accomplishing personal goals. In fact, I have taken such a step back that I can see the issues people (and by “people” I mean women, since I don’t really care about men as any kind of romantic interest, former or otherwise) have, clearer than ever. I no longer tell myself “nah, that can’t be right” and make the ridiculously repetitive error of allowing yet another one in to disappoint me, I simply see it for what it is, and I set the boundary.

Is it bitterness? A self check one does when an evaluation falls a bit on the negative side- results come up clean.

Any bitterness I feel is concentrated most on the individual, then diluted on the culture, but when it comes to the gender, my observations are for all across the board, and that focused bitterness for the specific person falls wayside as irrelevant.

I don’t see the necessity of romantic relationships anymore.

We all know (or should know) the science of it. Love is a biochemical delusion. Yes there are instinctual drives at play, to procreate, to mate etc. But practically the word “relationship” doesn’t apply to those animal drives. “Relationship”, to “get along” with your significant other… to build a life together… only the truly fortunate find significant others with the ability to do what needs to be done in order to be “a couple”, a “team” or partners or parents successfully. And even those “successful” relationships sometimes seem to have a temporary expiration date- which with my new eyes so to speak, I really do understand. It makes so much more sense than the concept of “forever” most women want you to sign on for.

I mean think about it- “FOREVER”… resisting the urge to use echo and reverb and run on the R sound…

Forever, as a concept for a temporary life. That’s kind of stupid actually. Even IF, in a world of a million-million different options, you found “the one”… Which if you are truly aware of your flaws and accept the limitations within yourself necessary to claim knowledge that this person you found IS truly the bes tthat you can do… I can understand- but under those circumstances, we all know how unlikelythat is don’t we?

If a person does, as they do at the alter all the time, soon after they end up thinking of course, that they can do better. Why? Well simply because to admit you can’t do any better is to put yourself down. And you may be struck, and taken by the loveliness of this person you found and languishing in the glow of seemingly having conquered that ass, basking in your champion glory… but it won’t last. It fades. You’re human and soon enough you’ll see another challenge you need to conquer and that’s when the trouble (only trouble because you bought into the system and its rules) begins.

Can you meet someone who will make you say you don’t want anyone else? Sure, I’ll say it’s very possible. But you better hope they feel the same way or everything I just said in reference to you- I mean for them.

Do we “need” a relationship? To live? To survive? No. You can get along just fine without a long term relationship. Would it be nice to have a partner, someone whose got your back to use street terms? Sure, of course. But do you need that? No. What you get from a significant other you can get anywhere else. Friendships, sex, partnership, loyalty, children- all attainable, and fullfillingly, from other sources than a “relationship”.

So on a personal level, I don’t have to deal with women’s bullshit. And this is what lately makes me the happiest. I used to go back on my own words and intentions, and allow myself to get dragged back in to the bullshit. In the name of open mindedness of course. Does this mean I’m closed minded now? Maybe a little more closed minded, but what I definitely can say I know is, is that I don’t have to put the shit to my nose to know it stinks so to speak. I don’t have to allow people to screw me up to know that’s not the way to go. Since I stopped, and simply said “no more”… I’ve been the happiest I can be and more so, as I said earlier, I’ve been able to distinguish B.S. from reality better than ever.

I’ve met women, and as predictable as sunrise, the hooks come out. They begin to try and suck you in with nonsense to be able to feed their own need of validation. I see this now and understand the saying “she’s a man eater”. Because when you can see things from this vantage point, you can see how women do what they do so that they can purely consume a subject and attain for themselves what they need- and show no regard or remorse for the consequences to the person they are effecting with their actions.

One woman I was seeing up to a month ago couldn’t go on a date without suggesting I move out to her side of town.

What IS that?

Can’t just have a good time?

But this is a micro-example. I get more out of hearing my peers stories, and observing those who don’t like to share, than I do from my own cautious experience. Both are invaluable of course, but the majority of observation comes from outside, not in.

I meet women now, and drive the problematic ones away with frustration. frustration because they can’t get me to play their game. They retreat, realizing they are up against someone who is going to get from them what he wants, with no promise of recompense, same as they would do to me if I let them.

And that, is only when I feel like even bothering.

I never understood men who paid for sex. But now… I see the wisdom. It’s just so much less complicated and liberating. And though I have yet to do so myself, I can see myself buying myself the best in those terms when I’ve accomplished what I need to for myself in life.

Or, who knows, I might win the lottery?


Relatives and Holidays tomorrow, I’m tired of writing.


Things on my mind… today

November 12, 2010 Leave a comment

~ Racism, yes, still. Entitlement, and the phenomenon of disassociation.

~ Blogging, on my production sheet?

~ Relationships, the unfamiliarity of this word and the actual value of.

~ And relatives, the holidays, and the stress that comes with. Believe me, as with most things “me”, you haven’t heard this take on the subject yet.

I may have to break these thoughts up over the next few days- but lets see how it goes…

1. Let’s get racism out of the way.

I like to say I’m racist. A play on words really. I say that I’m racist, because I recognize the races. In order ot have diversity one has to recognize the differences first, in order to learn to respect them and if possible, appreciate them. That is the act of being race-ist. Here is the definition of the suffix “ist”.

a suffix of nouns, often corresponding to verbs ending in -ize  ornouns ending in -ism,  that denote a person who practices or isconcerned with something, or holds certain principles, doctrines,etc.: apologist; dramatist; machinist; novelist; realist; socialist;Thomist.

I rest my case on that one. When you define “ism” you get mention of words like “prejudice” and “discrimination, but only in third place mention after logical attributions such as a practice or process, such as a criticism, or plagiarism. In my experience the third definition and beyond are most times in deference to the cultural MIS-use, rather than actual definition, provided more for the understanding of language as spoken than to define actual words and guide their correct use.

Here is a link to many, many words that use the suffix “ism” and of which one could only still say it is relative to the root word- which for my purpose here is Race.

The reason I’m laying this groundwork is to distinguish of course, between the productive use of racism, and prejudice itself, or bigotry. You would want me to be racist, if you are of another culture than my own (which by the way, is likely not the one you would assume if you were a bigot), the same as you would want me to be sexist, and class-ist under other circumstances such as being a woman and needing help, hands full, with an open door for example, where it would be good of me to go into gentleman mode wouldn’t it? That’s relative to sexism, like it or not. Or if a member of the working poor, and I am the customer service rep at your local financial aid office- where as if I am class-ist, you can rest assured I understand the importance with which I need to handle your concerns since it is directly related to you improving your lifestyle, and life overall. If I were ignorant to the difference in classes, I would likely be flippant about the needs of those who struggle and sacrifice to raise themselves out of one class into a better one.

I’m no bigot though. And as with most other things I am or I am not, I don’t require a pat ont he back for them or look for one. I only am or am not those things because to me, they are either productive or a waste of time.

Bigotry lends itself to stupidity, and keeps you from opportunities, so therefore it is unproductive and I don’t adhere to it.

The opportunities are of course, getting to know people, ideas, customs, and a plethora of things that could enrich one, improve one, and further expand one’s experience in life- that one would otherwise be cut off from if making a pre-judgment of people, before getting to know them or allowing then to express themselves freely.

Racism, on the other hand, helps.

It helps to know how to say “shukran” to the halal guy I get my lunch from for example, because it’s polite for one, and it endears the man preparing my food which is invaluable if you live in a big city like this. Clean food- important. If I like my halal, which I do, I want him to know his job is appreciated and a happy halal guy makes a better, consistent meal than an unhappy one.

I could fill the blog with examples of constructive, attentive, productive racism, but I think I made my point in that small example so lets move on.

Now, the reason I’m writing about this at all of course has to do with the racial epithet thrown at me by one of, or both bloggers at the site mentioned in yesterday’s post.

This is where we get into Disassociation and Entitlement.

This is attached to my observations on the human condition. without getting too technical, in short, as humans, one of our many flaws is simply that we are forgetful. Those of us who Do know what bigotry is from the inside of it, we forget. In a way it’s a self defense mechanism, of course. Like we implement in mourning, we have internal mechanisms that purposely protect us from the bad feelings that would otherwise hurt us in the long run. So when we, who have had bigotry imposed on us, go on living for a time without any reminder of those experiences and no new experiences to list, we simply forget what it’s like.

I can tell you… from experience, it’s not nice.

It’s not a good feeling when someone shows you that ugliness from within themselves, and as someone who has struggled in life for more reasons than I am going to get into here, when someone randomly throws aside all relevant criteria and looks to disparage you with a reference to the race you appear to be, or your name may indicate a relation to- it strikes a shot fear through you like nothing else- not because (and this is most important) you necessarily fear THEM… but more so because the randomness with which they allowed that ugliness to rise to the surface is one so surprising, that it must occur to you as someone now discriminated against, that it’s an ugliness others are hiding within themselves as well.

And yes, sure, you could puff out your chest and feign ignorance tough guy- but let’s be honest here- if one day you woke up and realized that who you are is someone that people detested and loathed simply because of your appearance or who you are- wouldnt you be striken with fear as to what discrimination you’ll be facing as a result?

When you look for a place to live…

When you look for a job…

When you want to be treated fairly, with the same opportunity the next person would have…

You have to remember how that time you were in an exchange with those people, and for all intents and purposes it should have been a back and forth exchange of thoughts and ideas, however heated the exchange- all of a sudden they came out with the intent of reducing you to less than they, by referring to your race in a derogatory way.

And who else is out there with that in them that I may not even know feels this way?

You see… You want to say people are equal. You want to believe everyone IS equal… But someone who seeks to reduce your humanity by racial epithet- that person is not equal to me. As much as they want to put me down, I would hope the public, those observing, don’t do the easy thing and turn away- but rather- take note of it, see it for what it is, an acknowledge that it is that person who is lessened, and reduced to a lower level, than the person they called that racially referential name.

Then, in reference to the actual incident, the disgust permeates deeper when you have to witness their ignorance, and Disassociation, in the subsequent frenzy to excuse their behavior in this way and that- back and forth they go perusing your writing to try and find some way to blame YOU for the racist remark THEY made about you, doing anything and everything except admit how wrong they are- god forbid they realize about themselves, that they are EXACTLY the disgusting animals they have likely admonished others for being when they’ve witnessed racism.

No, it would be way too much to do to look at their own lives, look at their own habits, the company they keep, the unchecked arrogance of themselves and realize… “I’m a scumbag racist like others I have detested”. I imagine Michael Richards.

But more importantly is that Disassociation I keep referring to.

See, I was born to Latin parents. Mother from South American and father from an American Caribbean Island. I was born here, and raised here, a latchkey kid- so for anyone who doesn’t know what that means- I was raised by the TV. American culture, 100%.

If you get to know me on paper, without reference to my full name or appearance*, meaning the things I like, the things I do, who I am, the music I listen to etc. Then you might guess I am of a different ethnic background. You definitely wouldn’t guess I’m of Latin descent.

Point is, that people like me, of which there are many, know what it’s like to be accepted to some extent, since when I am not overly exposed to the sun I can be mistaken for anglo- but when I am exposed to the sun, especially near the equator, I see how I am looked at, and how I am treated differently because of my darker skin color.

I have friends who have a parent of Euro-descent, and therefore “pass” for white, to use colloquialisms. And they, by no fault of their own you understand, have no idea what prejudice feels like.

This, might be the case with those persons who so casually referred to me in a bigoted way.

I would be making my own assumptions about their race if I said any more than that so I won’t go there.  I could infer from their writing, but I would be stereotyping and generalizing and in the face of being wrong, I pass on that. I would rather be politically correct, than wrong, its got nothing to do with a respect for them, since I lost all respect for them as human beings when I read their bigoted reference to me.

I simply don’t know their race, and if I did I’d like to think that if I did think anything racially referential to them, I’d be smart enough, if not respectful enough of myself at least- not to actually mention it, and keep it professional.

I mean, I do know their gender, and I could go off on that level- and don’t. So I think my self assessment is on point.

So… in the end I don’t knwo whether to be grateful for the experience, or what?

It sucks to know that people, young people at that, who one would assume are educated, can’t be above primitive racial prejudices and can behave so casually at their own slip up. As if, it’s ok, or justified somehow? It’s scary as I said, because where there is one, there are likely more. And who knows how those prejudices will try and hurt you, or keep you down?

As a friend of mine posted subsequent to my hesitant blast about it- “Ignorance can spread like wildfire! Facebook has a group called “(website name omitted)” PLEASE don’t waste your time looking them up, you would be giving them attention  they do not merit, unless you are interested in giving suppressed bigots, any type of support or notoriety.”  And she’s right. She’s the mother of two beautiful kids and I can’t imagine how it feels for a mother to read something like that from fellow women? I don’t have any kids but if I did I would be so concerned for their future knowing people can harbor such casual prejudice in themselves.

In reference to this last point, what I’m saying is, is that once something like this happens, it has a palpable effect that does nothing more than spread the hate.

I’m riding in to work this morning and looking around at the beautiful women I would usually be admiring, doing the usual internal questioning I do, where I wonder if there actually is a woman out there to change my point of view of relationships, but today it’s with a sense of disgust that behind my shades could probably still be seen. And though as I said I really don’t know the make up of these people who used that word at me, but I can’t help but go with the assumption I can make in my mind. So I think to myself, these people, who on their blog, however “humorously” they claim to focus their writing, gripe about how they are treated by men, and their luck with men, have caused a ripple effect with one man, who has male and female friends of all races, that who knows? Could possibly ripple all the way back to them somehow, and further sour the experiences they seem already too comfortable complaining about.

Back when I was Mr. Relationship I made had one epiphany early on… and that was, that if I wanted to find a good woman, the one thing I could do- that I did have control over, was the effect I had on the women I had relationships with…

I resolved to put out good energy, so even if at I didn’t capitalize on any good energy from anyone else’s experiences before they came into my life, at least I could know that people effected by me weren’t going out there furthering the cause and effect problems people have in all relationships, and somehow, maybe, I’d be spared any more “ripple effect” on my end as a result.

I was idealistic, and like I said, “back when I was Mr. Relationship”… Though I am different now when it comes to relationships (nice segue eh?), I still believe in that ripple effect, causality as it were, and energy transference in its most casual sense. Myself, being the momentary proof of it.

As a result of that little experience yesterday, I can say with certainty, negativity passed  through me onto others. Even if I don’t actually take an opportunity to “one-up” or hold back the perceived class and race of those who tried to put me down, the laws of causality are so in-depth and unfathomable that I know just my attitude resulting from that experience must have effected someone else proximally.

And this, this way of expression, here and now, much different from what it would be if this were happening in a different way, say in a bar, as it did last time, a couple years back- where a guy caught a shot to the face on my way out, an hour after he thought he told me off by calling me a spick, is much more subdued, but as far as being the cause that effected negativity- it’s the same. We can only hope that like that guy, who I’m not proud to say had to pick up his teeth and pay a dentist god knows how much to get his face fixed for having mouthed off to the wrong guy, that the ripple effect reaches back at those people who spoke too freely at me yesterday as well. Then, and only then I think, will they actually learn how wrong what they did, was.

Again, Michael Richards comes to mind.

Otherwise, that sense of entitlement some people have, and the disassociation-sand they bury their heads in, myself included, will always keep bigotry and racism of the prejudice kind alive and well in American, and humanity.

A friend, who happens to be white, joked with me using the epithet on my Facebook page, but I know him, so I let it go, despite being hurt, despite being angry, and I joked back, changing the subject.

He’s a good friend and I know he doesn’t mean it with the intent those other people did… So I understand what African American people mean when they say “I can say the N word, and you can’t” to white people… but I just think it’s a shame that I have to.

——————-> More on the other subjects another day.


Americans… Do you need to hate to get on?

June 3, 2010 1 comment

The City of New York is being inundated with calls to halt the building of a Mosque in the general vicinity of the Wolrd Trade Center.

I am working on another site at the moment and can’t dedicate too much time to this non-opinion- but I have to take this break and express a few things because of the utter disgust I feel being associated in any way to these bigots.

I am an American, and proud of it. During the Bush administration was the only time I felt shame in being an American. And I would like to continue to defend our country in every debate I have with European immigrants who don’t bother to become citizens and foster anti-American sentiment while taking advantage of its benefits, as well as anyone else who thinks they can criticize without being involved or making themselves a part of the solution. Or anyone else in the same category.

But in cases like these, it’s my fellow Americans that make me ashamed to be their countryman.

Now, it’s not like these bigoted haters can’t get me to be on their side- because I’ll certainly say don’t buiold the Mosque too if they allow me to designate their Church out of zone where I deem it unfit.

The fact is we have freedom of religion in this country, and in my opinion, I think its too intertwined with governemnt, as are the corporations. But we have freedom of religion, and if building any place of worship is within the laws of the zone it’s to be built in- there should be no reason they can’t have it.

I shudder, as I always do- at the ignorance of detractors.

These fucking idiots who feign offense to a Mosque being built anywhere- if you want to prevent it- buy the fucking property and say no as the owner. But no, as it is with many half assed under-educated overweight Americans (I can say that since I’m an American), once you reach in their pocket – they run and hide.

I love these people- they are probably Tea Party or Republican- Religious Right mother fuckers who want smaller government- and again- I see that. I get it. I hear you. But then when somethng like this happens- and they don’t like it- do they prove how little they need government by taking matters into their own hands and using their purchasing power to prevent something fromhappenning? No. What do they do? They get together and ASK GOVERNMENT TO SOLVE THE PROBLEM FOR THEM.


I am an American. I am a New Yorker. I was here on 9-11. And I say build the fucking Mosque.

Build the Mosque and build a Church on one side of it, and a Synagogue on the other side and a Universal church on the other side of the block to theyre back to back, and a Temple Emanu-el across the street.

Then close off the block and let them all destroy each other for all I care.

I’m not gonna get into all the questions about the tragic circumstances of that day- in the end if it was the CIA setting off an operation geared towards taking attention away from the fact the president stole the office from Al Gore- and setting off a corporation backed cascade effect to war and increased profits- or whether it truly was an operation independant of any American espionage meant to simply attack “the infidel” as those supposed radicals have come to call us- it doesn’t matter. The fact is, innocent people died. Heroes died. All needlessly. I mourn them to this day and to the day I die.

To the families of those who died, I’m sorry for your loss, but if you give in to the hate- the same hate that killed your loved ones- we truly do lose part of ourselves as Americans and human beings. It’s better to honor the memory of those who gave their lives and had their lives taken away purely, kindly, and lovingly- than with a closed fist and a closed heart.

Because of your loss you are exempt for sure.

But the lack of intelligence necessary in the common American not to see the obvious fact that if you behave in the way that led people to hate you in the first place (our governemt created the Taliban during the Russian Afgani war and then abandoned them- do your research) then those people will continue hating you and all you are doing is perpetrating the cycle of violence that will never end.

A fist will always be met with a fist.

But an open hand can only be rejected so many times.

Do we as Americans want to end up in the same scenario as Israelis and Palestinians?

If we continue this blind hate of all Muslims, who are some of the best people in the world by the way- then we’ll be there in no time.

Right now there are American troops defiling the arab holy land just by being ON it. God knows the mistakes that are being made and the resentments as a result, and hatred as a result, and vows of vengeance as a result, that are being planted like seeds- to grow into suicide bombers of the future- because of our supposed “necessary” response to 9-11.

Think about it.

What IF we had said no?

What if we had said here is the other cheek?

If the President then, was truly a religious man, a Christian man, that would have been a response appropriate to his supposed faith. But before he was any kind of man of god, he was a capitalist and a hate monger no better than Hitler. And the fucker just got a Facebook page I heard. Really fucking nice.

So he rallied the ignorant and pained, the scorned and hurt, to raise flags and march on the “enemy”.

Can you imagine the reaction of the world if as Americans we took the blow unto ourselves and said we will not lower ourselves to your level?

Remember the anti-American protests all over the world? Get a fucking clue.

Had that course of action been ours, as difficult as it would have been, the world would have rallied behind us and THEY would have condemned those who claimed responsibility- because it would have left them standing there in a singular representation of what is evil and wrong with the world.

Maybe even those who danced around burning our flag in effigy would have felt the shame they SHOULD have felt for such actions… but no, they didnt did they?

Instead- we joined them. Ignorantly sending supposed vengance to their land. And they- felt no self reflection of their fanaticism. Instead they hunkered down for war. Feeling justified in their attack.

Do you GET THAT?

We, by our response- made them feel justified in their attack on 9-11. Say what you will- there is no more factual a statement.

In reality- all we did was we gave Haliburton and other corporations who had a surplus of stockpiled weaponry the excuse they needed to have new fulfilment contracts made out and signed to produce more and more and more death.

Good business. People got RICH.

Dumb sheep.

The same dumb ass sheep who think it’s any of their business any kind of religious center is built anywhere.

Haters who need more hate.

I say anyone who has an opinion about it- sign up for the Marines and go over there. Oh, youre too old? Join the reserves. No? Fuck- then just GO of your own volition- sign a waiver and fight along side the troops- dont you know? They’ll allow it.

With any luck you won’t come back.

And America definitely WILL be a better place.

I’d prefer you take the place of the innocent kid who just needed an education so they signed up to serve their country and were killed or maimed for their social standing- unlike the senator’s son or the CEO’s kid who threw back a few pints at the ivy league brewery before they date raped themselves a night of it.

God Bless America.

I’m spent by you dicks.

Break up the lobbies.

Break up the parties.

Break up the banks.

Break up the corporations.

Regulate Wall Street.

Amnesty for Immigrants.

Police the borders- REALLY!

Naturalize them all!

Fucking Legalize it.

Fucking Universalize Heath Care- really.

Fucking Universalize Education.

Make short-term service MANDATORY after High School for EVERYONE’s KIDS!

Equalize the tax burden.

Stop the proliferation of debt.

Or just bring back slavery why don’t ya?!

It’s not like it was ever gone anyway, it’s just not a racial thing anymore- it’s a social-class thing.

Did I leave anything out?