F, F, Food…

Food Reviews From Around The World!

(or at least the small world I’ve access to right now)

I’m not a chef, so I’m not going to bla bla bla you to death with the details of fine cuisine- You want a break down of ingredients? Go tweet someone who’s that anal when it comes to food. If something jumps out at me- sure! I’ll mention it- but otherwise if I say I had the Lobster Bisque, and it was freakin’ amazing! You know what Lobster Bisque tastes like- picture it was amazing. Boom! You got a good review- go see how right I am!

I’mma tell you what’s good, and what’s wack (aka not good), when it comes to having a bite out. It’s that simple.

I’ll tell you what’s worth it- and what’s not. And why not.

I’m the down to earth eater outter. I respect your taste buds and your wallet.

Let’s have a good time!

Joey’s Wynwood, Miami, Fla

360 @ The CN Tower, Toronto, Ca.

Swine, Coral Gables, Miami, Fla.






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