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WordPress, but not WordPress…

February 8, 2011 Leave a comment

Special thanks to the developers at Links Alpha for such a great plug in. Also at Dallas Pro Web Designers for their plug in/ widget. Both made it really easy to move this blog off the Wp servers and keep some of the functionality.

Told ya… I was gonna do it. And it’s done.

I have a couple other blogs to move under my main domain umbrella and I’m done, at least publicly, with WordPress. After initially looking at the glamorous and glitzy Tumblr sites, I was impressed, but I couldn’t find comparable themes and templates. Mind you, they have some nice ones, but the really nice ones are about 20-60% more costly than those you would pay for in Wp format, and even if I did swallow that small pill, I would be losing the familiarity with which I’ve grown into, aesthetically, on my blogs.

Initially I was dismayed at the thought of eating my words and coming back, tail between my legs and continuing my begrudging relationship with the ever-silent racist sympathizer WordPress has become in my eyes, but no. Despite my keep-sh*t-simple life-motto, I knew that I wanted out from under and this was it, this was the time.

I could part with a layout I thought, if the layout is pleasing to the eye, as I feel mine are now- and I loved the fact I could apply the actual domain name without the subdomain ( suffix to my blogs (something WordPress would reach into your pocket for!) at Tumblr… Then there were some functionality issues… Wp format is just more control-freak friendly, which I am. I needed a bit more control than is offered over there at Tum-Tum, as I’ve come to know affectionately refer to it. So what did I do? I took myself out of my comfort zone and got into the code a bit, installed the WordPress Application into my GoDaddy hosting account, and moved everything over. Some re-formatting glitches after familiarizing myself with the new operating procedures and log-ins, and here we are.

There are some tweaks on each site (two so far) that I have to come back to- but for the most part- the work is done.

I figure once in a while, I may repost an entry in the old ( blog to attract some hits from the internal mechanism they have, freshly pressed and whatnot- but for the most part- we are free (and you can be too).

And we are under our own flags as well.

When you type in you are led to the main domain The Occasional Opinion, then redirected to the subdomain under Damian Dezign. Looks the same as this one, so will you know the difference? Sans the stink of a background support staff that says nothing to you when you complain of racial epithets espoused upon you by other users of the free service- nahhhh, no difference at all.

This will be the last post here for a while, so if you don’t hit the link, and rss link or feed or do whatever it is you do to keep up at the new site, you will not receive an update when I comment on the absurdities of our world.

I’ve got some pent up thoughts on Lindsey and Hale, racism, white male model on black baby crimes, as if we need more daddy issues in this country… and more, waiting to come out…

All of which will not be posted here.

See you on the other side folks!

bye bye you mother f%&*($#s =P


Thank you…

December 8, 2010 Leave a comment

Thanks to all who seemed to have found my humble blog of rants… I’m sorry I haven’t been around for a minute, I’ve been working on other projects. I posted a little thing on the Damian Dezign blog about this. You might want to take a look at my other pages, so maybe you won’t consider me the irate unstable fool I come off as here on The O.O.

There are links somewhere on here.

Funny enough, looking at my stats, the most valuable of my few blogs in my opinion is The New Good, because it literally serves the cause of self improvement. it’s there to help people, and of course to begin the ground swell that leads to my cult-like world domination, but really- just to help people… yet it receives no hits whatsoever.  If it doesn’t help people, I know it would at least entertain, yet nada. Take a look there if you don’t mind- who knows, you might benefit from some New Good.

Self promotion aside, let me just ask- why has our Prez got no balls? The rich got richer with his spineless concession on the tax thing. Either he has no balls, or they’ve got him by his balls. And by “them” of course I mean the corporations and conglomerates above them that make the payoffs to the lobby and pull the strings on government. the entities that see the free citizens of the world as their sheep, and not human beings at all. Expendable, in the name of profit.

Have I not been clear on these matters?

K, gotta get my head back in the Graffitti Park game… Oh, you don’t know what that is? Click the link! Find out!

For those who have everything- just one more thing…

October 27, 2010 Leave a comment

Inspired by;

Vanity Fair,
Murder Trial of Saudi Prince Reflects Overseas Epidemic of Servant Abuse

It’s a damn shame when those who have it all can’t get it right. I guess having it all, even being royalty isn’t a pass for doing whatever you want and getting away with it. Who ever you are, however much you have in this world, whether inherited or earned, there will always be a need for something more apparently- and in this case, it’s a good Cleaner!

Opportunity Knocks!

How you can murder a servant these days and allow yourself to be caught is beyond me! What the prince obviously needed was someone he could call in such emergencies. Someone who can carefully take the situation in hand, a fixer of sorts, a quicker picker upper- part butcher, part clean freak. Not security, but certainly could be part of it.

What? Did you think this was going to be a diatribe on morality and the effects of excess on human beings? Please. What good would that be? In the article above, it’s already mentioned how no one really talks about stuff like this. And of course they don’t, because if you did, the powers that be would call a Cleaner on you- if you’re lucky. If they’re exceptionally cruel, they would simply destroy your life and leave you breathing in a more pathetic state than you already live in. One likely so much less elegant than they can afford. And if you are one of them, you need each other- so of course you still wouldn’t talk about it. Except to maybe exchange a discreet story here and there about the last time you beat a servant to death, and of course, the contact number for the Cleaner.

Why this prince didn’t make use of his number is still a mystery- because for certain, the service must exist. You don’t have old money without simple solutions to problems like this popping up at some time in history. Governments use services such as these, and where do you think they learned it from?

Do you actually believe this is the first servant to be murdered by a super wealthy person?

You’d be an idiot to believe that.

It’s not, but maybe this prince went too far and a problem that money can easily fix, as money does, perhaps was allowed to be discovered by the authorities. Allowed, as money will do, when authorities serve a purpose.

It’s the same as when the middle class American Mom and Dad say “let them keep him overnight to teach him a lesson” of the local police when their kid is picked up doing something stupid.

Except Mom & Dad’s world is a tiny one, and a royal family’s world is larger, so a murder trial might serve their purposes better than the local precinct, and a sentence of “up to twenty years (read the fine print on that one)” would do more to scare the royal prince straight than a laughable overnight stay in a jail he could buy with his allowance money.

I promise you, as with Osama Bin Laden- when they want the prince to roam free, he will. For the record he may appear to serve the time- but don’t be surprised if he’s released in twenty years with a Saint Tropez tan and is greeted by his wives, none of them married to him more than 19 years, and his children, all under the age of 18.

Or… we just don’t hear about this little blurb in the media again, and as true Americans, we forget.

So again- if you can, look a little deeper, and you might be truly fascinated at the soap opera-ish tale surrounding the facts of the actual story most of us will never know and live to tell. Because the truth is, the super wealthy, as all of the Saudi royal families are- can do whatever they fucking want to do, and killing a servant- is the least of it.

Right Princess Diana?