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Thoughts so far…

They are hiding something. Is there any doubt? Multiple members of the Trump camp have either failed to disclose their meetings with Russian officials, or out and out lied about it. Without forgetting that credible sources are treating the hacking of the DNC by Russia as a certainty, and that the undisciplined blowhard himself literally invited Russian hackers to commit a crime against his own country during the campaign- Yes. They’re definitely hiding something.

This morning the blowhard-in-Cheif announced via his favorite form of Hillary-like non-secure communication, Twitter- that he “found out” (who knows what the source of his finding out really is, and we likely will never see hard proof of it) that Obama had Trump Tower bugged during the election.

Aside from clearly sounding unbalanced, or the fact that as the POTUS he’s still using Twitter like a teenage girl, doesn’t it sound like he’s purposely putting out fake news to distract from something?

I wonder what it could be that he wants to distract from?

The longer this goes on, the more I can relate to what it must have been like living in pre WWII Germany, watching a political party use all the words people wanted to hear or couldn’t really disagree with to make the changes they wanted, while hiding the true intent behind those changes.

They call it border security, but it’s veiled racism, and neo-nationalism. They dismiss parts of the media that ask the hard questions, while openly promoting other media venues that report with the party message in mind. They say all they can to sound patriotic and confuse the undecided. They go forward undauntedly despite a majority of the country openly standing against their actions.

Every time he mentions his intent to reinforce the military, he says how “hopefully we won’t have to use it”… But has anyone missed the announcement to “totally eradicate ISIS”? Not dismantle it. Not handle it. Not contain it. And definitely not get the hell out of the middle east’s business- a business they SHOULD be left to handle on their own and held responsible for the failure to do so. Personally, I see it coming.

The businessman president is preparing to line his pockets with the war machine. I can’t be alone in this can I?

He’s come out and said how he;s not telling anyone when they’re making moves- claiming they don’t want to telegraph their intentions to the enemy- but really I think it’s because it’s much easier to give the go ahead on military moves when they don’t have to answer to the American people or hear an opposing opinion before doing so.

Doesn’t anyone else see how this is how dictators and such declare war and invade countries?

I hope I’m wrong… But it’s hard not to see the writing in the sky on this one.

They’re hiding something, and lying to the country. That much, we know.


I think it’s about that time…

February 6, 2017 Leave a comment

As I usually start these things, I’ll say for the umpteenth time, It’s Been A While, I Know… But it’s about that time. This time, I think you know, I mean it, and you know why.

Look at what’s happened while I was gone. The unthinkable for most of us. Nearly all of us. And those who would have predicted this as our reality- we’d have called them insane, those of us who think like I do, and those who don’t. But here we are, aren’t we?

Is it that the world we live in has been confirmed flat? Have aliens actually landed? No, and no. Have the Illuminati come forward to reveal their control over all of our lives? Or have those in control pulled off their layer of false skin to reveal themselves as the lizard people of legend? Again, no. But what has happened is just about as ludicrous, and as unbelievable.

A man who was born into a family with money, who then used some of that money to enter into business himself, and in doing so made a name for himself in his locality. That name and reputation being one of controversy since his success in business has always something conveniently questionable because of his now well honed indisputable skill in skewing perception through propaganda. This person has succeeded in using that skill, and little else, to dupe enough of the country into thinking he is the right choice for President of the United States. But wait, even that statement is skewed by propaganda isn’t it? Because he didn’t dupe the majority of the country into anything did he? He duped many. But the majority of the country cast it’s vote for someone else, didn’t it? What he did do is make enough back room deals in the time between his failure to run for president the first time and now, to secure what this country mistakenly allowed to become it’s standard replacement for the majority vote… the electoral college.

Let’s be real now… as I try to be on here. That IS what he did. He’s got enough people on his payroll, and enough believers, and enough money, however much that really is or not, to have done that. What he does not have is grace, dignity, knowledge or respect. What he doesn’t have is charisma, or any real charm that isn’t bought. What he definitely does not have is experience in the field he’s decided he should lead in. Not compete in, because having no experience in something you obviously can’t compete, but having a megalomaniac disorder of course, you can think you can own something you decide you want, even though you can’t reasonably take care of it. It’s like the child that wants a puppy not because he likes dogs, but because he sees others having puppies, and envies the attention they get for their love of dogs. He thinks he’s a better option for all the puppies of the world, and that puppies would of course choose him, since he’s better than everyone. Of course.

And well, yes. To think all the puppies of the world would choose you is an insane analogy, as if puppies would have a choice- but if you think Donald Trump thinks of the public with more regard than any of us would regard a puppy- I think you’re wrong. I think, if the man thinks much at all, I mean really think, the way we can assume preceding executive officers have by their service and respective demeanor, he does not think profoundly and by his own choice of words we can be sure he does not at least think before he speaks.

This, unqualified and undignified person is now in the highest office of our great land.

[At the time I began writing this post I had tuned out of the news just as the President instituted executive orders that through language meant to dissuade and misdirect, effective lay banned Muslims from entering and re-entering the country. Now, days later, a federal judge shut the “travel ban” as it’s come to be known, down for it’s racist and unconstitutional intent.]

It’s an interesting time some say. Others use the word Scary. I see both sides of that coin. For as much as I feel I know Donald Trump, having grown up in New York, and been continually appalled and annoyed by his arrogance and blowhard privileged behavior, I actually wished him well after the shock of hearing he actually won the election. But this didn’t last long. He was late to his own inauguration. Starting his very first day by making the American people and all who attended- wait. And why shouldn’t we? He’s Trump, and we are… less than I suppose. 

Nowadays I can’t stop listening to the news. Having tuned out for a day or so and come back to find our orders now a racist fearmongering filter that serves only to alienate, no pun intended, those who can still tolerate American arrogance because at least there is opportunity here, and antagonize our enemies even more than they are already. It serves only to help radicals recruit, and endangers the lives of service members abroad who have worked long and hard to be able to establish a sense of survival wherever they are. Now they have to watch their backs for yet another reason. 

I hear news reports interviewing people who support Trump and I feel their pain. They supported him not just out of blind propaganda fueled rabble rousing, which many have- but there are also those supporters who were just desperate, and tired of the culture of politics they could never relate with anyway. People who are hungry, and want jobs… But… I am still amazed at how that demographic thinks a pompous rich guy who postures himself as greater than he is, is their hero?

There’s no way to know why certain people chose to support something so foreign to them, as if they could understand his motivations, or know his true intentions. At this point, it doesn’t matter anymore. The system in place isn’t about the choice of the people anyway. As I said above- I think he started working on the deals to secure the electoral college long ago. So we’re stuck with him. 

I believe his intentions for the office were to get his turn at what he saw as the greatest money grab in the country. But who knows? While he’s there, maybe we the people will benefit from some of the decisions he makes to benefit himself and his family. Even saying it I doubt it. And the only other emotion I feel is fear. Fear that he’ll commit an error so bad he embarrasses the United States further at best, and gets us into another war at most. He’s already increased the threat level to the armed forces, civilian service members, and Americans traveling abroad. A thoughtless ill advised maneuver to strong arm and posture – the only thing he’s good at apparently, and the world is laughing. So he’s on his way to making my nightmares come true already. 

And we can’t look away- not for a second. Because at any moment it may come. The mistake we all pay for. The stupid prejudiced bigoted move that effects us all. Any minute now. Be afraid. Be very afraid. 

Here it comes!

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August 2015

August 19, 2015 Leave a comment

This is how I’ll have to title my posts from now on if I continue to be inconsistent. It’s OK, right? Gotta live life! Yeah! Who’s reading this nonsense anyway? 

I haven’t written since May, that’s not so bad. Let’s see, what’s new? Jared is a pedophile?! Yes, in news today Jared whatshisname from Subway Sucky Sandwich Store fame is caught with tons of child porn in his posession, and apparently he’s been thrown under the bus by his alleged partner in crime, no pun there, who ran a charity with him. 

What. The. Hell. 

On the short list of what still shocks me is this, child porn people. More so, affluent child porn people. Just under that line, pedophiles in general. What’s more disturbing than this? The beheading of an archeologist by ISIS? Also in the news- yes. These fanatics are ending the lives of people who simply care about preserving human history. Is that more shocking? No. It’s not. It’s tragic, yes, but not shocking. That’s the world we live in. Thank you, religion. 

I could draw a disgusting paralel between that last statement and the pedophile thing- but I’ll pass. 

Moving on- Women are now Army Rangers. Good for them! There’s talk of Navy SEAL school openning up to them too. And again- Good! 

Good! and… So what?

If they can do it, do it.  

It’s not news that women want equality. It’s not news any human being wants equality. It’s not news that women don’t have equality, but let’s be real, why is that? Women don’t have equality, historically, because they are the so-called fairer sex. Physically (also historically), they have almost always been weaker, and thus it has been the expectation of both men and women that men would do the heavy lifting and protecting of women, for the most part. 

Now… if that’s changed, that’s fine in my book, practically speaking. If women in general can now lift and carry the weight men do, in every respect of the analogy- then so be it. 

The question that’s being tossed around is whether women can serve in combat? Why is that I have to think? If they can do the job, carry the load, shoot the gun, etc? Well… The problem for men is I think, the duplicity of women. 

Uh Oh… he said it. Yes. What’s the big deal? If we’re being real we havee to speak openly of what the situation really is with women in the real world. Women, and you can spare me the hypocrisy when I say this, do reserve the right to expect the courtesies afforded to them by the standards put in place for them throughout time, historically again, call it what you will- men being gentlemen, chivalry, whatever- They reserve the right, and even demand in some cases, to be “treated like a lady”, while still expecting and demanding to be treated as an equal in every respect of the word. 

The usual disclaimer; Personally, I have no problem withthe balance. Where that balance may be struck might be a point of contention, but I can see for myself where I open the doors and pick up the tab, and where to expect equality from a woman. In my book, and I think for most men who are practical and fair minded there is no problem finding that balance if they’re dealing with rational and practical women themselves- the problem arises in situations where there is no expectation of balance at all, like in combat. 

In combat everyone is a soldier- and the last thing any team needs is any lack of clarity when there’s a job to do. The problem the military has, I feel, is feeling secure in that male soldiers will not distribute the responsibility in a special operations team if that team has a female member. In simpler terms- will male soldiers feel pressure to exempt a female from say… the duty to stay behind and possibly become a casualty of war, if the team needs that sacrifice? Will the team have a weak link in that sense? Will that female member of service go into the commitment with the full fledged effort a male soldier does, but then… when the shit hits the fan… change her mind and have a problem with that type of sacrifice? 

I’m not saying they will. In fact if I had to predict I’d say they would sacrifice themselves in the same way any other soldier would- but I’m saying this may be the military’s concern. 

This, and of course the effects of capture and torture are a concern, again, because of that chivalrous aspect of male-female relations ingrained in us both hisotrically and socially, make women in combat roles a concern, or so I’ve heard. 

And here we come to where I find a division between what’s really news worthy, and what’s not- or how the news is being reported being a problem- because in the end, the same problems you could attribute to women serving in combat- you could attribute to a man. A man can be a weak link in a team, both physically or by capabilities. A team member may be reluctant to leave a fellow male soldier behind if say, they just had a child, and the respt of the team is sympathetic to that. And a male team member can be faced with the ultimate sacrifice and change their mind as to whether they are up to the task. So… In the end it’s about the same thing- conditioning, and training. Am I wrong?

And might I say… Boooooooring! Why isn’t there any reporting on whether these women who want to be Rangers and SEALs are gay or not? Not that there’s anything wrong with that- but it’s just more interesting! It’s Pride, Pride, Pride otherwise… Is it wrong of me to think that a good precentage of them are gay? Is it sexist? Or is it experience? Having known a few more gay service women than straight ones’es? The latter, I assure you, Heir Audeience. I want to see THAT reporting. Human interest! Real life modern family stuff! Proud fathers doting over their patriotic daughters, Proud wives of wives serving their country. Kids waiting for mommy to get off the plane from her last tour of duty. Stuff like that. 

When you consider why we’re not seeing those stories… You have to wonder, why does the media occupy their time, and your time, with so much of the same remedial point of view?

End of topic. 

The country has bigger problems I think. Like Trump, and all the fools who support his delusions of grandeur. 

Movie Review; Wish I Was Here (2014)


Zach Braff surrounds himself with three of the most beautiful faces in Holywood, Joey King, Pierce Gagnon and Kate Hudson, a gargantuan favorite of nostalgic move fans, Mandy Patankin of My Name Is Inigo Montoya You Killed My Father and more recently Homeland fame, tying the knot tightly with the comedic turned dramatic talent Josh Gad, and he seals the deal on his latest people living real life drama…

No secret, I loved all of Zach’s movies. Expecting from the previews of this film that he finally pushed the cart over the hill to find the chasm of failure we all expect of such good writing and character portrayal, much like that of M. Night Shaymalan history, but it shall not be his fate this time around. If anything Braff caught me off guard with a weakness I hold close to the vest, the difficult father/ son story. There was mention of it I think, in a synopsis I might have read- but I didn’t expect it to be so impactful- perhaps for the strength of the acting, the smart writing keeping you right there in the story and only with the story, not letting you waiver for one moment… but I found myself wiping a tear here and there.

Some might find it difficult to watch if they’ve mourned recently, but they may also find it cathartic and healing. With the complete risk of sounding cliche, you will laugh, you will cry and you will find yourself routing for the characters in this film, unless you are cynical heartless fool- which many think I am actually.

I’m glad I didn’t let this one go out of theatres before seeing it. Worth the price of admission, I’d say it’s a five star for the Braff afficionado, and 3-4 for those uninformed of the talent outside of his work in Scrubs.



Great seeing old Scrubs pal Donald Faison and a host of other famous friends make appearances that took nothing from the theme of the movie at all.



An abysmal well from which I could draw bucket upon bucket of writing sustenance to quench the thirst of an army facing a season of hellish desert combat is the subject of television. The reason I have not done this (at least I think I haven’t) since starting this little blog is partly because back then, I used to actually watch a lot of television. So much in fact, the most important advent in technology was the larger capacity DVR provided by my cable carrier at the time. This is in the time of the iPhone 4 coming out- and I was concerned with having more space in my Tivo… That should tell you something. Suffice to say- I didn’t want to expose to the world how much TV I actually did watch. Because though I enjoy it to no end, the fact I can always see more than one side to a situation told me, that’s pretty damn couch potato to watch that much TV, or it would at least appear to be to the reader I thought, so I refrained. Am I saying that I regard critics of other mediums as their negative stereotypes might suggest? The food critic being a fat ass that eats too much? The tech critic or reviewer a recluse socially inept nerd that got along better with his electronics than he did his peers in his youth? Yes, I am. And mainstream media agrees I think. I’ve not seen the depiction of a skinny food critic or a socially adept tech writer unless it’s a woman to this day. And remember- I watch some TV.

What’s different now? I’ve long since cut my cable and pocket that monthly sum, a move I consider both convenient and frugal, as well as defiant to the ridiculous charges we, well all of you pay for simply turning on the television to stay in sync with your friends and co-workers, or to indulge in some entertainment, or both. If someone did a study I’m willing to bet they may find that a larger percent of the population puts more money into having cable than they actually put in their savings accounts each month. A premium package costs anywhere between $80 (with the less desirable and bad weather susceptible satellite service) to upwards of $200 a month with a mega media conglomerate like Time Warner who puts nothing but frustration into their brand of customer service (if you judge by their service).

In any case I’m not here to go over the injustices of American media- there are plenty people writing about that and when they end up disappearing I won’t be on that bus to no where. I’m here to snap off some quick reviews of some shows I still do watch. Because I do still watch shows of course. How? Well I download everything I want to watch. Yes I subscribe to both Hulu and Netflix periodically. I don’t maintain a consistent subscription because I’m proud to say- I’m not riveted to the television anymore. It’s not winter either, so I’m not home directly after work hiding from the elements. Between subscription months though I download shows from a popular torrent sharing site I won’t mention here. If you want to know more you can google the very word “torrent” or search for a show’s name with the word “download” and it won’t take you long to find the same resources I use. I will say the site I use is Kick Ass in how it does it’s thing and I have no need of another. I use the app Vuze to manage downloads as well as convert and stream any media from my laptop or desktop to any device that’s networked. Yes- think about that. It’s incredibly convenient. You move a file around by dragging and dropping it in the right section of Vuze and your device, Playstation, XBox, NDVD, whatever it is that’s attached to both your router and your TV can see Vuze and it’s content- and show it to you.

Now I may not be watching True Blood with you on Sunday night, but I’ll be watching Monday night that’s for sure. And the other part of this being my current viewing habit is because it affords me the control I need when setting entertainment like TV at it’s appropriate priority level in life. Have you seen how many shows are on, on a Sunday night? Right now, if you wanted to stay current for Monday morning water cooler chit-chat let’s see…

You’d be watching in no particular order;
True Blood
Masters of Sex
The Last Ship
The Strain
Falling Skies
The Leftovers
Ray Donovan.

All very good shows in their own right. They may not all be your cup of tea, but if you even watch half that’s 3 hours of your evening… You’re done. Seven hours of viewing time if you like it all… all of which start after 8PM… So if you do watch it all- you’re going to bed at 3AM- IF they let you, because they don’t all start at 8 or 9. Some are on at 10, so your second choice can only be seen at 11, third at 12, etc. It’s ridiculous. Why? Because if you’re like most people, don’t you have to go to work Monday morning? and sure- sure you say that’s seven shows, I can watch one a day till it all comes back around again- but no. Because that’s just on one day. Monday’s got a couple shows you like, Tuesday too, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday and Saturday too. There’s too much TV on unless you bank it in a DVR for a binge watch, if you have a DVR that big, or save up to wastefully buy the DVD set when and IF it comes out, or subscribe to one of the services mentioned earlier- or be the sucker at the table who missed it. Network shows for example, most likely will not be put out on DVD. They may be repeated nowadays, but only during the season or on rerun when they’re off season. Try scheduling that. They might be recast on Hulu… but maybe not?

And by the likes of shows like Lost, The Black List, Elementary and The Mentalist, we can’t discount network for it’s quality. They’re still competitive for sure, and they’re worth tuning in for.

Lastly, not that I’m trying to get anyone else to cut their cable and put that money in a savings account for a well deserved vacation or anything, that decision is on you… But even I forget one of the bes things about going of grid like this so to speak… It’s the fact that I don’t watch commercials people. The shows I download are com-plete-ly commercial-less. Black screen to next scene. So whoever is providing these for their fellow share-ers out there is kind enough to omit all commercialism from them. An hour show is in the 45 minute viewing time zone. Not only do I enjoy not having my brain trained to have ADHD or whatever it is every 5 minutes, but I’m saving time in whatever I choose to see anyway. Sure- premium cable shows don’t have commercials, you’re right. But you paid for that, and I’m watching it for free. Basic cable does have commercial interruption, and I don’t pay to miss those either.

OK! So I don’t watch as much TV any more and I keep the habit inconvenient enough to be managed to an acceptable level, and convenient enough to be streamlined and at my fingertips when I call on it, not the other way around. I’m not forcing myself to watch a show because the DVR will erase it if I don’t, I’m not choosing to watch a show based on what the DVR will allow me to because it’s busy recording three others, or missing a show because it conflicts with other recording times or they’re just not streaming it via any service at all. It’s all under my control now and if I get to it when I get to it.

Allllll that being said… want to know what I have bookmarked for download?

Get ready. Because the last person who asked me what shows I like to watch almost shot themselves as the list went on and on. But again, keep in mind, I’m not watching all this every day. Some is off season, some is on season but I’m letting it pile up, and some, very little in fact, I choose to watch before bed after a long day at work, the gym and school. And come to think of it, looking at the list now… some of it is even cancelled, or they are shows I haven’t even downloaded to watch yet- but I’ll indicate each as I go down the list, and give a quick little recommendation if not a review, which is why we’re here.

Rectify – Excellent thought provoking drama
Dominion – Slightly cliché but compelling theologically based action drama.
Gang Related – I’m currently letting this one pile up for a binge viewing (DLPU)
Satisfaction (US) – Somehow this “real people” drama came to my attention- DLPU
Graceland – Highly recommend this undercover police drama. Good actors and decent writing.
Extant – Giving this a try. Sci-Fi, so I have to… so far not liking the attempt at suspenseful endings.
Suits – Excellent legal drama with an absolutely likable and attractive cast- all of them.
The Bridge (US) – Excellent quirky police detective drama.
Covert Affairs – I was with this for the first season, and have been letting it pile up since – lost interest.
Perception – Big fan of the main character actor, but it’s piling up- will definitely catch up one day.
Under the Dome – A Stephen King story, so I have to see where this goes. I think he’s a bit overrated.
Longmire – Pretty good modern day western police drama.
True Blood – Last season of this silly show. It’s fun.
Masters of Sex – The entire show is piling up.
The Last Ship – I’m a military show buff, so I must see this. So far not bad.
Halt & Catch Fire – Totally missed this show and binge viewed it in one night. Great nerd drama.
The Strain – This is going places I didn’t expect. Sci-Fi sort of fantasy horror kind of thing. Intrigued.
Falling Skies – Big fan of Noah Wiley- Ended up liking the show through my doubts.
Ray Donovan – The quintessential tough guy takes on the world drama. Love it.
The Leftovers – This seems indulgent to the spectating of the main character- but interesting so far.
Hell on Wheels – I grew to really like this old western drama about the building of the trans continental railroad.
Power (2014) – Co-workers asked me to watch this- I’m feeling it’s a low brow partner to Scandal
The Killing – I’m a sucker for the darkness perfected in this murder mystery detective drama.
The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon – I can’t keep up with a nightly show like this but it’s fun when I do.
Real Time With Bill Maher – Feed the high brow- no pun intended.
The Daily Show – Feed it some more, but again, it’s Daily, so I can’t keep up. Brilliant though.
The Soup – Feed the low brow. Hilarious and scary at times.
UFC Fight Night – When I can keep up with the evolution of pugilism I do.
24 – I mean to see this entire series, but it seems neurotic to me in it’s attempt at action.
Hemlock Grove – When I can be tolerant of the extremely strange, I’ll get through this horror online series
The Ultimate Fighter – Pugilism 2.0
The Art of… – just a very cool “how do they do it” kind of show.
Californication – This show is finished actually, last two seasons weren’t 100%, but overall a lot of fun.
Penny Dreadful This show is well done horror. Love it.
Nurse Jackie Love this character drama. One of the few at the top of my must see now list.
Orphan Black – Season two awaits the opportunity for viewing. Interesting, but a little cliché.

I’ve got to take a break right now and get back to the rest later… This is my second seating trying to get this post done… It’s easier to download and watch a show here and there it seems, than to actually chronicle them all. In total there are 128 shows on this list. There are some good ones down there I’ll add descriptions or opinions to next time. I’m considering taking this a little more seriously too and maybe starting a page on TV reviews, but we shall see.

The Pete Holmes Show
Game of Thrones
The 100
Cosmos: A Space-Time Odyssey
Orange is the New Black
Last Call with Carson Daly
The Writers’ Room
Silicon Valley
Comedy Underground with Dave Attell
Revolution (2012)
The Mentalist
Saturday Night Live
Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.
Person of Interest
Chicago Fire
The Blacklist
Hawaii Five-0 (2010)
Blue Bloods
CSI: Crime Scene Investigation
Bates Motel
The Tomorrow People (US)
Resurrection (2014)
The Following
Being Human (US)
House of Lies
Shameless (US)
The Walking Dead
Talking Dead
Brooklyn Nine-Nine
Mr. Selfridge
Rob Dyrdek’s Fantasy Factory
Black Sails
The Bachelor
True Detective
House of Cards (2012)
The After
White Collar
American Horror Story
Dracula (2013)
Sleepy Hollow
Strike Back
Real Husbands of Hollywood
South Park
Sons of Anarchy
Boardwalk Empire
The League
Eastbound & Down
Hello Ladies
It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia
Low Winter Sun
Talking Bad
Breaking Bad
Satisfaction (CA)
The Newsroom (2012)
Do No Harm
Joe Rogan Questions Everything
The Glades
Magic City
Doctor Who (2005)
Monday Mornings
Last Resort
Celebrity Rehab with Dr. Drew
Hit & Miss
One Man Army
Comedy Central Presents

And God, so…

I recently made a comment that sprouted to mind and it was one of those that had innumerable hidden meanings, the type I love to post… And of course where would I post it? Of all places, the bastion of all non-thought, the usurper of all individuality in the modern era, the followers place of following… I’ll give you one guess… Yes! Facebook. Of course.

What better place to post something intelligent that to the naked eye, or rather to the naked brain, will cause the most disdain, disgust, or judgment? There’s no more stupid a place to post a deep thought I promise you.

So the comment was…

“I’m going to save a couple thousand dollars, buy myself a bike, name it Satan, and dare the almighty to knock me down as much as I can.”

Maybe I said “the good lord” instead, but basically it’s the same shit.

Of course my mother comments “whaaaaat?” A friend says “Don’t do it”.

And no one else gives a shit to comment. Most, probably sincerely not giving a shit for the most part, but the rest probably not knowing what to make of the statement. I doubt many got the three or four meanings hidden in plain sight.

Communication, I feel, is always a deep thing. More is always being said, than what’s being said on the surface. I believe this to a point where I examine my own thoughts, when not over-thought of course, and in their most natural state. I catch myself revealing truths in these rare cases. Admitting things boldly, honestly in a way I wouldn’t normally be open to.

We just don’t do that kind of revealing on a normal basis do we? Any learned person will tell you this. We exist beneath a number of layers. All of us. We don’t wear the bald truth on our sleeves, we just don’t. This is why when you meet someone it’s called “getting to know someone”. It takes time to peel back the layers of the onion so to speak. Women like to tout the word “chemistry” around, but chemistry, ironically, is chemistry- it’s not truth, or reality. Chemistry is literally, your body chemistry. Hormones, pheremones, scents, touches, glances, and all those relaease. If you think you have chemistry with a person you just met, and it’s indicative of some deep truthful commonality, I have news for you- you’re just fucking horny, or human, and wanting to procreate- or both. There’s no revelation or peeling back of layers through chemistry.

This is why many good people adore children. They have no filter as they say. That filter we refer to are those layers of maturity that encumber us all as we grow to maturity. The realization, at whatever age, that sometimes, the truth isn’t the best thing to put out there. Yes, I am saying we become liars. Because we do. We can’t help it. It’s just what happens. I always like to say I am the worst salesman for this same reason. Not because I can’t sell you understand, any fool can sell. But because I don’t have the patience to bullshit you the way you’d like to be bullshitted when you go out to buy something. I offer you the best price right up front. The problem is, your human nature comes in expecting to be lied to, so you try and cut me down a notch. You want to haggle. So you can come away from the situation thinking you got a better deal. Because you subscribe to the tenet most do, that all salesmen are there to cheat you. So how would you know I’m there offering you the best possible deal? You wouldn’t. Thus, I am the worst salesman in the world, because I actually just want to get shit sold.

Communication for most people is the same way, whether they realize it or not.

Most people think they’re being lied to. And if you want to get across your idea, or communicate your thought- often you have to hide the true meaning in a story, a joke, an anecdote, or other hyperbole.

I haven’t the fucking patience.

So for those who get side blinded by the religious subject matter and whatnot in my comment, let’s examine the entirety of it and break it all down.

In the comment “I’m going to save a couple thousand dollars up. Buy a bike. Name it Satan. And dare the almighty to knock me off as much as possible”. What can we immediately derive, which is likely much more important that any deities mentioned?

First off, the writer wants a bike. Ah! Very important. Most important indeed.

Second, he intends on saving money for it. yes! Very admirable. Work for what you want, and achieve the goal.

Then he’s going to name it Satan… Interesting. Now, if he’s a believer in demonic theological deities then this is quite the daring move! We can discern that this at least is emphasis to getting that bike if we do not know if the writer is a “believer” in any theology or not.

Then he’s going to dare “the almighty” or “the good lord” (in the first version) to knock him off. Wow! Okay there buddy. Now we know for sure there is emphasis on actually getting that bike.

Let’s examine the first version though- “the good lord”. This guy is giving you direction on how to interpret the statement here by the use of the word “good”. He could have just said God, and be done with it, which would communicate a coldness, perhaps even a defiance. The defiance of using these deity’s personas to communicate a thought already notes defiance to a culture still under the spell of religion I think. Which if you stand for or against is a statement in fact that can’t be disputed I think. Most of the free world does still adhere in some form or another to religious based practices of faith. But having the freedom to describe the alternate side of what is commonly thought of as evil, as “good”, says something. It says this person is not at war with releigion, no matter what he beleives. It can be discerned that this writer may be ambivalent, confused, or definite in their own beliefs, but in any case, holds no grudge against the idea of God. Especially the idea of “good” god.

“The Almighty”… well thats just saying they concede that there is an all encompassing force out there that they have no problem referring to in that regard.

Let’s look then to the intent…

He’s going to name the bike Satan, and dare the good lord to knock him off as much as possible…

Here we have more revelation as to the writer’s actual opinion if you’re paying attention. He’s going to name the bike Satan. Naming anything is an act of either/ or endearment or ownership. Endearment AND Ownership, in the case of a pet, you understand. Only ownership, with some endearment, in the case of an object such as a car, or in this case, a bike…

The writer shows obvious disrespect to the supposed deity named Satan. The representation of evil when it comes to one of the larger theological groups. The writer will name his bike Satan, in effect making Satan his steed, his horse, his beast, his bitch. That can’t be clearer in meaning and description?

Then he will dare the “good” lord to knock him off, as much as possible…

But first here, if The Lord is good, why would he knock him off? A good lord wouldn’t. Would he? In fact, wouldn’t it be in the good lord’s best interest to promote the subjugation of it’s sworn enemy? I would think so. Hold on let’s ask the supposed good lord’s PR man, the Pope…

Well the Pope is not answering at the moment, but I think we can run with it. Yes, it most definitely would be good PR for a man to ride a bike called Satan. A good lord does not knock down, unless you adhere to the Christian’s first testament is it? Where The Lord was vengeful, and feared. Either way- this then is a challenge, as is the entire statement of course, on what you believe. You the reader, if you’ve gone past the obvious dismissal of the statement in its entirety, then this part challenges you. Do YOU think The Lord you believe in is good? If so, shouldn’t you be saying Yeah! You go! You challenge The Lord and he will hold you up!


Then you should examine your beliefs, if you’re immediately thinking ooh, be careful, The Lord will smite you for such blasphemy hethen.

What about doing the daring as much as possible? Well, this is simply the frequency with which this individual plans to use his bike once he gets it. Again, he wants that bike, and he wants to ride it. Alot.

If anything, one could say, well why don’t you just say you want that bike and you want to ride the hell out of it? Well, the answer to that is, because I’m not stupid, and I don’t expect to write anything for the stupid. An oxymoron I know, since it is a translation I write now.

Bottom line, I like to challenge people’s beleifs. I do think theology is quaint, but outdated. It should be put in a museum and studied like any other artifact. We are intelligent human beings who can form our own belief systems independent of ancient theories and testimonies written by much less intelligent human beings a very very long time ago. For us to follow even one direction from a bible of any kind is like adopting the hunched stance of the neandertal because thats what the fossilized skeletons say they did. I am insulted and scared by the need of a theological leader that does not teach first and foremost, freedom of thought and interpretation for one’s self, the possibility of a god or the lack there of.

Personally, I observe a system of faith based in reality, and in that system, I see what god is. But the main tenet of my theory is the personalization of one’s own responsibility, which runs directly opposite of any theology that externalizes responsibility. Thats all I’m going to say about it here and now, because this, isn’t about that. It’s about communication, and challenging people to think outside their little box-heads.

About the concerns that riding has taken the lives of others, another thought expressed to me in response to the post…

I know people smash themselves up on bikes all the time. I’ve known a few, and one friend who died. In some cases, not all, I have to say there was irresponsibility going on. Plain and simple. I do not intend on being irresponsible or childish. I’m not a speed junkie or wanna-be stunt man. Also in all cases I know, the bikes were basically crotch rockets. Speed bikes. Street bikes. The ride of the fanatical. Not even a bike in my opinion. All facts that distance me from the common reasons people have accidents.

All thats left, are the actual accidents a biker may have. And well, an accident is an accident. If you’re going to have one, you’re going to have one walking too.

End of this argument is that everything I do is either in tolerance of the life I have to live, or in celebration of the life I want to live. And riding is one thing thats on the list of of items I need to do before I die.

We’re all going to die.

I’m just making sure I live first, because living in fear of what might happen isn’t living.

If I lose my life on a bike, you can read this as my uligy.

I think it’s been ninety days since my last post. Shame on me.

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In News…

January 19, 2014 Leave a comment

Two weeks since my last post. Most recently in the news here in New York, they’ve found remains of a body on the shores of the College Point Queens believed to be of the missing autistic child Daniel Oquendo. Daniel went missing months ago due to negligence on the part of the school he had been attending, or so I’ve heard. One of the reasons this is an Occasional Opinion on my part is because I don’t follow the news like a hound. I purposely omit the news from my life because I am acutely aware of the effects of stimulus of any kind on the overall well being of an individual. News in general, is negative. Overall it’s misleading anyway, but over time if you ingest it regularly, it kills your will to live by pounding into your psyche little by little- the message that humanity is lost. Hence, I apologize if the information I am passing on is inaccurate. I listen to the news on the phone through an application called, for the weather most of all, and when I’m done I don’t listen to the news for the rest of the day unless something happens to merit braking news coverage.

In any case this is a very sad development of course. Heinously grim as well, the fact these remains were only bits of a body, and not a corpse. Leaving to speculation how the body came to such a state and how the young boy met his end. I can’t imagine the pain the parents of young Daniel must be feeling not just now, but ever since the disappearance of their child, but I at least hope they can find peace sooner than later by putting their child to rest.

I do not have children as my friends do. I am not close to any of my friends children, though I am affectionately fond of them and would have no problem having a closer relationship if it were to develop. I appreciate these children though for their talents and expression. I do care about them very much, specifically I am speaking of one friend’s kids who are no less incredible than their parents are. They amaze me with their intelligence and creativity every time I see them. Like I said though, I am not a parent, and I cannot imagine what it feels like to be one. But I know if anything were to happen to my friend’s children, it would have a deep emotional effect on me, even this far removed.

When I hear about things like this, and we do not hear enough I assure you, because this is only one missing child case, in a country and a world where millions- I am sure I am not exaggerating- millions of children go missing every year… when I hear about things like this, I remember how when I worked briefly for the Department of Parks and Recreation here in New York, I as one of the managers of security for a major park I will not name here, was educated by the Police Officers assigned to the park, how the playgorunds, and especially the areas just outside them, needed special attention. I was instructed to supervise my security staff to approach the playgrounds from paths not common to pedestrians, so as not to be immediately seen, and have them surveil the areas outside the gates both wooded as well as benches, before conducting the patrol of the playground itself.

The reason for this they said, was to catch the pedophiles.

As it turns out, and you may know this if you are a parent, but if you don’t you should- pedophiles are commonly found outside the parks, usually just watching. But once in a while, not just watching. In either case, my guards, who were for the most part single mothers themselves, because they came to us from various city services such as Department of Homeless Services or Public Assistance recipients associated with Human Resources of New York, had no problem fervently executing these duties.

The classes may have their differences, and these single mothers working their way off welfare who elected to get their security guard license may get leers from the nannies and mothers who bring their children to the playgorunds, but let me tell you if anyone was looking at your kid in a wrong way and my ladies were around- you couldn’t have a better pit bull protecting you- because no matter how much money you make, no matter how you may have discriminated against them in other ways on other days, no matter how you feel about their circumstances or lifestyle or decisions in life… when it comes to the babies, they love yours the same way they love their own.

It’s one of the millions of little ugly facts about living in this city. Pedophiles are everywhere. Sexual deviants are everywhere too, but that’s a whole other subject for another time. It’s one of the many reasons I want to leave this city, the fact that sexual deviants of this kind are out there, close by, lurking just outside, and sometimes inside of playgrounds, either just watching or worse.

It’s one of the reasons that although I love kids… I sometimes thank goodness I have not had the good fortune of having them. I can’t imagine the worry. The incessant never ending absolute unforgiving worry.

I sincerely hope none of this is relevant to the demise of young Daniel Oquendo. Perhaps it was an accident of some kind and the child never felt any pain.

I’ll say no more.

Prayers of course go out to the family and all of those brave members of service involved in investigating the matter.

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