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Date Game of Thrones. Campus Game of Thrones.

Who gets it? Get it? No?

It’s OK, because it’s a tasteless joke. But a joke, none the less. Same as all this talk about rape on Game of Thrones.

So quickly- yes, I haven’t written anything to this blog (as is my intro usually) in a very long time but I just couldn’t walk away from the screen today without throwing this one out there…

It’s silly. Not rape. Rape is horrendous, of course. But it’s the “of course” that I’m surprised most people can’t connect with in the mainstream.

You’re watching a SHOW Senator McCaskill. A SHOW! Unfortunately yes, someone out there I’m not going to link to referred to this show as an interesting depiction of historical events, but wait a second… You don’t think it’s historical as well do you?

Point? No? Not yet?

The point is man… This is made up shit. Made up by a fat hobbit looking, recluse looking old nerd- that got REALLY lucky in this day and age that his toils over a fantasy world hit the mainstream and he’s become a millionaire with… but I digress.

Point being- It’s a silly show. I watch it, because I am silly. Many people are silly.

In the show though, you have SOOOOOOO much more to object to than the probably necessary story telling tool of rape.

Senator, and everyone else milking press attention from the coattails of GoT… You got past the incest and beheadings (popular in  parts of the real world unfortunately) in the first episode quite well I see, since you’ve gotten this far. You got past ALL KINDS of murder. You got past the Red Wedding, which was like… a new level of murder depiction. You got past a whole lot of male dominated social depiction and female subjugation (at times between a son and mother!), hello? Patricide? Torture and dismemberment. No pun intended. And you still watched.

So I say to all of you… You’re a bunch of hypocrites.

I say to all of you as well… Get ready because if you didn’t get the telegraph that Sansa was going to get raped- You’re definitely not seeing what I see, and that’s the probability that you’re going to see the head of a closeted gay male character roll down some steps pretty soon.

Gonna stop watching then too?

Get over it.

It’s a show about a place that doesn’t exist.

An educated tweet may have been- “thank god we live in a world where the depictions of abuses on women both social and physical are not common place, and are definitely shunned, thanks for the reminder, Game of Thrones”

I know, too many characters.

Or is it?

(Irony though; A show like Mad Men can be equally wrong, but no one tweeted they were going to quit that one did they?)

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Movie Review; Frank (2014)

September 14, 2014 Leave a comment

Frank (2014)
Michael Fassbender, Maggie Gyllenhall, Domhnall Gleeson

A truly left field approach to a poignant analysis of the question; art and creativity, are they madness, or is it madness without? You’ll have a lot of fun watching these fantastic actors seemingly having fun with their craft themselves, until you get to the real heart of the matter, only hinted at throughout the film like a slap in the face, during a slap fight and realize oh yeah, what the fuck? That’s not funny.

You’ll wonder when it gets serious, how you didn’t know you’d have that fat lip, since after all, it is a slap fight and you were being slapped. It was right in front of you the whole time.

I’d recommend seeing this movie if you have ever thought yourself crazy for being an artist, or like myself, the unfulfilled artist, wondered if a life dedicated to art would have been the mad thing I felt it was, or the life I should have had. The film examines this question through the main character and it examines us, who love art, the artists and their craft, all mediums and forms, through those that in the film follow the main character, Frank.

Who are you? Are you the artist? Are you the fan? And where on the scale of mental illness do you fall? I give nothing away by saying these things, and hopefully inspire you to go out of your way to catch this flick before it leaves theatres. An Indie, it’s in limited release. I made my way to the Sunshine down here in post bohemia Soho New York where all of that ilk would reside still if the rents weren’t too damn high- but don’t get me started. It’s a bit surreal leaving the theatre considering it’s subject matter and the surroundings. All this actual madness down here… But I digress…

Catch it. If you like music, movies, acting, art… see it.

Sorry for the links, I’m mobile. Had to get this one out.

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An abysmal well from which I could draw bucket upon bucket of writing sustenance to quench the thirst of an army facing a season of hellish desert combat is the subject of television. The reason I have not done this (at least I think I haven’t) since starting this little blog is partly because back then, I used to actually watch a lot of television. So much in fact, the most important advent in technology was the larger capacity DVR provided by my cable carrier at the time. This is in the time of the iPhone 4 coming out- and I was concerned with having more space in my Tivo… That should tell you something. Suffice to say- I didn’t want to expose to the world how much TV I actually did watch. Because though I enjoy it to no end, the fact I can always see more than one side to a situation told me, that’s pretty damn couch potato to watch that much TV, or it would at least appear to be to the reader I thought, so I refrained. Am I saying that I regard critics of other mediums as their negative stereotypes might suggest? The food critic being a fat ass that eats too much? The tech critic or reviewer a recluse socially inept nerd that got along better with his electronics than he did his peers in his youth? Yes, I am. And mainstream media agrees I think. I’ve not seen the depiction of a skinny food critic or a socially adept tech writer unless it’s a woman to this day. And remember- I watch some TV.

What’s different now? I’ve long since cut my cable and pocket that monthly sum, a move I consider both convenient and frugal, as well as defiant to the ridiculous charges we, well all of you pay for simply turning on the television to stay in sync with your friends and co-workers, or to indulge in some entertainment, or both. If someone did a study I’m willing to bet they may find that a larger percent of the population puts more money into having cable than they actually put in their savings accounts each month. A premium package costs anywhere between $80 (with the less desirable and bad weather susceptible satellite service) to upwards of $200 a month with a mega media conglomerate like Time Warner who puts nothing but frustration into their brand of customer service (if you judge by their service).

In any case I’m not here to go over the injustices of American media- there are plenty people writing about that and when they end up disappearing I won’t be on that bus to no where. I’m here to snap off some quick reviews of some shows I still do watch. Because I do still watch shows of course. How? Well I download everything I want to watch. Yes I subscribe to both Hulu and Netflix periodically. I don’t maintain a consistent subscription because I’m proud to say- I’m not riveted to the television anymore. It’s not winter either, so I’m not home directly after work hiding from the elements. Between subscription months though I download shows from a popular torrent sharing site I won’t mention here. If you want to know more you can google the very word “torrent” or search for a show’s name with the word “download” and it won’t take you long to find the same resources I use. I will say the site I use is Kick Ass in how it does it’s thing and I have no need of another. I use the app Vuze to manage downloads as well as convert and stream any media from my laptop or desktop to any device that’s networked. Yes- think about that. It’s incredibly convenient. You move a file around by dragging and dropping it in the right section of Vuze and your device, Playstation, XBox, NDVD, whatever it is that’s attached to both your router and your TV can see Vuze and it’s content- and show it to you.

Now I may not be watching True Blood with you on Sunday night, but I’ll be watching Monday night that’s for sure. And the other part of this being my current viewing habit is because it affords me the control I need when setting entertainment like TV at it’s appropriate priority level in life. Have you seen how many shows are on, on a Sunday night? Right now, if you wanted to stay current for Monday morning water cooler chit-chat let’s see…

You’d be watching in no particular order;
True Blood
Masters of Sex
The Last Ship
The Strain
Falling Skies
The Leftovers
Ray Donovan.

All very good shows in their own right. They may not all be your cup of tea, but if you even watch half that’s 3 hours of your evening… You’re done. Seven hours of viewing time if you like it all… all of which start after 8PM… So if you do watch it all- you’re going to bed at 3AM- IF they let you, because they don’t all start at 8 or 9. Some are on at 10, so your second choice can only be seen at 11, third at 12, etc. It’s ridiculous. Why? Because if you’re like most people, don’t you have to go to work Monday morning? and sure- sure you say that’s seven shows, I can watch one a day till it all comes back around again- but no. Because that’s just on one day. Monday’s got a couple shows you like, Tuesday too, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday and Saturday too. There’s too much TV on unless you bank it in a DVR for a binge watch, if you have a DVR that big, or save up to wastefully buy the DVD set when and IF it comes out, or subscribe to one of the services mentioned earlier- or be the sucker at the table who missed it. Network shows for example, most likely will not be put out on DVD. They may be repeated nowadays, but only during the season or on rerun when they’re off season. Try scheduling that. They might be recast on Hulu… but maybe not?

And by the likes of shows like Lost, The Black List, Elementary and The Mentalist, we can’t discount network for it’s quality. They’re still competitive for sure, and they’re worth tuning in for.

Lastly, not that I’m trying to get anyone else to cut their cable and put that money in a savings account for a well deserved vacation or anything, that decision is on you… But even I forget one of the bes things about going of grid like this so to speak… It’s the fact that I don’t watch commercials people. The shows I download are com-plete-ly commercial-less. Black screen to next scene. So whoever is providing these for their fellow share-ers out there is kind enough to omit all commercialism from them. An hour show is in the 45 minute viewing time zone. Not only do I enjoy not having my brain trained to have ADHD or whatever it is every 5 minutes, but I’m saving time in whatever I choose to see anyway. Sure- premium cable shows don’t have commercials, you’re right. But you paid for that, and I’m watching it for free. Basic cable does have commercial interruption, and I don’t pay to miss those either.

OK! So I don’t watch as much TV any more and I keep the habit inconvenient enough to be managed to an acceptable level, and convenient enough to be streamlined and at my fingertips when I call on it, not the other way around. I’m not forcing myself to watch a show because the DVR will erase it if I don’t, I’m not choosing to watch a show based on what the DVR will allow me to because it’s busy recording three others, or missing a show because it conflicts with other recording times or they’re just not streaming it via any service at all. It’s all under my control now and if I get to it when I get to it.

Allllll that being said… want to know what I have bookmarked for download?

Get ready. Because the last person who asked me what shows I like to watch almost shot themselves as the list went on and on. But again, keep in mind, I’m not watching all this every day. Some is off season, some is on season but I’m letting it pile up, and some, very little in fact, I choose to watch before bed after a long day at work, the gym and school. And come to think of it, looking at the list now… some of it is even cancelled, or they are shows I haven’t even downloaded to watch yet- but I’ll indicate each as I go down the list, and give a quick little recommendation if not a review, which is why we’re here.

Rectify – Excellent thought provoking drama
Dominion – Slightly cliché but compelling theologically based action drama.
Gang Related – I’m currently letting this one pile up for a binge viewing (DLPU)
Satisfaction (US) – Somehow this “real people” drama came to my attention- DLPU
Graceland – Highly recommend this undercover police drama. Good actors and decent writing.
Extant – Giving this a try. Sci-Fi, so I have to… so far not liking the attempt at suspenseful endings.
Suits – Excellent legal drama with an absolutely likable and attractive cast- all of them.
The Bridge (US) – Excellent quirky police detective drama.
Covert Affairs – I was with this for the first season, and have been letting it pile up since – lost interest.
Perception – Big fan of the main character actor, but it’s piling up- will definitely catch up one day.
Under the Dome – A Stephen King story, so I have to see where this goes. I think he’s a bit overrated.
Longmire – Pretty good modern day western police drama.
True Blood – Last season of this silly show. It’s fun.
Masters of Sex – The entire show is piling up.
The Last Ship – I’m a military show buff, so I must see this. So far not bad.
Halt & Catch Fire – Totally missed this show and binge viewed it in one night. Great nerd drama.
The Strain – This is going places I didn’t expect. Sci-Fi sort of fantasy horror kind of thing. Intrigued.
Falling Skies – Big fan of Noah Wiley- Ended up liking the show through my doubts.
Ray Donovan – The quintessential tough guy takes on the world drama. Love it.
The Leftovers – This seems indulgent to the spectating of the main character- but interesting so far.
Hell on Wheels – I grew to really like this old western drama about the building of the trans continental railroad.
Power (2014) – Co-workers asked me to watch this- I’m feeling it’s a low brow partner to Scandal
The Killing – I’m a sucker for the darkness perfected in this murder mystery detective drama.
The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon – I can’t keep up with a nightly show like this but it’s fun when I do.
Real Time With Bill Maher – Feed the high brow- no pun intended.
The Daily Show – Feed it some more, but again, it’s Daily, so I can’t keep up. Brilliant though.
The Soup – Feed the low brow. Hilarious and scary at times.
UFC Fight Night – When I can keep up with the evolution of pugilism I do.
24 – I mean to see this entire series, but it seems neurotic to me in it’s attempt at action.
Hemlock Grove – When I can be tolerant of the extremely strange, I’ll get through this horror online series
The Ultimate Fighter – Pugilism 2.0
The Art of… – just a very cool “how do they do it” kind of show.
Californication – This show is finished actually, last two seasons weren’t 100%, but overall a lot of fun.
Penny Dreadful This show is well done horror. Love it.
Nurse Jackie Love this character drama. One of the few at the top of my must see now list.
Orphan Black – Season two awaits the opportunity for viewing. Interesting, but a little cliché.

I’ve got to take a break right now and get back to the rest later… This is my second seating trying to get this post done… It’s easier to download and watch a show here and there it seems, than to actually chronicle them all. In total there are 128 shows on this list. There are some good ones down there I’ll add descriptions or opinions to next time. I’m considering taking this a little more seriously too and maybe starting a page on TV reviews, but we shall see.

The Pete Holmes Show
Game of Thrones
The 100
Cosmos: A Space-Time Odyssey
Orange is the New Black
Last Call with Carson Daly
The Writers’ Room
Silicon Valley
Comedy Underground with Dave Attell
Revolution (2012)
The Mentalist
Saturday Night Live
Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.
Person of Interest
Chicago Fire
The Blacklist
Hawaii Five-0 (2010)
Blue Bloods
CSI: Crime Scene Investigation
Bates Motel
The Tomorrow People (US)
Resurrection (2014)
The Following
Being Human (US)
House of Lies
Shameless (US)
The Walking Dead
Talking Dead
Brooklyn Nine-Nine
Mr. Selfridge
Rob Dyrdek’s Fantasy Factory
Black Sails
The Bachelor
True Detective
House of Cards (2012)
The After
White Collar
American Horror Story
Dracula (2013)
Sleepy Hollow
Strike Back
Real Husbands of Hollywood
South Park
Sons of Anarchy
Boardwalk Empire
The League
Eastbound & Down
Hello Ladies
It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia
Low Winter Sun
Talking Bad
Breaking Bad
Satisfaction (CA)
The Newsroom (2012)
Do No Harm
Joe Rogan Questions Everything
The Glades
Magic City
Doctor Who (2005)
Monday Mornings
Last Resort
Celebrity Rehab with Dr. Drew
Hit & Miss
One Man Army
Comedy Central Presents

WordPress, but not WordPress…

February 8, 2011 Leave a comment

Special thanks to the developers at Links Alpha for such a great plug in. Also at Dallas Pro Web Designers for their plug in/ widget. Both made it really easy to move this blog off the Wp servers and keep some of the functionality.

Told ya… I was gonna do it. And it’s done.

I have a couple other blogs to move under my main domain umbrella and I’m done, at least publicly, with WordPress. After initially looking at the glamorous and glitzy Tumblr sites, I was impressed, but I couldn’t find comparable themes and templates. Mind you, they have some nice ones, but the really nice ones are about 20-60% more costly than those you would pay for in Wp format, and even if I did swallow that small pill, I would be losing the familiarity with which I’ve grown into, aesthetically, on my blogs.

Initially I was dismayed at the thought of eating my words and coming back, tail between my legs and continuing my begrudging relationship with the ever-silent racist sympathizer WordPress has become in my eyes, but no. Despite my keep-sh*t-simple life-motto, I knew that I wanted out from under and this was it, this was the time.

I could part with a layout I thought, if the layout is pleasing to the eye, as I feel mine are now- and I loved the fact I could apply the actual domain name without the subdomain ( suffix to my blogs (something WordPress would reach into your pocket for!) at Tumblr… Then there were some functionality issues… Wp format is just more control-freak friendly, which I am. I needed a bit more control than is offered over there at Tum-Tum, as I’ve come to know affectionately refer to it. So what did I do? I took myself out of my comfort zone and got into the code a bit, installed the WordPress Application into my GoDaddy hosting account, and moved everything over. Some re-formatting glitches after familiarizing myself with the new operating procedures and log-ins, and here we are.

There are some tweaks on each site (two so far) that I have to come back to- but for the most part- the work is done.

I figure once in a while, I may repost an entry in the old ( blog to attract some hits from the internal mechanism they have, freshly pressed and whatnot- but for the most part- we are free (and you can be too).

And we are under our own flags as well.

When you type in you are led to the main domain The Occasional Opinion, then redirected to the subdomain under Damian Dezign. Looks the same as this one, so will you know the difference? Sans the stink of a background support staff that says nothing to you when you complain of racial epithets espoused upon you by other users of the free service- nahhhh, no difference at all.

This will be the last post here for a while, so if you don’t hit the link, and rss link or feed or do whatever it is you do to keep up at the new site, you will not receive an update when I comment on the absurdities of our world.

I’ve got some pent up thoughts on Lindsey and Hale, racism, white male model on black baby crimes, as if we need more daddy issues in this country… and more, waiting to come out…

All of which will not be posted here.

See you on the other side folks!

bye bye you mother f%&*($#s =P

Change is good they say?

Well let’s see how this change in theme works out. I liked Hemmingway. It was dark and serious like me. But this one caught my eye today. Lets see what happens.

True Bluhhhd.

June 14, 2010 1 comment

Maybe I should start a TV review section?

Caught the action packed season premiere of TB last night and was not disappointed to say the least.

Here’s what jumped out at me;

Pam got hotter? Whatever actress Kristin Bauer did, it works. Last seasons it was a strange experience being into a character’s implied hotness, but not actually into her for a flaw here and there that made it otherwise interesting elsewhere on the screen. I couldn’t quite put my finger on it last night- which is a good thing since really I don’t want to know what if any work has been done – but whatever it was I wanted more.

Here’s a thought; her character sucked some hotness out of Alexander Skarsgård’s Eric- Because seriously, even a straight man such as myself can see a brother should’a hit the gym before shooting began. I wouldn’t let my girlfriend watch Generation Kill for how Al showed off the ripped abs- but c’mon dude- way to make a Vamp look lazy. Sookie’s reaction to Eric standing buck naked in front of her after V-jammin’ (the dancer?) in hyperspeed should have been more believable- but wasn’t thanks to your less than Ryanesque physique (Ryan Reynolds most notably in Blade; Trinity). How dare you not do some ass buster squats or something on a show where a character like Lafayette is probably going to make your pasty white ass look like a pair od skinny melted mozzarella sticks anyway- ya should’a gave it all you had!

Sookie, the ever droll and over-rated Ana Paquin’s character- thank god, didn’t get MORE annoying. Just the usual amount of unsolicited opinionated “it’s all about me” white southern girl BS from that character. Let’s hope they keep it that way- Last season I almost found her too much to bear. Whoever writes her got it just-to-the-limit right last night. She builds up on the annoying and right about when you start to consider forwarding her scene (if youre smart enough to be DVR delaying), then they shut her the F up and went to the next scene. If Rutina Wesley’s (one of the sexiest black women on TV right now- and thats a very short list) Tara wasn’t flipping out and successfully triggering my ignore-a-crazy-bitch attention span- I might have enjoyed her jumping on Sookie alot more. But as it was I could only care about one character in that scene and that was Nelsan Ellis’ Lafayette. Who incidentally, got a little short changed for a season opener. You know how we love being all up in Lafayette’s business. From the previews of the rest of the season though, we’ll get to see more action from the show’s resident flamboyant yet proudly masculine representative.

Jason Stackhouse is still a dumb ass. And delightfully dumber than ever. It would be interesting if we got a showcase on Ryan Kwanten’s range as an actor some way- some how- this season. I always find it interesting when an actor plays aloof or just plain stupid. Unlike comedy, like lets say with Jack Black’s style- you know a lot of his personality is incorporated in all he does on screen- but to play a dumb ass- you know there’s talent there that’s likely trained otherwise. it would be great to see that range on the same show.

The fit’s gonna hit the shan when Tara finds out who really shot her man-stud isn’t it?

Both Stephen Moyer’s and Sam Tremmell’s characters, vampire Bill and shapeshifter Sam are gay in my book- but I didn’t want to see it. I thought it was hilarious and executed to perfection as far as timing goes – how they put that on screen. That was a great moment of suspense- Hotchcock, no pun intended- coudn’t have done it better.

But otherwise I’m not impressed by either of their performances. I think SM’s work is elementary and without depth. I’m willing to concede that perhaps he’s saddled with the limited Paquin who’s best work- although just as cookie cutter- was in, ironically Interview with a Vampire… no wait that was Kirstin Dunst, I mean The Professional… no wait, that was Natalie Portman, with Gary Oldman who played the famous Dracula… I mean The Piano, yes I was mistaken with notable childhood performances but no, not Paquin, to her credit there is The Piano- where she was just as fucking annoying!

Interesting- I never realized till now, AP’s trademark is to be mother fucking annoying?

But I digress; SM has no excuse for sub-par hamacher schlemmering when in a scene all on his own. He sucks. Again, no pun. ST… I absolve thee. Simply because the character is supposed to be a schlub. So for all I know- any putting down I may do is actually a compliment to your skill, such as it is with Kwanten’s chops if I were to call him stupid.

And again I’ll mention the Eric character to emphasise what IS possible in a role… observe what Skarsgard does with Eric as far as depth. Go back and see the backstory in season two if you must- see the contrast in his other work. Juxtapose that with Moyer and you can almost see where SM is standing off stage to copy what he can off Skarsgard during his scenes, but he’s coming off like a hack.

Goes to show how it’s not talent that gets you somewhere in TV land- its probably a few other things-  we can only imagine some sucking going on there too- but no bloodshed.

Other than that- I’m not impressed by what the general media seems to be touting as points of interest- the attempted suicide of such and such – I mean c’mon, like mother like daughter- right? Save the drama fo’ya mama.

The wolves to be faced by Bill- maybe they’ll turn into laughing hyenas when he over acts at them? “I should warn you… I fed” Yeah, and I’m fed-Up with your hammyness. But no, its inconsistent and anti-climactic. If he’s running through the forest at V-speed… uh, why did he stop to fight some Were’s? Couldn’t he technically outrun them all the way back home? Cheap cop out by the writers to make pseudo suspense for the 2nd episode if you ask me.

The homosexual and almost wet dream Sam had… again, not suprising and clarified for you in the dream itself- Sam took Bills bluuhhd. So of course he’s gonna have man-lust for him. Them’s the breaks. You better be secure in your sexuality if you let a vampire help you out with some bluuhhd. They better not cop-out and have some fun with that little detail between the boys. SM actually had some good believability there… hmm, food for thought.

And Jason of course- we all know he’ll get over it. Theyre gonna have to kill someone off this season to make us go WOW! So how about we start speculating on who that may be?

For a real treat on suspenseful season cliffhangers- watch yourself this season’s Breaking Bad- that shit was off the fucking hook! I really didn’t care who took Bill- nor would I have cared if they took Sookie- just if they had teased by making me think they wouldn’t bring either of them back!

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