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WordPress, but not WordPress…

February 8, 2011 Leave a comment

Special thanks to the developers at Links Alpha for such a great plug in. Also at Dallas Pro Web Designers for their plug in/ widget. Both made it really easy to move this blog off the Wp servers and keep some of the functionality.

Told ya… I was gonna do it. And it’s done.

I have a couple other blogs to move under my main domain umbrella and I’m done, at least publicly, with WordPress. After initially looking at the glamorous and glitzy Tumblr sites, I was impressed, but I couldn’t find comparable themes and templates. Mind you, they have some nice ones, but the really nice ones are about 20-60% more costly than those you would pay for in Wp format, and even if I did swallow that small pill, I would be losing the familiarity with which I’ve grown into, aesthetically, on my blogs.

Initially I was dismayed at the thought of eating my words and coming back, tail between my legs and continuing my begrudging relationship with the ever-silent racist sympathizer WordPress has become in my eyes, but no. Despite my keep-sh*t-simple life-motto, I knew that I wanted out from under and this was it, this was the time.

I could part with a layout I thought, if the layout is pleasing to the eye, as I feel mine are now- and I loved the fact I could apply the actual domain name without the subdomain ( suffix to my blogs (something WordPress would reach into your pocket for!) at Tumblr… Then there were some functionality issues… Wp format is just more control-freak friendly, which I am. I needed a bit more control than is offered over there at Tum-Tum, as I’ve come to know affectionately refer to it. So what did I do? I took myself out of my comfort zone and got into the code a bit, installed the WordPress Application into my GoDaddy hosting account, and moved everything over. Some re-formatting glitches after familiarizing myself with the new operating procedures and log-ins, and here we are.

There are some tweaks on each site (two so far) that I have to come back to- but for the most part- the work is done.

I figure once in a while, I may repost an entry in the old ( blog to attract some hits from the internal mechanism they have, freshly pressed and whatnot- but for the most part- we are free (and you can be too).

And we are under our own flags as well.

When you type in you are led to the main domain The Occasional Opinion, then redirected to the subdomain under Damian Dezign. Looks the same as this one, so will you know the difference? Sans the stink of a background support staff that says nothing to you when you complain of racial epithets espoused upon you by other users of the free service- nahhhh, no difference at all.

This will be the last post here for a while, so if you don’t hit the link, and rss link or feed or do whatever it is you do to keep up at the new site, you will not receive an update when I comment on the absurdities of our world.

I’ve got some pent up thoughts on Lindsey and Hale, racism, white male model on black baby crimes, as if we need more daddy issues in this country… and more, waiting to come out…

All of which will not be posted here.

See you on the other side folks!

bye bye you mother f%&*($#s =P


Michael Jackson is more annoying dead.

June 25, 2010 2 comments

The Jackson Five were the shit. MJ had as much talent as he did wierdness. I never really understood the fascination with him when he was alive- and now, it seems that because he’s dead- all the wierdness is swept under the rug- like he wasn’t a suspected pedophile, a strange recluse, a self loathing body dysmorphic, a self loathing african american (don’t give me any shit- he bleached himself and married white women), and in the end- a drug addict.

Brilliant musician though.

But hmm, I dunno- can we not reward the surviving vampire like family by increasing royalty payments now?

I wanted no part of MJ when he was alive- after the J5 I mean. I tolerated his videos once they were released- once each. Just like I tolerated all the hoopla his family needed to raise when he died. A stadium service? Really? A movie? Rrrrreally? It did suck because he WAS talented, underneath all the dysfunction. It was what it was. It will pass I said to myself. The man died and the fans (insane as they may be) need this and the family is quick to capitalize- of course. But it will pass, and it did.

But now what? This is going to be a yearly resurgence of bullshit in the name of this guy?

Guess who’s behind it.

The record companies, the family, the interests who make money off what remains of this singer’s work.

You know what I’m mourning? The shame that MJ didn’t live to do Celebrity Rehab. Oh well, maybe we’ll get Lady Ga Ga soon enough.

Ugch. I have to tolerate this nonsense now like I have to tolerate Christmas,Valentines Day, over zealous religious people, the heat, stupid people, supposed reality TV, prejudice, hypocrisy…

So much more.