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WordPress, but not WordPress…

February 8, 2011 Leave a comment

Special thanks to the developers at Links Alpha for such a great plug in. Also at Dallas Pro Web Designers for their plug in/ widget. Both made it really easy to move this blog off the Wp servers and keep some of the functionality.

Told ya… I was gonna do it. And it’s done.

I have a couple other blogs to move under my main domain umbrella and I’m done, at least publicly, with WordPress. After initially looking at the glamorous and glitzy Tumblr sites, I was impressed, but I couldn’t find comparable themes and templates. Mind you, they have some nice ones, but the really nice ones are about 20-60% more costly than those you would pay for in Wp format, and even if I did swallow that small pill, I would be losing the familiarity with which I’ve grown into, aesthetically, on my blogs.

Initially I was dismayed at the thought of eating my words and coming back, tail between my legs and continuing my begrudging relationship with the ever-silent racist sympathizer WordPress has become in my eyes, but no. Despite my keep-sh*t-simple life-motto, I knew that I wanted out from under and this was it, this was the time.

I could part with a layout I thought, if the layout is pleasing to the eye, as I feel mine are now- and I loved the fact I could apply the actual domain name without the subdomain ( suffix to my blogs (something WordPress would reach into your pocket for!) at Tumblr… Then there were some functionality issues… Wp format is just more control-freak friendly, which I am. I needed a bit more control than is offered over there at Tum-Tum, as I’ve come to know affectionately refer to it. So what did I do? I took myself out of my comfort zone and got into the code a bit, installed the WordPress Application into my GoDaddy hosting account, and moved everything over. Some re-formatting glitches after familiarizing myself with the new operating procedures and log-ins, and here we are.

There are some tweaks on each site (two so far) that I have to come back to- but for the most part- the work is done.

I figure once in a while, I may repost an entry in the old ( blog to attract some hits from the internal mechanism they have, freshly pressed and whatnot- but for the most part- we are free (and you can be too).

And we are under our own flags as well.

When you type in you are led to the main domain The Occasional Opinion, then redirected to the subdomain under Damian Dezign. Looks the same as this one, so will you know the difference? Sans the stink of a background support staff that says nothing to you when you complain of racial epithets espoused upon you by other users of the free service- nahhhh, no difference at all.

This will be the last post here for a while, so if you don’t hit the link, and rss link or feed or do whatever it is you do to keep up at the new site, you will not receive an update when I comment on the absurdities of our world.

I’ve got some pent up thoughts on Lindsey and Hale, racism, white male model on black baby crimes, as if we need more daddy issues in this country… and more, waiting to come out…

All of which will not be posted here.

See you on the other side folks!

bye bye you mother f%&*($#s =P


Gonzalez Gonzalez, in memoriam

January 26, 2011 Leave a comment

How many of us, Latin Americans in New York, have memories of Gonzalez Y Gonzalez. G&G’s as we call it. Everyone, Bronx, Brooklyn, Queens and I’m sure even Staten Island. Not just Latin Americans, but everyone. G’s was, and until the 31st of Janueary I’m sure still will be a great after work spot for all.

How many times did I go to G&G’s after work for a drink, and on weekends. After a while, the live band comes on and no matter how long you live, no matter how old you get, I don’t care where you are from or how long you’ve been seperated from your Latin roots- when you hear the sound of a live latin band in the first few notes- You’re Back!

G&G is a special place to a lot of people. Memories of friends, good times, freinds past away. Dancing, laughing, and more than a few good meals. G&G always had a great kitchen.

Their site notes the end of their lease as the reason, but I think we can assume that the new terms were ridiculous, and for good business reasons of course, it’s not mentioned. The borderline SoHo and NoLita neighborhood has been changing drastically in the last couple decades. It used to be you could call it the Village, and it still carried the essence of bohemia, but now, it’s something else entirely. The changes were welcome, in the beginning of course. They were changes that imrpoved the aesthetics and beauty of the neighborhood. But slowly, not to sound cliché, but that in itslelf is a statement isn’t it? – That the word Gentrification, in reference to Manhattan neighborhoods is so overused that it sounds cliché already! Well not to sound cliché but, slowly, due to gentrification things began to change in ways that took away the bohemian, free feeling of the village, and thus, it is no more. Along with that free, young feeling, went the access. As it would with places to live, which is what the word gentrification is usually used in reference to. But as this is an example of, it’s not only if you want to live somewhere that gentrification can exclude you- it’s also if you want to have a good time somewhere as well.

It could possibly be said that Gonzalez y Gonzalez is the last bastion of bohemian village life- even though it came in late, 22 years ago in 1989. A far cry from the 60’s, it still gave more than a couple of generations a place to come together in that bohemian spirit. More than a few generations because of it’s diverse appeal, I would say anyone betwen the ages of 18 to 50 could easily be found frequenting G&G for it’s ambiance, music, dancing and cuisine. You would have all races and class levels rubbing shoulders up in there, as I witnessed myself more than once. The college kids from NYU and the like, the after work crowd, the uptown, downtown, bridge and tunnel crowds- you name it. Unlike other places that would change crowds over time for one reason or another, you could go to Gonzalez after a long absence and always find a comfortable mix of people. No one ever felt left out I think. Location, I suppose had something to do with this, and if it opens up elsewhere, it may not be the same because of that reason. All in all, Gonzalez Y Gonzalez will be sorely missed, and for me at least- that junction of Broadway and Houston, now will have nothing, absolutely nothing to draw me to it anymore.

you will be missed




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I’m consumed by Graffitti Park, but very quickly, my heart goes out to those suffering due to the shooting of the Congresswoman in Arizona.

The right to bear arms should definitely go hand in hand with the public’s right to be safe- and stricter guidelines on who can exercise their right to bear arms need to be enacted.

Criminal Records as well as mental health evaluations should be required to own a weapon. I have no problem sitting with a therapist for an hour to get approved- and if you do- then you shouldn’t have a gun.

Also, restrictions on the manufacture and distribution of ballistics. Without bullets a psycho can’t do much but throw the gun like a rock. They can limit the amount of bullets one person can buy, make them account for their use (i.e. range shooting or hunting), require leftovers be turned in for refund and require a license for those who make their own.

The thinking of course is that even if a sick person gets their hands on a gun, they will have great trouble in arming it.

Other ideas include requiring any gun for home protection to hold a total of 5 or 6 bullets. No 16 clip magazine sitting in a law abiding citizens home should be expected to gun down 16 officers of the law should they ever need to disarm the occupant. The citizen also should not expect to have to protect their home against 16 thieves or assailants. If the gun is stolen, this limits how many rounds are on the street. If the gun is misused, this limits how many can be harmed with it. The number 5 or 6 only comes from the numbers many revolvers and some shotguns can hold (up to 10). I certainly am ok with less. Shotguns, more commonly bought for home protection for the sound they make when cocking providing an audible deterrent, can not easily be concealed, and therefore may remain exempt. The real danger as we can see, is the handgun and automatic assault rifle.

Then of course we have alternative ballistics- such as plastic, rubber, and incendiary or blank rounds.

I for one would be just fine loading my home protection handgun with a staggered clip, such as one blank, one incendiary (flash), and one real bullet.

Thinking here is that if in protecting my home, if I have to fire three rounds, it should be expected that the third round be a stopper, after the two first rounds are let off to deter.

Again, less rounds on the street, less people get hurt.


Praise for the hero’s of the day and prayer for the survivors.

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City Planning- your guide to New York, and the apocalypse

December 16, 2010 Leave a comment

Sorry Nation (to borrow a term from Colbert), but today’s, or rather, this weeks Opinion is just about NYC.

I’m crammed in a train today, as most days, and I look out of the train’s window, across to the opposite platform at Times Square station, and I wonder- Did anyone plan on this city being so overcrowded?

Redundant question- I know. The very term overcrowded denotes there could be no planning. No one plans for OVER-crowding. They may plan for crowds, but not an overage. Overage is what happens in the absence of planning, ok, ok. 

So in this millisecond my thoughts move to how ripe this city is for any kind of terrorist attack or natural disaster that would have the highest death toll ever- and from there of course to my over repetitious thought of this being the very case against the free acts of terrorist cells- and how they’re likely controlled by some government source that only releases the hounds so to speak, when the corporate bosses that hold their leashes say it would be conducive to revenue streams.

All of which always ends in the thought “whaaaaaat the fruck ever” I have to get to work so who cares?

Bottom line is, no one planned for this, and people, the ants, or sheep that we are- just wiggle around in the pens made for us, not using any sort of real intelligence to make a better life, or a better world for ourselves* (note- remind me to opine on the difference between the European public, and the American public when it comes to asserting control over their destinies vs. the political regime’s looking to profit from their lives, like a ranch owner would his cattle).

So then I say to myself, well of course- what we need is a reduction in head count here, so the city can be a little more livable. the buildings are built upwards, not outwards, and there is no more ground level space to move around in anymore. People are going to start falling off the platforms in the transit system.

Solution; consolidate housing.

You can’t really consolidate work space- I mean, you can, but I’ll get to that next.

Consolidation of housing means you take the space of two apartments- and make it one.

Yes, there will never be a cessation of greed, so there will never be a landlord, landowner, who in their philanthropic best, will concede to- not losing money- but making less than the overbloated mess of money they make now- and have to then cut back on the equally bloated mess of a privileged life they likely lead. No, that’s not going to happen- but still- this needs to be done- so of course, then the two 2 million dollar spaces for example, will not cost 2.5 million when consolidated, but instead cost 4 million for the one space it then would be- but you tell me- could you have afforded it at 2 million anyway- what do you care? Thats one less multi millionaire taking up space in New York City.

That’s a good thing. 

Instantly (well, instantly after the buzzards are done ravaging the opportunity for construction of these changes) you have half the rich people you had before, living in New York.

I know, this doesn’t make my train any less crowded by much- but it helps. But you have to remember- a one room studio in New York City proper- the island of Manhattan where greed is at it’s worst- costs about $1 million.

Co-ops, average about the same. Sure you can find some pushing up against old New York (poor neighborhoods- i.e. gentrification) for less, but less I would guess to say is maybe a little under half a million dollars, and the maintenance you would pay is about as much as rent up to 10 miles outside the City, in the pre-burbs (my term). The area before Long Island that is the legitimate suburbia, but outside “The City” of New York, Manhattan Island.

We’re talking 2-6 miles inland of Brooklyn and Queens. The immediate surrounding areas in these Boroughs have been swallowed up by gentrification already- the rents and prices of property are in the outlandish bracket- well, outlandish unless you inherited money or were put through school by your parents AND make a little more than a livable wage. Staten Island and the Bronx are anomalies.

Staten Island should be sold to New Jersey because it’s inhabitants are very strange, if not just as bad as any ghetto peeps, excuse the colloquialisms. The Bronx, has to wait for the island of Manhattan to be completely consumed by gentrification, don’t worry, they’re working on it- they’re up to the mid-100’s streets now. It used to be all Caucasians got off the train at 86th street, but now they stay on a couple more stops.  But the strange thing about the Bronx is that it does have it’s nice areas, but you have to go through the ghetto to get there. As opposed to Brooklyn and Queens where gentrification makes it the other way around.

So anyway, there would be less rich people, and less middle income people, and who cares about low income people like me, we couldn’t afford it anyway, so we keep our commute, only with less shoulders to rub up against on the way in and out.

Now like I said before- the rich don’t all take the train or bus, they drive and take cabs- hello? And Hello? Less cars, less cabs, less traffic, less gridlock, less pollution.

For the landlord greed mongers- less expense. How? Well less people means less water used, reduction in water bills per property- you greedy bastards.

For the city, a reduction in the same, and thus an extension on the already dilapidated infrastructure’s expiration date. More time to reinforce that shyit, or do you not mind the occasional steam pipe burst that takes out an entire city block and cuts tax revenue by repair cost and lost income to the merchants on that block? it happened not too long ago.

Not to mention the lawsuits that come from such catastrophes.

Well, long story short- there are a lot of benefits to this kind of change, I won’t get too much more into it because frankly, who am I in the here and now? Sure, we’ll pack away a mental note for when I can do something about it- but right now I’m too busy with Graffitti Park and other aspects of life to give this more thought than is allowed on a train ride- and then- only because I have to ride a cattle car passing for a passenger train to work.

Most days I just think about how much I wish the world would end so I could never have to go into the subways again, and the woman pressed up against me with the perfect skin and expensive lifestyle would cling to me for survival instead of stand on the other side of the class divide that can be infinitely wide, even while millimeters apart.

Not that I wouldn’t shake her off for holding me back mind you.


Quick thoughts on: Security Pat Downs, Black Fridays, Death…

November 29, 2010 Leave a comment

Quickly; (I know I can sure write way too much but seriously, )

Security Pat Downs:

WTF? Seriously? So much money and time and media B.S. wasted on this subject- hey! Anyone remember Drug Mules? If I were a terrorista, and I wanted to smuggle something explosivo on an identified flying object- factor in I’m on the ride of my life of course- why am I bothering with anything less than complete concealment- yeahhhh that’s right people, I’m going there. In the ASS!

Cavity Search!

Now, if I haven’t been identified while standing on the line already (which I would expect from an intelligence budget in excess of $80.1 Billion… yeah, that’s frakkin right I said BILLION), and thus, already singled out for the cavity search that will end up dropping the package- then what makes you think you’re going tot stop me from popping the plane mid flight anyway. Ain’t no pat-down gonna do a damn thing.

And if you really – I mean really-really think that’s actually any kind of line of defense… then justify the 80.1 billion that DOESN’T isolate true credible threats before they even get to the airport- or on the line to get on the plane!

Black Fridays:

Hmm, you ever wonder how the general public would go about it’s business if the news media didn’t reveal itself to be a tool of the capitalist machine, securing by advertising and influence, higher margins of sale for major corporations? It occurs to me, maybe people might buy less, sure, and this would effect the overall economy, sure, but there would also be less waste, and maybe, just maybe, people would teach their kids, and each other- that you don’t actually have to have everything you see advertised on television, you don’t actually have to equate your personal validation or level of acceptance, much less the love of significant others by measuring it against how much material, or the monetary value of material items obtained for you on these commercial holidays.

Read that twice, because I said a lot.

My heart goes out the most to the shmoes who fall for the jewelry ads, and the women who sigh in recognition of how right those ads are… because the guys are suckers, and the women are saying it’s OK to buy their love.

The couple holds the child, he asks “I wonder if he’ll remember his first Christmas?…” (an absurd thing to wonder when the child looks like the umbilical has yet to dry up and fall off) and she says “I know I will” as she puts the ringed hand in view, annnd scene.

And we can rest assured, this ad represents our culture.

If I had the money I would recreate this ad for the holiday season. In my version the woman would say “I know I will, because when he grows up and we struggle to provide for his higher education, we can think back to how you spent our hard earned money on this useless shiny stone and metal bauble in some feeble minded follower mentality effort to buy my love and appreciation. It’s bad enough we have to succumb to the keep-up-with-the-Jones’es social pressure and waste money on lights and trees, but what were you thinking? What if there’s a flood, have we paid the insurance? What if there’s another financial collapse- are we doing so well we can be frivolous with our money? Are you so insecure as a man you think you have to buy your alpha-ness? what if he gets sick, god forbid, how is this ring going to pay for his healthcare? Even if we achieve financial comfort in the years to come, do you really think it responsible use of a financial note when in this very country, probably in our own neighborhood, people are likely hungry? What kind of father are you going to be? Will you teach this kind of lack of social consciousness to our son? Return this ring as soon as you can and put the money into a secure investment for our son’s future!”

In my search for a random picture to post with this little blog entry (you know you’ll never get on Freshly Pressed without one) I found this hilarious video that expresses a similar sentiment- and from a woman no less- muy admirable. You might have to watch that phallic-ally gratuitous commercial from Blackberry but don’t worry, the feeling that you want (Moby) Dick on your face fades quickly. Sarah Haskins in Target Women: Jewelry

Otherwise, since it’s not a Google or YouTube video I can’t actually add or embed any more than a link thanks to corporate partnerships and such, as Jon Stewart would say- here’s your moment of Zen…

yes, that's a "bachelorette shot glass ring"


and Death:

Today we heard of Leslie Nielsen and some guy who wrote the score for Star Wars- was it? Dying… I can understand the posts saying R.I.P., but others come off sounding foolish with comments like “you will be missed” as if you corresponded with Mr. Neilsen or the other guy, and yes, you will miss them because they were ever present in your life. Or even the “what a loss” comment- now, really? What a loss? Mr. Neilsen was 85? He wasn’t going to make any more movies i don’t think, and the other guy, who knows, I only thought of him today, because he died, and sure, great score, historic work, but as far as a loss, I’m sorry sir, with exception to your family, your loss is like the loss of that elusive other sock after the laundry to me- and even then perhaps the sock is more of a loss I think. You, I did not know. No loss.

Of course I turn it on myself a bit before I let others and before I open my mouth- and when Greg Giraldo died not long ago I was effected. But this was because of the proximity in a way, I had seen him perform live and was proud a Hispanic was succeeding in comedy, and that he wasn’t the equivalent of a black-face sell out to do it. When I said his death was a loss, I meant it, it is a loss. And when I said he would be missed, it wasn’t just in reference to some outdated movies that I could reminisce  over, it was in reference to his current persona and sans-death, future work that will never come.

I just think it’s ridiculous how some people are so random in their expressions, and it shows how lonely they are as people sometimes, where they choose to say certain things.

Is it a shame they died? Sure. But as far as I know, both were of natural causes too- so they came to their ends respectively, and that’s that. We all die. No one overdosed tragically, or blew their caps off with a shotgun or were murdered. They passed away. May they rest in peace and their families find the same.



For those who have everything- just one more thing…

October 27, 2010 Leave a comment

Inspired by;

Vanity Fair,
Murder Trial of Saudi Prince Reflects Overseas Epidemic of Servant Abuse

It’s a damn shame when those who have it all can’t get it right. I guess having it all, even being royalty isn’t a pass for doing whatever you want and getting away with it. Who ever you are, however much you have in this world, whether inherited or earned, there will always be a need for something more apparently- and in this case, it’s a good Cleaner!

Opportunity Knocks!

How you can murder a servant these days and allow yourself to be caught is beyond me! What the prince obviously needed was someone he could call in such emergencies. Someone who can carefully take the situation in hand, a fixer of sorts, a quicker picker upper- part butcher, part clean freak. Not security, but certainly could be part of it.

What? Did you think this was going to be a diatribe on morality and the effects of excess on human beings? Please. What good would that be? In the article above, it’s already mentioned how no one really talks about stuff like this. And of course they don’t, because if you did, the powers that be would call a Cleaner on you- if you’re lucky. If they’re exceptionally cruel, they would simply destroy your life and leave you breathing in a more pathetic state than you already live in. One likely so much less elegant than they can afford. And if you are one of them, you need each other- so of course you still wouldn’t talk about it. Except to maybe exchange a discreet story here and there about the last time you beat a servant to death, and of course, the contact number for the Cleaner.

Why this prince didn’t make use of his number is still a mystery- because for certain, the service must exist. You don’t have old money without simple solutions to problems like this popping up at some time in history. Governments use services such as these, and where do you think they learned it from?

Do you actually believe this is the first servant to be murdered by a super wealthy person?

You’d be an idiot to believe that.

It’s not, but maybe this prince went too far and a problem that money can easily fix, as money does, perhaps was allowed to be discovered by the authorities. Allowed, as money will do, when authorities serve a purpose.

It’s the same as when the middle class American Mom and Dad say “let them keep him overnight to teach him a lesson” of the local police when their kid is picked up doing something stupid.

Except Mom & Dad’s world is a tiny one, and a royal family’s world is larger, so a murder trial might serve their purposes better than the local precinct, and a sentence of “up to twenty years (read the fine print on that one)” would do more to scare the royal prince straight than a laughable overnight stay in a jail he could buy with his allowance money.

I promise you, as with Osama Bin Laden- when they want the prince to roam free, he will. For the record he may appear to serve the time- but don’t be surprised if he’s released in twenty years with a Saint Tropez tan and is greeted by his wives, none of them married to him more than 19 years, and his children, all under the age of 18.

Or… we just don’t hear about this little blurb in the media again, and as true Americans, we forget.

So again- if you can, look a little deeper, and you might be truly fascinated at the soap opera-ish tale surrounding the facts of the actual story most of us will never know and live to tell. Because the truth is, the super wealthy, as all of the Saudi royal families are- can do whatever they fucking want to do, and killing a servant- is the least of it.

Right Princess Diana?

There is nothing on my mind except…

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That politics is and are, ridiculous.

American society has become ridiculous. If we’re not too fat, we’re too stupid. We’re definitely too complacent. We like to complain and complain but we don’t get up and do somehting about it. And those that do, like the Tea Party, bad example perhaps, but the only one available- are ridiculed for the beleifs they stand up for. Yes, they’re racist cheap white Amercians with nothing but more complaints and no soplutions, being used by a darker power hiding in the wings… but they are actually at least standing up for something and making some noise.

It’s all just perverse. I read abotu it all the time, all day, every day- a n opinion on politics is like the old sayiong about an opinion on anything- it’s like an asshole, everyone’s got one, and no matter what all it produces is shit.

MyfriendAngelo Rodriguez,may he rest in peace, used to say- “ok, stop talking shit, what are you gonna do about it?” after hearing you out intently and quietly. He left us too soon, and he was right.

The Establishment, is broken. Humanity is perverse, greedy, corrupt, self serving. Too self serving to ever expect that whatever group in power will serve all of the people. Humanity can’t help itself- it will always divide and ostracize. Humanity is insecure, so it has to single out “the other ones” and put them down to maintain its own self esteem. Use god, use money, use skin color, use sexuality- use whatever you like- there will always be something to use and there will always be a human being ready and willing to use it.

There is no governemnt on the face of the erth that seems to have gotten it right. That is, if “right:” means the prosperity of ALL of the people.

If “right” means squashing the less fortunate, and is a perception set forth by those more fortunate, those on the top, the rich, the equivalent of what monarchies were… then sure, it’s working fine. Exceptionally well in fact, since we have no revolutions anymore, since people don’t stand up together and force change anymore- when things are as wrong as they have ever been.

Since people, are easily fooled into thinking what doesnt work, like the present system, is somehow going to work, once the billionth band aid is tacked on.

Fuck Politics.

And I, will be no different than you, in respect of doing nothing about it- other than to do this nothing, honestly, and not pretend I don’t see what’s going on.

Until someone, or some group, stands up and begins the clean up, from the top to the bottom-andisbackedupbyan unyeilding force, loyal to no one and no thing more than the commitment to the cause- I’m going to keep this “opinion” and pont of view- what I think, is an honest one. And pray, in my own non-religious way, every day- that that if it allcant just come crashing down and level the playing field for the have – not’s, and a better society can be put together from the ashes, then that I should get my shot at whatever type of freedom I can attain to live the rest of my life like a big Fuck You to the system, and assure that any proginy I mistakenly and selfishly bring into this unfair society gets the opportunity only to do the same.

Have a Nice Day!