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I think it’s about that time…

As I usually start these things, I’ll say for the umpteenth time, It’s Been A While, I Know… But it’s about that time. This time, I think you know, I mean it, and you know why.

Look at what’s happened while I was gone. The unthinkable for most of us. Nearly all of us. And those who would have predicted this as our reality- we’d have called them insane, those of us who think like I do, and those who don’t. But here we are, aren’t we?

Is it that the world we live in has been confirmed flat? Have aliens actually landed? No, and no. Have the Illuminati come forward to reveal their control over all of our lives? Or have those in control pulled off their layer of false skin to reveal themselves as the lizard people of legend? Again, no. But what has happened is just about as ludicrous, and as unbelievable.

A man who was born into a family with money, who then used some of that money to enter into business himself, and in doing so made a name for himself in his locality. That name and reputation being one of controversy since his success in business has always something conveniently questionable because of his now well honed indisputable skill in skewing perception through propaganda. This person has succeeded in using that skill, and little else, to dupe enough of the country into thinking he is the right choice for President of the United States. But wait, even that statement is skewed by propaganda isn’t it? Because he didn’t dupe the majority of the country into anything did he? He duped many. But the majority of the country cast it’s vote for someone else, didn’t it? What he did do is make enough back room deals in the time between his failure to run for president the first time and now, to secure what this country mistakenly allowed to become it’s standard replacement for the majority vote… the electoral college.

Let’s be real now… as I try to be on here. That IS what he did. He’s got enough people on his payroll, and enough believers, and enough money, however much that really is or not, to have done that. What he does not have is grace, dignity, knowledge or respect. What he doesn’t have is charisma, or any real charm that isn’t bought. What he definitely does not have is experience in the field he’s decided he should lead in. Not compete in, because having no experience in something you obviously can’t compete, but having a megalomaniac disorder of course, you can think you can own something you decide you want, even though you can’t reasonably take care of it. It’s like the child that wants a puppy not because he likes dogs, but because he sees others having puppies, and envies the attention they get for their love of dogs. He thinks he’s a better option for all the puppies of the world, and that puppies would of course choose him, since he’s better than everyone. Of course.

And well, yes. To think all the puppies of the world would choose you is an insane analogy, as if puppies would have a choice- but if you think Donald Trump thinks of the public with more regard than any of us would regard a puppy- I think you’re wrong. I think, if the man thinks much at all, I mean really think, the way we can assume preceding executive officers have by their service and respective demeanor, he does not think profoundly and by his own choice of words we can be sure he does not at least think before he speaks.

This, unqualified and undignified person is now in the highest office of our great land.

[At the time I began writing this post I had tuned out of the news just as the President instituted executive orders that through language meant to dissuade and misdirect, effective lay banned Muslims from entering and re-entering the country. Now, days later, a federal judge shut the “travel ban” as it’s come to be known, down for it’s racist and unconstitutional intent.]

It’s an interesting time some say. Others use the word Scary. I see both sides of that coin. For as much as I feel I know Donald Trump, having grown up in New York, and been continually appalled and annoyed by his arrogance and blowhard privileged behavior, I actually wished him well after the shock of hearing he actually won the election. But this didn’t last long. He was late to his own inauguration. Starting his very first day by making the American people and all who attended- wait. And why shouldn’t we? He’s Trump, and we are… less than I suppose. 

Nowadays I can’t stop listening to the news. Having tuned out for a day or so and come back to find our orders now a racist fearmongering filter that serves only to alienate, no pun intended, those who can still tolerate American arrogance because at least there is opportunity here, and antagonize our enemies even more than they are already. It serves only to help radicals recruit, and endangers the lives of service members abroad who have worked long and hard to be able to establish a sense of survival wherever they are. Now they have to watch their backs for yet another reason. 

I hear news reports interviewing people who support Trump and I feel their pain. They supported him not just out of blind propaganda fueled rabble rousing, which many have- but there are also those supporters who were just desperate, and tired of the culture of politics they could never relate with anyway. People who are hungry, and want jobs… But… I am still amazed at how that demographic thinks a pompous rich guy who postures himself as greater than he is, is their hero?

There’s no way to know why certain people chose to support something so foreign to them, as if they could understand his motivations, or know his true intentions. At this point, it doesn’t matter anymore. The system in place isn’t about the choice of the people anyway. As I said above- I think he started working on the deals to secure the electoral college long ago. So we’re stuck with him. 

I believe his intentions for the office were to get his turn at what he saw as the greatest money grab in the country. But who knows? While he’s there, maybe we the people will benefit from some of the decisions he makes to benefit himself and his family. Even saying it I doubt it. And the only other emotion I feel is fear. Fear that he’ll commit an error so bad he embarrasses the United States further at best, and gets us into another war at most. He’s already increased the threat level to the armed forces, civilian service members, and Americans traveling abroad. A thoughtless ill advised maneuver to strong arm and posture – the only thing he’s good at apparently, and the world is laughing. So he’s on his way to making my nightmares come true already. 

And we can’t look away- not for a second. Because at any moment it may come. The mistake we all pay for. The stupid prejudiced bigoted move that effects us all. Any minute now. Be afraid. Be very afraid. 

Here it comes!

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