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F, F, Food; 360 @ The CN Tower, Toronto Ca.

I’m moving to Miami soon. This is March, 2016. But before I go south, I don’t want to leave visiting Toronto off the list, since I’m going to be much further than I am here in New York, and I don’t know when I’ll be able to come back this far north in the future… My thing is this… I’d like to scratch as many world wonders off my list as possible, whenever possible. When I hosted my brother’s bachelor party in Vegas, I was pleasantly surprised when his gang of friends were up for visiting Hoover Dam one morning, as I was set to just make the 45 minute drive alone. Then when the gang broke up, I traded in the SUV rental and drove 5 hours to see the Grand Canyon, and why not- 9 hours back west to see L.A. again before flying home. You don’t know how long you’ve got in this life, and if you can, I say do it, whatever it is that you can do.

So I jump in my car a few days before moving to South Florida and I drive the8-9 hours to Toronto. On the way, see Niagra Falls too. Why not!?

It’ll be a short stay. The world wonder we’re in search of isn’t Niagra Falls, though it’s great to kill two birds with one stone. If you’re into killing birds with stones that’s a good analogy. The wonder we want is The CN Tower. As you would read on their site, they were distinguished a World Wonder in 1995 as a marvel of Civil Engineering. I won’t go too much into these details because this is F, F, Food, not C, C, Civil Engineering or W, W, World W, W, Wonders…

This is about the equally marvelous restaurant they have near the top of the structure, that just happens to ever-so-slowly revolve round and round as you have your meal, earning it the name 360, and giving you stunning views of the city and landscape for as far as you can see to the horizon.

Oh, you know I’m having a meal there.

360 has won awards for their wine and food. They carry themselves in a distinguished manner that cannot be begrudged them. they have a prime location with an incredible view to offer. the experience alone it enough to hold their head high, but they have the generosity and grace to equal that experience with their cuisine and selection of wines.

They are all these things, and you could suit up to dine there, sure- but you don’t have to. It’s a great date spot, as I witnessed when I was there. But it’s just as great if you’re alone or with a group. The seating has been set up to accommodate all. If you’re worried about casual, there’s also a Lunch menu.

You will not fall out of your seat when the bill arrives. They are your friends and they let you know by offering a prix fixe both in two courses, and three. What more could you want!?

Right now as I write this,  a couple months have passed. I opened with the House Smoked Atlantic Salmon and it was scrumptious. The capers were perfect. If I knew what was in store for me in the main course I might have appreciated the freshness less, and I’m glad I didn’t, because it was absolutely perfect.

The Summer menu changes to Winter in May, so you won’t see the Osso Bucco I had when I was there. Most of the menu remains the same, and I’m sure its ALL delicious, but at least for myself- if I were going back, I’d check that the Osso Bucco is on that menu before I plan my trip. It’s THAT good.

It’s so good I didn’t care I was alone.

It’s so good I purposely slowed down half way through the meal.

It’s so good I shoo’d away the very polite and friendly server more than once, because I was taking my time so well, he thought I was finished, twice.

It’s so good… It’s just, so good!

The preparation was sublime. The meat, falling off the bone. The marrow, absolutely delicious, and the way it was served, I will not reveal for if they change it, I have full confidence in the chef’s choices, because… it was THAT good.

I paired against the recommendation, a Cabernet Sauvignon, and it went perfectly well. I might have had a second glass if I recall. You will have absolutely limitless varieties to choose from, so you may want to experiment as well.

360 gets my absolute highest recommendation for anyone visiting Toronto for a day like myself, or longer. If I had more time I’d have definitely returned for another meal, and another look at at that amazing view.

You get complimentary access to the glass floor and the viewing deck with your dinner, but if that were not the case it would not be reason to pass up this experience.



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