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Quick Read on the News and What I’ll Actually Read…

Here are some headlines from the online publications that I get daily e mails from, my thoughts in a quick blurb, and what I actually decide to read;

HuffPost Lifestyle

Long-Lost Images
Show What Hasn’t Changed About Motherhood In 50 Years
ken heyman
An 83-year-old photographer was cleaning out his storage unit when he found a box titled “Mothers,” filled with beautiful images of women and their children that he took almost 50 years ago. See them here.

Me: Don’t care.

The Most Indulgent Reese’s Recipes Of All Time
There’s no wrong way… Get the recipes here.

Me: Seriously? As if we (Americans) aren’t fat enough? No.

The Real Reason You’re So Tired On Mondays
Was that a yawn you just stifled? More here.

Me: I’m curious, I’ll put this on the reading list for later (Will I get to it? Another story entirely)

A Man Told Me He Wasn’t Turned On By My Aging Body
couple fighting in bed
“As I looked in the mirror — clear-eyed and brave — I claimed every inch of my body with love, honor and deep care. This body is me. She has held my soul and carried my heart for all of my days. Each wrinkle and imperfection is a badge of my living and of my giving of life.” Read more.

Me: This is News? Not even lifestyle… really. Who doesn’t know this? No.

These Are The World’s Best Water Parks
aquaventure dubai
This slide in Dubai is a bit more extravagant than the ones you frequented as a kid. See more here.

Me: Dubai? K. That’s like just a paycheck away- right? Screw you. No.

More stories:

• This Is How Often Married People Are Having Sex -I care?
• Prince George’s First Birthday Portrait Is As Adorable As You’d Expect – Oh My God, really? Don’t care.
• This Is What It Feels Like To Finish A Triathalon – This is what it feels like to be reminded I can’t do one.
• On ‘Coming Out’ As An Alcoholic – Watch it, Gays won’t like their phrases stolen. No.
• This $3M New York City Co-Op Holds A Really Wild Surprise – The surprise it doesn’t hold is why I won’t read this.
• The Most Gay-Friendly Retirement Cities In America – Information I do not require.
• 5 Must-Read Beach Novels For Your Next Vacation – Vagina required.

New York Times

Death of a Man in Custody Adds Fuel to a Dispute Over a Policing

A fatal confrontation reveals the tensions between two of the mayor’s priorities: mending relations between the police and minority residents while fighting serious crime by focusing on petty offenses.
Ronald Spear died in 2012.

Me: Hmm, eyebrow raised, still not reading it- It’s not news to me.

New York City to Pay $2.75 Million to Settle Suit in Death of Rikers Island Inmate

The settlement in Ronald Spear’s case is one of the largest paid by New York City in recent years to resolve a lawsuit alleging violence against an inmate.

Me: Disgusted, on all sides of the issue- the blurb is all I need. Not clicking the link. Done.

De Blasio and Family Land in Rome, and the Cameras Start Snapping

Bill de Blasio at the Capitoline Museums in Rome on Sunday during a nearly 10-day trip. Behind him, his son, Dante, and daughter, Chiara, with Ignazio Marino, the mayor of Rome.
Mayor Bill de Blasio began his Italian vacation by mixing business with pleasure – and impressed the paparazzi by loading his own baggage into the van carrying his family.

Me: Is this racist? (for his mixed marriage)… Still, don’t care- let the man go on vacay in peace.

Wealthier New Yorkers Aren’t Fleeing the City for Tax Havens, a Study Says

The Independent Budget Office found that the share of higher-income households that moved from the city in 2012 equaled that of lower-income households that left.

Me: Equality! In LEAVING NEW YORK!?! I might actually read this- with my usual disdain for the wealthy.

This is the usual ratio of reading to not reading for most pubs sending me e mails. I know there are those who read much more and on a much more varied pallet of interests, but I know I’m not alone in averaging maybe one item of actual interest per e mail containing what? At least 5 clickables each? That’s a lot of reporters out there tapping away generating “journalism” for people who simply don’t give a shit. It’s interesting though. I suppose the pub’s have to throw as much as they can out there to catch our interest like so many fish in the sea, but it occurs to me (and you heard it first here- once I hit publish that’s copyright) that if there’s so much data being gathered on the internet where ever you go and whatever you to- be it Facebook or News sites- can’t they collect data on what you respond to in e mails and use that information to better focus their spotlight when it comes to what they bother to pay reporters to write about?

Is that a long sentence or what? David Foster Wallace would be proud.