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And God, so…

I recently made a comment that sprouted to mind and it was one of those that had innumerable hidden meanings, the type I love to post… And of course where would I post it? Of all places, the bastion of all non-thought, the usurper of all individuality in the modern era, the followers place of following… I’ll give you one guess… Yes! Facebook. Of course.

What better place to post something intelligent that to the naked eye, or rather to the naked brain, will cause the most disdain, disgust, or judgment? There’s no more stupid a place to post a deep thought I promise you.

So the comment was…

“I’m going to save a couple thousand dollars, buy myself a bike, name it Satan, and dare the almighty to knock me down as much as I can.”

Maybe I said “the good lord” instead, but basically it’s the same shit.

Of course my mother comments “whaaaaat?” A friend says “Don’t do it”.

And no one else gives a shit to comment. Most, probably sincerely not giving a shit for the most part, but the rest probably not knowing what to make of the statement. I doubt many got the three or four meanings hidden in plain sight.

Communication, I feel, is always a deep thing. More is always being said, than what’s being said on the surface. I believe this to a point where I examine my own thoughts, when not over-thought of course, and in their most natural state. I catch myself revealing truths in these rare cases. Admitting things boldly, honestly in a way I wouldn’t normally be open to.

We just don’t do that kind of revealing on a normal basis do we? Any learned person will tell you this. We exist beneath a number of layers. All of us. We don’t wear the bald truth on our sleeves, we just don’t. This is why when you meet someone it’s called “getting to know someone”. It takes time to peel back the layers of the onion so to speak. Women like to tout the word “chemistry” around, but chemistry, ironically, is chemistry- it’s not truth, or reality. Chemistry is literally, your body chemistry. Hormones, pheremones, scents, touches, glances, and all those relaease. If you think you have chemistry with a person you just met, and it’s indicative of some deep truthful commonality, I have news for you- you’re just fucking horny, or human, and wanting to procreate- or both. There’s no revelation or peeling back of layers through chemistry.

This is why many good people adore children. They have no filter as they say. That filter we refer to are those layers of maturity that encumber us all as we grow to maturity. The realization, at whatever age, that sometimes, the truth isn’t the best thing to put out there. Yes, I am saying we become liars. Because we do. We can’t help it. It’s just what happens. I always like to say I am the worst salesman for this same reason. Not because I can’t sell you understand, any fool can sell. But because I don’t have the patience to bullshit you the way you’d like to be bullshitted when you go out to buy something. I offer you the best price right up front. The problem is, your human nature comes in expecting to be lied to, so you try and cut me down a notch. You want to haggle. So you can come away from the situation thinking you got a better deal. Because you subscribe to the tenet most do, that all salesmen are there to cheat you. So how would you know I’m there offering you the best possible deal? You wouldn’t. Thus, I am the worst salesman in the world, because I actually just want to get shit sold.

Communication for most people is the same way, whether they realize it or not.

Most people think they’re being lied to. And if you want to get across your idea, or communicate your thought- often you have to hide the true meaning in a story, a joke, an anecdote, or other hyperbole.

I haven’t the fucking patience.

So for those who get side blinded by the religious subject matter and whatnot in my comment, let’s examine the entirety of it and break it all down.

In the comment “I’m going to save a couple thousand dollars up. Buy a bike. Name it Satan. And dare the almighty to knock me off as much as possible”. What can we immediately derive, which is likely much more important that any deities mentioned?

First off, the writer wants a bike. Ah! Very important. Most important indeed.

Second, he intends on saving money for it. yes! Very admirable. Work for what you want, and achieve the goal.

Then he’s going to name it Satan… Interesting. Now, if he’s a believer in demonic theological deities then this is quite the daring move! We can discern that this at least is emphasis to getting that bike if we do not know if the writer is a “believer” in any theology or not.

Then he’s going to dare “the almighty” or “the good lord” (in the first version) to knock him off. Wow! Okay there buddy. Now we know for sure there is emphasis on actually getting that bike.

Let’s examine the first version though- “the good lord”. This guy is giving you direction on how to interpret the statement here by the use of the word “good”. He could have just said God, and be done with it, which would communicate a coldness, perhaps even a defiance. The defiance of using these deity’s personas to communicate a thought already notes defiance to a culture still under the spell of religion I think. Which if you stand for or against is a statement in fact that can’t be disputed I think. Most of the free world does still adhere in some form or another to religious based practices of faith. But having the freedom to describe the alternate side of what is commonly thought of as evil, as “good”, says something. It says this person is not at war with releigion, no matter what he beleives. It can be discerned that this writer may be ambivalent, confused, or definite in their own beliefs, but in any case, holds no grudge against the idea of God. Especially the idea of “good” god.

“The Almighty”… well thats just saying they concede that there is an all encompassing force out there that they have no problem referring to in that regard.

Let’s look then to the intent…

He’s going to name the bike Satan, and dare the good lord to knock him off as much as possible…

Here we have more revelation as to the writer’s actual opinion if you’re paying attention. He’s going to name the bike Satan. Naming anything is an act of either/ or endearment or ownership. Endearment AND Ownership, in the case of a pet, you understand. Only ownership, with some endearment, in the case of an object such as a car, or in this case, a bike…

The writer shows obvious disrespect to the supposed deity named Satan. The representation of evil when it comes to one of the larger theological groups. The writer will name his bike Satan, in effect making Satan his steed, his horse, his beast, his bitch. That can’t be clearer in meaning and description?

Then he will dare the “good” lord to knock him off, as much as possible…

But first here, if The Lord is good, why would he knock him off? A good lord wouldn’t. Would he? In fact, wouldn’t it be in the good lord’s best interest to promote the subjugation of it’s sworn enemy? I would think so. Hold on let’s ask the supposed good lord’s PR man, the Pope…

Well the Pope is not answering at the moment, but I think we can run with it. Yes, it most definitely would be good PR for a man to ride a bike called Satan. A good lord does not knock down, unless you adhere to the Christian’s first testament is it? Where The Lord was vengeful, and feared. Either way- this then is a challenge, as is the entire statement of course, on what you believe. You the reader, if you’ve gone past the obvious dismissal of the statement in its entirety, then this part challenges you. Do YOU think The Lord you believe in is good? If so, shouldn’t you be saying Yeah! You go! You challenge The Lord and he will hold you up!


Then you should examine your beliefs, if you’re immediately thinking ooh, be careful, The Lord will smite you for such blasphemy hethen.

What about doing the daring as much as possible? Well, this is simply the frequency with which this individual plans to use his bike once he gets it. Again, he wants that bike, and he wants to ride it. Alot.

If anything, one could say, well why don’t you just say you want that bike and you want to ride the hell out of it? Well, the answer to that is, because I’m not stupid, and I don’t expect to write anything for the stupid. An oxymoron I know, since it is a translation I write now.

Bottom line, I like to challenge people’s beleifs. I do think theology is quaint, but outdated. It should be put in a museum and studied like any other artifact. We are intelligent human beings who can form our own belief systems independent of ancient theories and testimonies written by much less intelligent human beings a very very long time ago. For us to follow even one direction from a bible of any kind is like adopting the hunched stance of the neandertal because thats what the fossilized skeletons say they did. I am insulted and scared by the need of a theological leader that does not teach first and foremost, freedom of thought and interpretation for one’s self, the possibility of a god or the lack there of.

Personally, I observe a system of faith based in reality, and in that system, I see what god is. But the main tenet of my theory is the personalization of one’s own responsibility, which runs directly opposite of any theology that externalizes responsibility. Thats all I’m going to say about it here and now, because this, isn’t about that. It’s about communication, and challenging people to think outside their little box-heads.

About the concerns that riding has taken the lives of others, another thought expressed to me in response to the post…

I know people smash themselves up on bikes all the time. I’ve known a few, and one friend who died. In some cases, not all, I have to say there was irresponsibility going on. Plain and simple. I do not intend on being irresponsible or childish. I’m not a speed junkie or wanna-be stunt man. Also in all cases I know, the bikes were basically crotch rockets. Speed bikes. Street bikes. The ride of the fanatical. Not even a bike in my opinion. All facts that distance me from the common reasons people have accidents.

All thats left, are the actual accidents a biker may have. And well, an accident is an accident. If you’re going to have one, you’re going to have one walking too.

End of this argument is that everything I do is either in tolerance of the life I have to live, or in celebration of the life I want to live. And riding is one thing thats on the list of of items I need to do before I die.

We’re all going to die.

I’m just making sure I live first, because living in fear of what might happen isn’t living.

If I lose my life on a bike, you can read this as my uligy.

I think it’s been ninety days since my last post. Shame on me.

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