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I have 74 Tivo Season Passes… Too much?

January 31, 2011 Leave a comment

A friend recently said, “you watch all those shows, I was gonna ask you about this one” and it got me thinking. As if it takes much to get me thinking anyway. When I say it got me thinking I only mean it got me thinking more.

And yeah, I guess I do “watch all those shows” and it is as horrible as it sounds. But considering that via my little productivity tracking system, I’m increasingly productive (the numbers don’t lie) in the last couple of months, I can’t feel too guilty about pressing play on a favorite show if I’ve earned it. And usually that’s done with this laptop on my lap anyway- so even if I have earned the right to do nothing for a couple of hours, I rarely take myself up on it without wrestling with the guilt of doing nothing for a while beforehand. Welcome to my world.

Besides, this friend tends to be a downer too- and they like to criticize a lot but I wonder, if they’re unemployed (unlike myself) and pretty much in the same place in life that I’m in, what do they do all day, and not watch any shows they would later ask about and probably enjoy?

It may be helpful to know many of my friends are artists in their own right and/ or involved in or ardent admirers of the arts, media, drama, etc. Hence the love of media, and the irresistible urge to take it in when possible.

In any case, if you don’t have RCN in New York then you don’t mess with Tivo unless you go out of your way to. Yeah you can go out and buy a Tivo and subscribe to the service, but who needs another bill, is my motto. The consolidation of services is the name of the game if you ask me. Companies who invest in this effort are the companies that will last. But that’s food for another blog. here and now i’m going to break down my Season Pass Content to get a little snapshot of my personality in entertainment choices.

By the way I like the Tivo, it’s simplified enough, has a large enough capacity and offers a spill over option by making it possible to transfer your shows to yourPC via their software- because when you have 74 Season Passes (sorry, a Season Pass, if you don’t know, is a Tivo DVR menu item that automatically records all the episodes of a show for you as they come up for viewing) you might not actually watch the shows as they’re recorded and run out of space on the DVR. For me, that’s the poker shows that I enjoy once in a while, and can only watch back to back when I do. They pile up and sometimes a whole season will go by and I haven’t pressed play. It’s good to be able to take those shows and move them to my PC or laptop for viewing otherwise, or if I buy the upgrade to the software I can convert their code to play on my iPod or whatever. THAT is handy for sure- because I can definitely justify a season of the World Series of Poker on a flight or an episode or two of Poker After Dark on the commute (when I’m not listening to a language podcast that is- currently, Japanese. Learning is a productivity point).

Here we go… these are listed in no real order other, as I don’t really understand the way Tivo handles priority. Does it prioritize in escalating order (74 to 1) or in number order (1-74)? I’ve gone in there and moved a show up or down if it gets cut off early and I’m robbed of a climactic ending, but not knowing the order I usually park the show next to something that’s off season so it doesn’t happen again. In my defense I haven’t needed to hunt down an ending of a show more than once, and I felt the appropriate shame afterwards.

Lights Out FXHD

A former heavy weight champ, the actor that started the “his name is Robert Paulsen” chant in the movie Fight Club, deals with the aftermath of his controversial last fight before retirement and life’s pressures as they lead him back to the ring in direct opposition to his wife’s demands and his children’s concerns for his health. Form the first episode it had me hooked. This is drama for the lover of tough guy underdog roles. Count me in.

The Ricky Gervais Show HBOHD

No explanation needed, simply hilarious.

Episodes SHOWHD

Matt Leblanc returns to television but this time, respectably. It’s actually a very funny show, to my surprise, and any show with eye candy like Tamsin Greig, I’m in.


If you don’t know, get in the friggin know, good show.

The Walking Dead


In Treatment

Your first glimpse at the contrast in my taste, and/ or personality. This is a show that appeals purely to the intellect. If it’s not listed as an “Intellectual Drama”, it should be. Though the second season did less for me as far as providing interesting psychological analysis because they seemingly wanted to take the spotlight away from the patients and put more of it on the main character played by Gabriel Byrne , it still entertained, because that character seems to be pretty screwed up.

Eastbound & Down

Yeah I won’t be watching these two back to back, but I wouldn’t do without the hilarity that comes through my TV via this show.


Again, if you don’t know, now you know.

Stargate Universe

Yes, I am a nerd, and this spin-off of the original show, that stemmed rather brilliantly from the movie, is miles above the rest. This show is what modern Sci-Fi should be. Put it right up there with BSG.

Off the Map

The pilot was available on iTunes for free, and desperate to un-bore my commute, I downloaded it (pre-Japanese classes)… to my surprise, I liked it, and so I got the Season Pass. there is no shortage of sensitive drama here, and I can be either in or out of the mood for that- You can only do the “oh I’m a sensitive doctor trying to redeem myself somehow” so much, but there’s also mucho eye candy here, more for the men than the women, so I’m in. Also, as much as I detest being cliché in any way, I can’t help but like to hear some well spoken Spanish and a sexy Spanish accent coming out of the tube.

Thats the first ten on the list. As much as I want to get into as much detail with the remaining sixty four shows- wow that’s really striking me as a lot now- I do have some other stuff to do today so let me just run down the rest of the list real quick…

Hawaii Five-0

Blue Bloods

Boardwalk empire


CBS Evening News with Katie Couric

Men of a Certain Age

The Mentalist

Spartacus: Gods of the Arena

The Event

True Blood


Lie to Me

The League

Dark Blue






Flipping Out (yeah, what?)

Rescue Me

Rob Dyrdek’s Fantasy Factory

The Real L Word

Sons of Anarchy


It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia

White Collar (reluctantly. I hope he finds his girlfriend, she’s hot)

Eureka (eh, ok)

Covert Affairs (Piper Perabo)

Poker After Dark

Haven (it’s X-files-ish)

Tosh.0 (in actuality I hate this guy)

Law & Order Los Angeles (giving it a chance)

The Defenders (kitschy)

LA Ink: Fresh Ink (I’m a sucker for a tattoo’d girl, and the art is sometimes amazing)

Ugly Americans (I don’t cry when this gets pre-empted)

Rules of Engagement (deserves the attention Two and a Half Men gets, a show which is ultimate shit if you ask me)

Russel Simmons Presents Stand Up at the El-Ray (to date, not one episode of this show has recorded? Perhaps the Tivo is empathic as well, and notes my negative feelings towards played out black-comedy)

The Penguins of Madagascar (my inner child)

Fanboy and Chum-Chum (I dare you to watch one episode and tell me you do not want to see Chummy again)

Strikeforce Challenger Series (i’ts good to remember the importance of self defense)

Robot Chicken (hilarious)

Shameless (giving it a chance, seems kitschy)

Machines (nerd)

Human Target (I was interested, but episodes don’t record, so whatevz I say)

30 Rock (indispensable, but see what I mean about the priority?)

Skins (I pretend they’re older… or do I?)

The Late late Show with Craig Ferguson* (funny man)

Perfect Couples (the one correspondent from the Daily Show, my god. Otherwise seems to be written by the same characters who wrote for the male lead’s previous show- and I dropped that show two eps into it- so we’ll see)

Conan* (the best)

The Daily Show with Jon Stewart* (it’s how I make sense of the news- a daily staple*)

The Colbert Report* (can’t do one without the other)

63 Comedy Central Presents (I toy with the idea of stand up)

Nova Science Now (brain)

NOVA (there’s a difference?)

Rizzoli & Isles (yes, a low point, but they’re hot and well, they’re hot)

Scrappers (sad, and occasionally funny)

American Pickers (don’t see what the fuss is about, but the office girl is tattoo’d hotness)

An Idiot Abroad (brilliantly funny)

Being Human (curious, but it’s not recording?)

Stand Up Showdown 2011 (see #63)

Wonders of the Solar System (great show)

Mutant Planet (also)

CBS Sunday Morning (am I getting old?)

So what have we learned…

We have learned that if I want to have to turn my head towards the TV and up from my laptop or away from the paintbrush or pen and paper- that I want to see a beautiful woman- for the most part. Otherwise, it seems I want something either really funny, dramatically or intellectually stimulating. It seems I want to be informed, but obviously, by the daily get-home after work run down; CBS Eve News, Daily Show, Colbert- by default- I don’t want to take any of it seriously.

Or I am so angry about it I refuse to.

I think when summer eventually rolls around- the Tivo DVR is going to explode cause I’m not gonna be home enough to keep up with any of this.

Blog Entry, One Productivity Point.


Gonzalez Gonzalez, in memoriam

January 26, 2011 Leave a comment

How many of us, Latin Americans in New York, have memories of Gonzalez Y Gonzalez. G&G’s as we call it. Everyone, Bronx, Brooklyn, Queens and I’m sure even Staten Island. Not just Latin Americans, but everyone. G’s was, and until the 31st of Janueary I’m sure still will be a great after work spot for all.

How many times did I go to G&G’s after work for a drink, and on weekends. After a while, the live band comes on and no matter how long you live, no matter how old you get, I don’t care where you are from or how long you’ve been seperated from your Latin roots- when you hear the sound of a live latin band in the first few notes- You’re Back!

G&G is a special place to a lot of people. Memories of friends, good times, freinds past away. Dancing, laughing, and more than a few good meals. G&G always had a great kitchen.

Their site notes the end of their lease as the reason, but I think we can assume that the new terms were ridiculous, and for good business reasons of course, it’s not mentioned. The borderline SoHo and NoLita neighborhood has been changing drastically in the last couple decades. It used to be you could call it the Village, and it still carried the essence of bohemia, but now, it’s something else entirely. The changes were welcome, in the beginning of course. They were changes that imrpoved the aesthetics and beauty of the neighborhood. But slowly, not to sound cliché, but that in itslelf is a statement isn’t it? – That the word Gentrification, in reference to Manhattan neighborhoods is so overused that it sounds cliché already! Well not to sound cliché but, slowly, due to gentrification things began to change in ways that took away the bohemian, free feeling of the village, and thus, it is no more. Along with that free, young feeling, went the access. As it would with places to live, which is what the word gentrification is usually used in reference to. But as this is an example of, it’s not only if you want to live somewhere that gentrification can exclude you- it’s also if you want to have a good time somewhere as well.

It could possibly be said that Gonzalez y Gonzalez is the last bastion of bohemian village life- even though it came in late, 22 years ago in 1989. A far cry from the 60’s, it still gave more than a couple of generations a place to come together in that bohemian spirit. More than a few generations because of it’s diverse appeal, I would say anyone betwen the ages of 18 to 50 could easily be found frequenting G&G for it’s ambiance, music, dancing and cuisine. You would have all races and class levels rubbing shoulders up in there, as I witnessed myself more than once. The college kids from NYU and the like, the after work crowd, the uptown, downtown, bridge and tunnel crowds- you name it. Unlike other places that would change crowds over time for one reason or another, you could go to Gonzalez after a long absence and always find a comfortable mix of people. No one ever felt left out I think. Location, I suppose had something to do with this, and if it opens up elsewhere, it may not be the same because of that reason. All in all, Gonzalez Y Gonzalez will be sorely missed, and for me at least- that junction of Broadway and Houston, now will have nothing, absolutely nothing to draw me to it anymore.

you will be missed




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Changes after the Senator’s Shooting

January 25, 2011 Leave a comment

What Changes Will We Make After the Giffords Shooting?

By Alec Baldwin

My response;

The changes are obvious. There has to be a federal mandate to report unstable individuals, and it has to be required of each citizen, and all businesses. Basically, everyone.

If you have a crazy neighbor, you can call the police and tell them any number of things, but unless you allege they did something that broke the law, crazy behavior is not anything they can take action on. we’ve all seen the depictions on TV and in the movies. The citizen then says “so I have to wait till they try to kill me for you to do something?”

Well, it’s time for a change. What should happen, at least, is the person receives a visit from the police department, and a court appearance to address the complaint of disturbing behavior. Immediately, the person is put on a “no-buy” list. Flagged as a risk for the purchase of a gun.

Upon appearing in court, the judge will deem the restriction’s permanence in a number of ways. First, and required, is a psychological evaluation- something many people need anyway. On the doctor’s recommendation there will either be follow up visits, a probation of sorts, a dismissal of the case, or the individual can decline the sentence, at which point they are informed that they are prohibited from buying a fire arm indefinitely, and may have trouble boarding major airline flights, and heck, why not throw in getting or keeping a driver’s license too- why should drunk drivers have more rights?

The individual can return to court at any time to resubmit their application and immediately submit to the sentence passed on that day.

Will this keep them from killing anyone if they set their mind to it- no. But will they be able to buy a gun legally and kill more people with it- no. they may still get their hands on a gun, but at least society and the law made it difficult, and did what it responsibly could to try and get to this guy before he got the chance to hurt anyone.

With a law like this it would have been possible to get this guy treatment before he killed anyone. It would have been the responsibility and legal obligation of the school to report the behavior they have admitted to witnessing. The results of which are described in my proposal above- and would have put the odds in the favor of that little nine year old girl- living to see another day, and a Senator never getting shot in the face.

This country suffers from a general consensus of disassociation. The school, from what I know, is not legally liable- but they should be. Friends of the shooter- should be as well. And if you question as to why, just remember how little any of them are expressing remorse over not having done something to bring attention to this guy who was obviously unstable. In the absence of humanitarian responsibility or conscience- there must be law. Otherwise, you will never have civilized society.




What’s to write about

January 20, 2011 Leave a comment

So… China…

Met with Prez, accomplished; Zero.

Congresswoman Shot; Recovering exceptionally. Gun Control or Ammunition Control Legislation- nope. Wasted time and news grabbing media whoring- sure.

Health Care. Something other countries do better than we do here in America- still.

We’re still at war. J.H.C. I’m looking forward to a show on MTV I hear goes to the area in Afghanistan where the opium drug lords live, and I want to see how the war is affecting them. This should be interesting. Vice Guide to something or other. Strange that when I searched for it on my Tivo the time slot was listed as another show entirely?

Question; Why has the City of New York installed a middle man between the MTA and it’s employees when it comes to transferring funds from our income to the MTA’s coffers? This transaction, formerly known as Transitchek, took money from our payroll and from what we understood- gave it to the MTA. In return we got a small discount on our fares, very small, and a Metrocard that was good for an entire year. Now that money is being deposited into a WageWorks account apparently, and the employees of New York City have to use a pre-paid debit card to go to the vending machine or tellers and purchase our Metrocards ourselves. Something stinks here. Not only does it seem we no longer get our little itty bitty discount- but we also have to go out of our way to buy the damn cards every month. On top of the personal discomfort- it seems also someone is getting paid off for our trouble in the form of playing money-holder-middle-man between New York and the MTA. I won’t even get into how the transit system sucks in every way- timeliness, cleanliness, safety, etc. and is thus way overpriced- or how eminent domain should dictate New York take it over- especially after their general apathy during the recent blizzard crisis where they sat back and put the onus on the city to clear the way for them to come in and make money. I mean thing about it- without me getting too much into it… You and I the taxpayers, pay money to have our streets cleaned and paved and taken care of during inclement weather- right? And there is a company who charges you to then transport you on those same roads you paid to have cleared… Doesn’t that sound weird to you? It does to me. Why am I paying a fare for a service that when it rains or snows does nothing to clear it’s own money making pathways? Why do I pay a fare- when I pay state, federal income and sales taxes already? But I’m not getting into it. Point of this blurb is that now there’s a mysterious middle man put in place, and if I really cared, I’d do more than this, but I don’t, since I believe it’s all going down the drain anyway.



Get well soon Mr. Jobs.

January 18, 2011 Leave a comment

I think it’s one of the most disgraceful realities of American and world finance that the public trust is so fragile that even the hint of losing one man at the top threatens to injure the stability of an entire company’s stock.

I think Apple is a hell of a company. A shame it’s a company devoted to what seems to be entertainment value, would be my personal opinion, since it’s technological advancements border on the sci-fi futuristic, but none of it’s products seem to exist for any other reason that no make fluttery pawed kitty cats out of human beings – and of course to separate the fool from his money. That aside, a brilliant company that I’m sure other companies want to emulate. By no means is it a company that I would think is dependent on the presence of one man. And if it is, then frankly, it can’t do anything but improve after that one man is gone. (the iPad was stupid if you ask me)

That the public “demands” disclosure of the big boss at Apple’s private situation, and not because they care about the man’s health, to me seems so sad.

Sad, because I picture the general public, investors and the like, all amassed in a riotous crowd outside a building like, lets say, the Vatican? The White House? Apple Headquarters? shouting and wailing to know information about their leader so that they can feel secure about the coming day.

It’s ludicrous that people put the entire stability of a company, on the capability of one man to manage it. But this is what the general public do isn’t it? I mean, it’s crazy I think, that in this way, nothing has changed from the days of monarchy. People think the world will fall apart if the man at the top can’t continue to lead.

As if he were a man sitting at a desk pulling one million strings and controlling all aspects of a company, or a country, or in some cases- the world.

Whatever Mr. Jobs is going through I think he deserves his privacy and it should be respected by all. Even those who hold major shares in Apple, who if because of general stupidity lose money in his absence, should respect his privacy and not “demand” anything as I’ve seen it stated in the press.

It’s a shame. The economy relies on this unstable aspect of human intelligence or lack there-of.

And knowing this was a possibility it’s no more intelligent or responsible for those at Apple not to have a contingency plan better than to simply tell people that the support staff is capable.

A campaign of information should have been made available long ago regarding those who stand in succession as capable and maybe even better leaders than Jobs himself- if you care about ensuring stability in the stock price that is, against those who would rather see it falter.

But Jobs, the leader that if absent, overseas stock prices immediately drop 10%, wasn’t under the spotlight presenting new products with anyone else but number one- and that, as we can see now, is a huge business mistake.

Yet confidence in the company drops when a boss who makes such a vain mistake is suddenly gone? I really don’t see why it wouldn’t just stay even.

That the reaction would sway stock prices at all because Jobs is out sick, seems rather cultish in fact.

Anyway- these are just the thoughts I’ve been having on the subject. Ironic too, because I remember Apple having a motto once that begged it’s consumer market to do exactly the opposite of what it seems to be OK with now…

Internet Dating; A guide.

January 13, 2011 Leave a comment

I know- left field right? This is an old draft I never finished, and needing a break from what I was working on- but too neurotic to do nothing at all and end up feeling like a loser who wastes time- I take a working break from work and finish up an old blog entry. In any case- not dating so much any more, at least not traditionally- eesh, never traditionally anymore (and succeeding with women more than ever as a result)- I figure why not drop this gem on ya.  when I still subscribed to the social norms of dating though, Internet Dating came in so handy in filtering out the psychos that I shudder to think what my life would be like if I hadn’t made use of it as much as I did. In fact- the most unsuccessful relationships (disasters) I’ve had- were of the real-time kind. And the clean breaks, even friendships in closing, were all of online origins. Suffice to say I have more faith in using the internet to find someone of substance to create a relationship with than I do in real-time.

The reasons I have more faith in this format than real time is a subject there may be hints to in this post- but is better suited for a follow up- for now, enjoy whatcha got.

Online Dating; A Guide

1. Check Yourself.

What are you doing? Do you know what you’re doing? Are you just following your nose around or do you have a specific course of action you intend to follow? You would be surprised how many men and women still think the internet is some kind of quaint joke and treat it as such- not realizing that it’s a real life portal into their lives and its best you mind that portal before you end up like Alice in Wonderland- falling through the rabbit hole and no way to get home.

So make up your mind as to what it is you want from this thing, and you’ll soon find your next steps much more calculated, and the responses you get will make much more sense to you- meaning you will know who is who- and what to do about each one.

There is nothing better than representing your own voice of reason- and seeing how so much else makes sense because you know who you are first.

So… If you’re dating to get out of the house- say so. If you’re dating to get married- say so. If you’re figuring things out- say so. Don’t play games.

Do you know if you are playing games? Many people think they are being real when in reality- they are full of sh*t. Sometimes by no fault of your own you won’t know that you’re full of it until later on when you outgrow it- it happens to us all. But you can try and be honest with yourself so as to save yourself the time ad trouble that comes from attracting the people who you THOUGHT you would be into- and they- expecting a person who was supposed to be for them- where everyone ends up upset.

2. Pictures.

Never post none, or one. Minimum, if specific about each, you need Three. One, face, smiling, close but not too close, shoulders in the shot? Ok, acceptable. Two, Full head to toe shot, this can be in casual dress or to the 9’s, but has to alternate from the third. Which Third, is also head to toe, but in the opposite dress style of the second photo. So you have Three, a face/head/ shoulder shot, a head to toe casual and a head to toe dressy shot.

What not to post…

Always remember you are advertising yourself- so if you choose to post pictures of you leaning on a Ferrari and you’re not looking for a sugar daddy or a fellow millionaire, lets hope its from the car show and it’s clear thats where it was taken.

This is not an opportunity to see pretty pictures of yourself online. It’s about getting the results you want, and you have to advertise appropriately.

Your pictures represent your current or your intended class and income bracket. And if you think it doesn’t show, you’re wrong- it does. A socialite posts pictures taken of her at events, and a wanna-be socialite posts pictures of her wishing she was a socialite, and it shows. If you’re looking for a fellow socialite, please post away. If you’re looking for someone to get you in the door, again, go right ahead. But if you’re not- and you’re a down to earth guy or gal, spare yourself the results you’ll get from a misguided effort.

If you’re in a bar toasting drinks and laughing uncontrollably in all your photos- you can bet that looks good to an alcoholic frat boy or graduate who wants in on the fun. Can you say date rape me? if not- well your pictures sure did.

If all your photos are of you with friends at sporting events, it says that’s what you’re into- you will get men or women who think that they have found someone who they can go tailgating with and who will always have a game to go to- with or without you. Forget about anything but football at home on Sundays.

Same goes for bikinis/ bathing suits. Yes, it can be your head to toe casual shot, and in fact it’s recommended if you want to advertise that you are in bikini/bathing suit shape, but unless you want to be objectified, I suggest only posting one and specifying in your narrative that you require anyone interested be in similar shape. If you do not follow those guidelines and you post two or more scantily clad pictures, and you do not specify that it’s there because you want to show someone that they should be in similar shape and it’s important to you- then you WILL have perverts (more than usual) responding to the advertisement that you are looking for cheap sex.

Don’t shoot the messenger- I’m just giving it to you straight.

Scenery- why? Unless you really do mean the generic overused statement “I like/ love to travel” and even then- why? Unless you are in the shot under the guidelines stated- It communicates that you are stupid. You have no recognition of the forum’s purpose and you have no regard for wasting people’s time. If you are this way in real life- then yes, certainly post a picture of the Eifel Tower, the leaning tower of Pisa and the Grand Canyon, all without anyone in the picture. You will get someone who wants to hear about your trips, not someone who really cares who you are- again, unless you are your trips, and not a real person.

3. Do not pay for it.

It’s a scam. and the more successful the site says they are- they just mean how successful they are at hooking people into becoming serial daters. There are no good intentions in business, other than the intention to make money off of a customer- repeatedly if possible. You KNOW this, so why all of a sudden do you think that a website of all places, has come to the forefront in your search for adoration and love of the human kind? the website and it’s founders do not care about you or your happiness. They care about their happiness. They care about their own comfort- and how much of your money they can get to make that happen. The emlpoyees- they care about paying their bills. And if it means making you the crackhead of dating- then hey- smoke up baby! Don’t pay for it. make your name on the site, your e mail name or make a name up and then go get a free e mail account at an open ISP like Gmail or Yahoo and make it out to the same name. This way when you write your narrative, you can bury a hint in there like “Gee” if you wanted to get in touch with me it’s not that hard” or “It’s not that hard to get in touch with a Yahoo like me” – but likely you’ll have to be more clever than that and space the name up like “y ah oo” to get past the filters they have in place to reject your narrative and have you rewrite it.

Consider this as well;

If you are serious about finding a person for yourself this is very important for you to consider…

Let’s use one of the most popular websites for example- one that literally absorbed some of it’s competition to become the site it is today, I’m talking about, who absorbed Love@aol, AOL’s personal’s service and another I can’t remember, I think it may have been MSN’s equivalent.

If you join as a paying member, and you are serious about finding One person- then you are in the worst of situations. why? Because if you actually do find someone you are more than visually interested in, meaning you have some interests in common and you appreciate and understand their method of communication, then you might feel the inclination to break the ice- either by the (also free) option of Winking, or by (paying members only) sending an e mail.

In either case- once you crossed that boundary and are either waiting for a Wink back so you can feel your advance is welcome, or you’re waiting for an email reply- you are confronted with at least three other candidates that their system has deemed close enough to who you were interested in- as soon as you click Send.

of course you might think to yourself, Sure, I’ll just ignore them. And you might. The first time. If your interesting potential mate answers your wink or e mail and you go out and have a great time, soon after engaged and married- then never mind- you are the exception. But if your potential mate for whatever reason- does not respond, or rejects you- you can count on you not ignoring those three potential runners up the next time around- and why will you do this?


As a consumer- when is it you pay for something and don’t make it a point to get your money’s worth? Almost never. So, like I said- maybe, just maybe you can resist and focus on that one person’s response the first time- but not the second, or from that point on. Most people take what’s put in front of them. and when or any other site offers you three potential extra matches, and three more, and three more, and three more for as long as you reach out  to any single one- you will slowly fall into their trap of becoming a serial dater.

You will adapt to the mentality- rather unwittingly- that there is always something better around the corner. Always another option, or three, just a click away.

So you can even be on a date and as you are getting to know someone, and instead of listening open mindedly and acceptingly, imparting that kindness to another that you would like imparted to you for your flaws and humble indiscretions- you are listening only for the items that will exclude this person from the perfect image you have in your mind of the person you think would deserve your full affection. You’re going off a checklist in your mind cutting this person down at the first thing they reveal that even comes close to resembling something potentially wrong. Why? Because you’ve been clicking on the next three options way too long. You’re brainwashed into thinking that if a person has one flaw- there is no reason to extend them just a little understanding (what a relationship might be about), because there are plenty other fish in the sea.

When in reality- there aren’t.

The older you get- the more people pair up, have children, either stay together or divorce, but all-in-all, have lives they aren’t that ready to repeat with those who dished out the neverending line of rejection.

The people who have relationships are those who extend each other understanding, make exceptions, teach and learn- ultimately growing together. When those tenets are broken, so are the relationships.

Examine any relationship you like- you will find that last statement to be true.

Now, who have you become, if you won’t even get out of the starting gate because a website has taught you to nix a person you found attractive at the first sign of trouble?


If you are a non-paying member, and cleverly hide a hint to how one can get in touch with you outside their system, then you are guaranteed two things that no price of membership can guarantee you…

1. The person making contact with you ACTUALLY READ what you had to say. How else did they get to the point where you dropped your hint unless they took the time to read?

2. They are willing to do more to earn your attention than the minimum or to merely PAY for it via a cheap membership to a website.

If you think you have some sort of security in your search results because those reaching you have paid for a membership- think again. If you’re a paying member or ever have been, then you know from experience- there was no mental evaluation or security screening when you joined was there? As long as you have internet access (an internet cafe in Kenya will do) and an e mail address (plenty of free email accounts are available out there), then you can become a paying member of a website as long as you have a bank account or a credit card. Last I heard, child molesters and ex cons can have both, and if they have bad credit a pre-paid credit card is easy enough to get too.

You actually are more secure waiting for the responses from those who took the time to read through your ad- something that a spammer or scammer will never bother to do.

I’ll tell you this- in the time I had my ad up, I never got spam because of it. Spammers, Search engines and Worms that travel through the internet seek out obvious indicators to e mail addresses. This is why if you sell your couch on craigslist and bypass their anonymous e mail by putting your own out there- you get a ton of spam. The @ symbol alone triggers them. Since what you have is a hint buried in text- they don’t look for you or can find you.

The only people reaching you will be those people genuinely interested in you.

Other benefits to this method include not having t0o wade through a ton of emails from people who are just fishing for attention. For “nice” guys it may be women who want to use you for a night out on your dime. For serious minded women, it will be a ton of losers who just want to get laid.

You can put your ad up- and go about your life. The way it should be. if you’re putting so much emphasis on finding a significant other- it’s likely that you aren’t very significant to yourself first. You know what they say- Love shows up when you least expect it- and if you look for it, you’ll never find it. So post your ad- like a flag on a hill, and work on your career, your body, your friendships, your life. Every once in a while you’ll get an e mail from some one who by getting in touch with you has already shown that at least they stand out from the crowd enough to go the extra mile. And that’s something you don’t get from sitting at a bar either waiting for a guy to buy you a drink, or waiting for a girl to say sure- I’ll have a…

Again, if you’re looking to use the internet as an extension of the singles bar- go ahead. There are plenty half wits out there doing the same and its just as easy to fail on the internet- and complain about it not doing the work for you of course- for you to find plenty of dates and the occasional rape. But if you recognize the fact that the internet is an amazing screening tool you can use to cut down on the amount of wasted time, effort and money wasted in the pursuit of love with the wrong people- and you use it as such- uncompromisingly- then you will see that when you do meet someone that passes your individualized set of filters, that the experience you have is much better than the thoughtless one you were putting yourself through before, whether it results in a friendship or love.

Over and Out.


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I’m consumed by Graffitti Park, but very quickly, my heart goes out to those suffering due to the shooting of the Congresswoman in Arizona.

The right to bear arms should definitely go hand in hand with the public’s right to be safe- and stricter guidelines on who can exercise their right to bear arms need to be enacted.

Criminal Records as well as mental health evaluations should be required to own a weapon. I have no problem sitting with a therapist for an hour to get approved- and if you do- then you shouldn’t have a gun.

Also, restrictions on the manufacture and distribution of ballistics. Without bullets a psycho can’t do much but throw the gun like a rock. They can limit the amount of bullets one person can buy, make them account for their use (i.e. range shooting or hunting), require leftovers be turned in for refund and require a license for those who make their own.

The thinking of course is that even if a sick person gets their hands on a gun, they will have great trouble in arming it.

Other ideas include requiring any gun for home protection to hold a total of 5 or 6 bullets. No 16 clip magazine sitting in a law abiding citizens home should be expected to gun down 16 officers of the law should they ever need to disarm the occupant. The citizen also should not expect to have to protect their home against 16 thieves or assailants. If the gun is stolen, this limits how many rounds are on the street. If the gun is misused, this limits how many can be harmed with it. The number 5 or 6 only comes from the numbers many revolvers and some shotguns can hold (up to 10). I certainly am ok with less. Shotguns, more commonly bought for home protection for the sound they make when cocking providing an audible deterrent, can not easily be concealed, and therefore may remain exempt. The real danger as we can see, is the handgun and automatic assault rifle.

Then of course we have alternative ballistics- such as plastic, rubber, and incendiary or blank rounds.

I for one would be just fine loading my home protection handgun with a staggered clip, such as one blank, one incendiary (flash), and one real bullet.

Thinking here is that if in protecting my home, if I have to fire three rounds, it should be expected that the third round be a stopper, after the two first rounds are let off to deter.

Again, less rounds on the street, less people get hurt.


Praise for the hero’s of the day and prayer for the survivors.

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