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My thoughts on the Wikileak…

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In a word… Guantanamo.

How does a private citizen come by documents vital to national security and have the balls to do anything more than to privately read them and say “what if?”

Then the New York Times has the balls to approach the White House and “offer” then the opportunity to redact??? As Gawker suggests, yes, they should be held liable too. They should be fined heavily, and demand the resignation of the managing head who thought the publication of illegally obtained documents were something they could publish openly.

I’ll tell you what should have been redacted, Mr. Julian Assange, once the documents were seized by the NSA from all entities within their reach. The moment he threatened national security as well as the stability of political relationships throughout the world Assange should have been bagged and held for questioning under the patriot act! Once he revealed his source and handed over all copies of those documents he could have been released with a smack on the ass, banned from entry to the United States ever again and the press release would have read “ESPIONAGE AND TERRORIST THREAT UNDER GUISE OF JOURNALISM AND FREEDOM OF INFORMATION ACT THWARTED BY (AGENCY NAME)”

Now, if Assange did not think his actions were of any illegal sort, akin to terrorism or espionage- then why did he flee to Switzerland the first time around?

It’s infuriating to see the ball dropped by this White House Administration yet another time. Why, if you have the power, do you not use it, when justified?! Even if you end up being wrong- what’s so bad about saying “the white house apologizes to Mr. Assange and thanks him for his understanding of the fact that our actions were in the name of protecting the people of the United States of America”?

But we wouldn’t have been wrong.

If this was an American, publishing secret documents obtained illegally, as Assange obtained these, that other country would have no problem making said American disappear. Now this is America and well, maybe in this situation we can’t do this (not that that kind of thing hasn’t happened) for whatever reason- but there are still strong measures that can be taken. Freedom of the press is bla bla bla and etc etc- sure. But just like freedom of speech- that freedom stops at yelling fire in a crowded theatre.

The reason those freedoms stop there is because of the safety of the majority. This Assange-hole has if nothing else, embarrassed our country (which if anyone had balls enough to deal with this appropriately it could have been avoided), and at most, damaged the relationships that diplomats have with our country, instilled a lack of trust in our country and boosted the moral of this country’s enemies.

Who knows the what the repercussions may end up being now that this supposed journalist or whatever he calls himself has blatantly and selfishly disregarded the national security and safety of a nation’s people, all for his own zeal. If the supposed terrorist threat is real, are they now more confident in defying our country? Are our embassies worldwide now hard targets for infiltration now that this jack-ass has shown how it can be done? Are the families of military personnel worldwide now in danger because entities who would like the same type of information realize, they can get some lowly private first class to steal documents, if not with a bribe, then with a gun to his wife and child’s head?

And it occurs to me… if he does consider himself a journalist- why not lock up the documents and actually WRITE a story about their contents. What ever happened to protecting your source? In which case this blog entry may be in defense of the honorable reporter of truths, instead of the entry it is, written with a snarling disgust at the level of irresponsibility of some human beings.

So, when you imagine a shit world situation and ask yourself- how in the world could it ever get worse- you can now give that thought a name. Julian Assange. The guy who  figured out how the f*cked world security and diplomatic situation could be worse.

The C*nt



Quick thoughts on: Security Pat Downs, Black Fridays, Death…

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Quickly; (I know I can sure write way too much but seriously, )

Security Pat Downs:

WTF? Seriously? So much money and time and media B.S. wasted on this subject- hey! Anyone remember Drug Mules? If I were a terrorista, and I wanted to smuggle something explosivo on an identified flying object- factor in I’m on the ride of my life of course- why am I bothering with anything less than complete concealment- yeahhhh that’s right people, I’m going there. In the ASS!

Cavity Search!

Now, if I haven’t been identified while standing on the line already (which I would expect from an intelligence budget in excess of $80.1 Billion… yeah, that’s frakkin right I said BILLION), and thus, already singled out for the cavity search that will end up dropping the package- then what makes you think you’re going tot stop me from popping the plane mid flight anyway. Ain’t no pat-down gonna do a damn thing.

And if you really – I mean really-really think that’s actually any kind of line of defense… then justify the 80.1 billion that DOESN’T isolate true credible threats before they even get to the airport- or on the line to get on the plane!

Black Fridays:

Hmm, you ever wonder how the general public would go about it’s business if the news media didn’t reveal itself to be a tool of the capitalist machine, securing by advertising and influence, higher margins of sale for major corporations? It occurs to me, maybe people might buy less, sure, and this would effect the overall economy, sure, but there would also be less waste, and maybe, just maybe, people would teach their kids, and each other- that you don’t actually have to have everything you see advertised on television, you don’t actually have to equate your personal validation or level of acceptance, much less the love of significant others by measuring it against how much material, or the monetary value of material items obtained for you on these commercial holidays.

Read that twice, because I said a lot.

My heart goes out the most to the shmoes who fall for the jewelry ads, and the women who sigh in recognition of how right those ads are… because the guys are suckers, and the women are saying it’s OK to buy their love.

The couple holds the child, he asks “I wonder if he’ll remember his first Christmas?…” (an absurd thing to wonder when the child looks like the umbilical has yet to dry up and fall off) and she says “I know I will” as she puts the ringed hand in view, annnd scene.

And we can rest assured, this ad represents our culture.

If I had the money I would recreate this ad for the holiday season. In my version the woman would say “I know I will, because when he grows up and we struggle to provide for his higher education, we can think back to how you spent our hard earned money on this useless shiny stone and metal bauble in some feeble minded follower mentality effort to buy my love and appreciation. It’s bad enough we have to succumb to the keep-up-with-the-Jones’es social pressure and waste money on lights and trees, but what were you thinking? What if there’s a flood, have we paid the insurance? What if there’s another financial collapse- are we doing so well we can be frivolous with our money? Are you so insecure as a man you think you have to buy your alpha-ness? what if he gets sick, god forbid, how is this ring going to pay for his healthcare? Even if we achieve financial comfort in the years to come, do you really think it responsible use of a financial note when in this very country, probably in our own neighborhood, people are likely hungry? What kind of father are you going to be? Will you teach this kind of lack of social consciousness to our son? Return this ring as soon as you can and put the money into a secure investment for our son’s future!”

In my search for a random picture to post with this little blog entry (you know you’ll never get on Freshly Pressed without one) I found this hilarious video that expresses a similar sentiment- and from a woman no less- muy admirable. You might have to watch that phallic-ally gratuitous commercial from Blackberry but don’t worry, the feeling that you want (Moby) Dick on your face fades quickly. Sarah Haskins in Target Women: Jewelry

Otherwise, since it’s not a Google or YouTube video I can’t actually add or embed any more than a link thanks to corporate partnerships and such, as Jon Stewart would say- here’s your moment of Zen…

yes, that's a "bachelorette shot glass ring"


and Death:

Today we heard of Leslie Nielsen and some guy who wrote the score for Star Wars- was it? Dying… I can understand the posts saying R.I.P., but others come off sounding foolish with comments like “you will be missed” as if you corresponded with Mr. Neilsen or the other guy, and yes, you will miss them because they were ever present in your life. Or even the “what a loss” comment- now, really? What a loss? Mr. Neilsen was 85? He wasn’t going to make any more movies i don’t think, and the other guy, who knows, I only thought of him today, because he died, and sure, great score, historic work, but as far as a loss, I’m sorry sir, with exception to your family, your loss is like the loss of that elusive other sock after the laundry to me- and even then perhaps the sock is more of a loss I think. You, I did not know. No loss.

Of course I turn it on myself a bit before I let others and before I open my mouth- and when Greg Giraldo died not long ago I was effected. But this was because of the proximity in a way, I had seen him perform live and was proud a Hispanic was succeeding in comedy, and that he wasn’t the equivalent of a black-face sell out to do it. When I said his death was a loss, I meant it, it is a loss. And when I said he would be missed, it wasn’t just in reference to some outdated movies that I could reminisce  over, it was in reference to his current persona and sans-death, future work that will never come.

I just think it’s ridiculous how some people are so random in their expressions, and it shows how lonely they are as people sometimes, where they choose to say certain things.

Is it a shame they died? Sure. But as far as I know, both were of natural causes too- so they came to their ends respectively, and that’s that. We all die. No one overdosed tragically, or blew their caps off with a shotgun or were murdered. They passed away. May they rest in peace and their families find the same.



To give thanks…

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Let’s see, what can I give thanks for?

Of course, the short list of obvious stuff, thanks for the health of family and friends. I mean, who wants that kind of pain- right? (note the selfishness in that sentiment)

Thanks for the luck I’m riding of late. I recognize, sure.

What else- sure, my own health so far. It could be worse.

Now the real good stuff…

Thanks to this filthy city for creating a disgusting atmosphere from which to manifest the point of view that if it’s all on it’s way out, then can it please just hurry up and go under so the playing field can be leveled out and survival can take on it’s true meaning, not the class warfare soft touch hypocrisy it is now. Thanks to New York, for making me long for the day I can leave New York.

Thanks to the animals on the 4,5 and 6 train, both rich and poor who add to that opinion above with their vegetarian zombie like stares into the nothingness as they cram into those modern day cattle cars. You make me wonder, daily, how you would come to life in a moment of crisis, and how unprepared you probably are to do what has to be done to stay alive.

Thanks to the “free” publications… You obstruct my path with your buckets of newspapers and your minimum wage welfare working or handicap personnel, disturb my mornings by instructing them to yell as loud as they can and create a trip hazard at the top of the stairway entrances to the subway- thank you. You make me wish iPads, those bourgeois overpriced toys, were cheaper so that all print media would hurry up and die too. And as much as I wouldn’t want there to be more unemployed in the world, these people you use, could just go away so I can have back my morning, without the interruption.

Thanks to the lottery for teaching me with every dollar that my path is not his or hers, I’m only marginally lucky (thanked for that above), but not THAT lucky, and I’ll have to keep scraping by to get to where I want to be in life, much less have the influx of income to take on the position necessary to exact chaotic anarchy upon this broken excuse for society. You all should give thanks for that one.

Tanks to the MTA for being just another corporation sucking the blood of it’s cornered market and providing the shoddiest service possible in order to keep raping the people of New York of their hard earned money, and funneling it up and out into the bank accounts of the overpaid millionaire’s who do nothing on the board of directors.

Can’t thank the MTA without thanking the United States Government for the same kind of exemplary behavior, every single politician playing stupid AS-IF the system will ever work, broken and corrupt as it is, you have to thank them, and humanity for it’s blatant hypocritical self destructive greed that makes you wonder- do people think that if they accumulate enough wealth, that they will somehow save themselves when the majority of people, the poor, that they helped make that way- get fed up and want for blood?

Thanks to capitalism, for perverting science, and holding back the human race, among other crimes against humanity.

Thanks religion, for the exact same things.

Thanks for the pimple on my nose! At my age- a pimple?!?! On the tip of my nose?!?!

And aside from the bitter angst-

I do give thanks for art, urban art, and though I reject vandalism, I respect social protest and a well thought out work of graffiti that when observed, really doesn’t hurt anyone.

I thank that last segment on the News with Katie Couric, 9 out of 10 times it really is touching and gives you a glimpse of what the world would be like if most people weren’t so F’d up.

I could go on, but then what would I have to write about the rest of the year?

Happy Thanksgiving all, may you successfully block out the world and pretend it’s all going to be alright long enough to enjoy dinner together.

Oh, Thanks for my being single, and that I do not have kids. I mean it. Thanks!

P.S. If you google “funny turkey” you get some interesting image hits…

More war anyone?

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Sitting around the thanksgiving table this year, that may be a question we hear. The Korea’s opened up on each other yesterday apparently, I’m hearing on the news today. Will we stay out of it? Likely not- we have “posts” there, about 38 at a glance. Some listed are closed when clicked on and the information quickly skimmed. They are occupied anywhere from 1500 to 6000 personnel both civilian and military- again, at a glance.

If the very secretive, very scary, very cultish (if not all propoganda) North Korea decides to nuke the South… many Americans will die. And of course, many good human beings otherwise.

It’s shocking to me that conflicts like this are still going on in modern civilization. But again, I have to remind myself of the other jargon I like to spit- that all of us, human beings, are just animals with clothes on. Civilization, is a quaint past-time, but by no means is it a standard we can absolutely adhere to.

Let’s all kill a large bird, bleed it out, gut it, stuff it, cook it, dress up real cute, sit around a table with forks and knives, and smile as we clink our glasses together and give thanks, all civilized, pretending the whole time we arent the beasts of ignorance we really are.

Oh wait, our pretense si so much more secure and equally hypocritical because in our “civilization” we have managed to seperate the necessary killing from the dinner table quite well. There will be no blood on the table, or even in the kitchen, because it’s all left miles away at the slaughterhouse.


I’m watching a documentary called Wartorn last night, feeling indebted to our veterans as I learn about the history of PTSD and the long examined, but unmentionable effects of war on the human mind. A barrier of understanding that I surprisingly cannot cross. I can’t empathize. I’m usually very good at putting myself in someone else’s shoes. Understanding, even if outside my personal experience, the feelings another must feel in their own. But here, I can’t?

I wonder if it’s because I really am the sociopath I suspect myself to be, or is it simply because I just don’t know the experience of killing another human being, or witnessing the disembodiment of another human being, in a moment converted from a living breathing being having a conversation with me, into a bag of bloody meat lying at my side?

I don’t know, and legally, I have no way of finding out I suppose, but no matter. More importantly I thought to myself, as they come to the same conclusion in the film, that maybe the problem isn’t so much the killing (my insensitivity speaking), but the reintegration to this society so dull and far removed from the visceral needs of survival.

Like caging the beast in a zoo… it is no longer a wild animal, and you can see, after a while, something you admired, dies in its eyes.

I think of hypnosis, and why they aren’t implementing hypnotic tools for separating the “civilized” mind from the animal mind needed in combat? A hypnotic suggestion could protect the soldier from the ravages of PTSD simply by creating a partition in the mind the soldier can go in and out of like a room when needed.

We do this on our own every day anyway. When we go to work each day, most of us at least, we don a set of rules and behaviors we would not bother with if in familiar and informal company. We behave certain ways with family that we do not with friends. The soldier’s main problem is coming home and hanging out with the family, kids, having witnessed and in many cases done things that they recognize as actions that their family, and society would admonish them for if they would have seen them do it.

The soldier’s conscious is one of the main problems.

Hypnotic suggestion can create a wall between what they do there, and life here. Because god knows with what they do to represent this capitalist twisted greedy privatized racist classist hypocrite government of or for anything but the people- they don’t deserve a living nightmare afterwards.

But anyway, the point really is, the question… North Korea, and of course by association, China, since we know they are backed by that superpower… Is it here we go again?

If so, and they don’t take steps to fight this war through smaller entities, such as the U.S. and U.S.S.R. did with Afghanistan during the cold war, then guess what folks… we’re fucked. This one will be too big to shield us, here behind our fatty foods, movie loving, media whoring, bullshit talking, blogging, wasted life- walls of ignorance.

So we may all, or at least more of us, save for the extremely wealthy of course- know what PTSD really feels like soon enough. Sociopath or not.

Life in the circus continues.




Weekend Movie Reviews

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127 Hours

Well I’d rather cut my arm off rather than tell anyone where I’m going. If you see this movie, you’ll see, you’ll probably have to.

The spin is- Appreciate your life and your loved ones and bla bla bla. The undeniable moral of the story is (if you don’t get sucked into the media “think as we tell you to think” marketing campaign), if you’re a dick, you’ll find your way to punishing yourself for it. Psychologically (my favorite thing about humanity), this is true for everyone. They want you to come away from this with such admiration for the guy’s resolve and dedication to staying alive- but I say unto you, isn’t it obvious that he wouldn’t be in that situation had he not been a dick?

So, come away with it having the knowledge that if you want to be a dick, at least be careful about it because you may end up stuck in a crevice and have to cut your own arm off to survive. A cell phone, a GPS or Satellite phone, something many outdoorsmen carry in their packs, shit, a senior citizens health alert or just letting your Onstar know that you’ll be hiking in the outback and if you don’t report back in such and such time- bingo, no self amputations necessary.

“A Triumphant true Story”… of a dick, and his having to cut his own arm off to have to realize it.

Otherwise, as a movie it’s a good piece of work.

The Messenger

By contrast, these men are not dicks. They, the subjects, are heroes. Did this movie win awards? I don’t know. I think it did and it should have. I remember wanting to see it when it was in theatres, but like so many movies, for so many reasons, I didn’t. Well it came to cable this week and I made it a point to catch it. It’s powerful and it brings into the experience of our troops in both a unique and universal way.

As someone who missed many an opportunity to serve in the armed forces, some by choice others by negligence, and the first time, by strong physical influence of a friend who put me up against a wall, lifted me off the ground by my shirt and said he’d kill me if I followed in his footsteps, just after he came back from Paris Island-  I will always live with the regret and underlying feeling that I not only want to do something… as well as that primal urge to kill something we all have (don’t lie), and of course, an unwavering respect for those who take up the call to duty whether by choice or necessity. 

Thats me. I am a pig. And I acknowledge that I owe my right and privilege to be a pig in this country to those men and women who put their lives on the line, and lets be clear, the line they put their lives on is the first line, the line on the edge of what is, and makes possible, everything that we call life and society that can exist behind that line they stand on. Without them standing there, going where they are unjustifiably sent, surviving it the best way they can and dieing… we cannot have what we have, because we would be overrun and slaughtered like the fat, lazy, uneducated and unconscionable Americans we have settled into being. Again, that’s me and how I feel. You may be more or less by margins I can only imagine- and I feel I owe so much more, but at least, I owe those brave soldiers the respect of sitting down and taking in a work like this so to better understand their experience. In the end it’s just about all they want, and all they can have of us, the people behind the lines who enjoy the fruits of their sacrifice.

You, whoever you are, however good you have it or however hard, should at least, sit down and try to understand  too. At least.

It’s a deeply compelling movie and the acting is captivating. The actors themselves are among the very best in their craft and a complete pleasure to watch.


New Planet? Not excited.

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Last on that list from last week was something to the effect of “Family and the Holidays”??

Well, long story-short, I was going to boycott Thanksgiving since my family didn’t find the time to drop by (not to my man-cave, to my neighborhood like actual social beings) for even one cup of coffee since I let go my car and with it, the ease and opulence of driving to their house and sayin’ hey. But last week out of no where my mom calls and says they’re coming to my area to have breakfast, shall I join? Yeah, I joined. Even though as usual my presence was just a side dish, the idea originated otherwise, likely my little brother somehow, but whatever, that situation isn’t going to change. I’m sure they won’t attend my funeral either if I don’t send a car.

More importantly, now I can’t really boycott Thanksgiving with just cause. Grr.

I hear they found a new planet out there!

So what?

Last I checked we live ina capitalist society. Which means, most of our energy as a race, a Human race, is focused on how to fuck each other over and take each other’s money- right? Not space exploration, the advancement of this supposedly “human” race or the search for life other than our own narcissistic kind.

So you found a new planet. So what? I say again. Had we, as a unified group of individuals, allocated the appropriate amount of effort and resources to the search for habitable planets outside our solar system, or the search for extra terrestrial life, we would have found this planet long ago, and we’d be much closer to actually going to another planet by now!

So you found a planet. it’s about as significant to this generation as the booger I found up my nose last night.

Flick, and done.

Oh, and by the way, WordPress didn’t give a shit about a blogger using racist epithets. Not even a response.

So, Latinos, now you know that WordPress does not consider you a worth while people. Self professed drunken women from Washington D.C. apparently, can use racist epithets at you, disclose personal information about you on their blog, insult you otherwise, and WordPress will not respond to your needs for attention to the matter.


But like I said in my blog, if the people don’t speak up, then racism apparently can run rampant. Authoritative sources such as WordPress management, will not step up to set anything straight for just one voice.

Cafe Press at least responded and said they would address the situation, but a week later, the link to the “beaner” cafe press store is still active. Yes, I e mailed them on it.

Hey maybe on my way home tonight I can be a victim of a race killing and my body can be thrown in the train tracks, as long as no one speaks up about it, it can be overlooked like any other anti-Hispanic, anti-Latino sentiment.

I just like polar bears.

Following up…

November 15, 2010 Leave a comment

The list is as follows…

~ Racism, yes, still. Entitlement, and the phenomenon of disassociation.

~ Blogging, on my production sheet?

~ Relationships, the unfamiliarity of this word and the actual value of.

~ And relatives, the holidays, and the stress that comes with. Believe me, as with most things “me”, you haven’t heard this take on the subject yet.

Last entry, the first issue wore me out. I’ll try and keep the update brief. 

So I am still waiting to hear back from Facebook and Word Press on their reaction/ response to the open use of hate speech (what I’ve come to term it) on their sites. In research for some images to put up with this entry I found it interesting that there was a Cafe Press shop dedicated to the very word in question! Openly offering bumper stickers and other items not only with the word “beaner”, but mocking the ethnicities associated to that word with “I love…” and other phrases including a reference to the I.N.S.

Now, it occurs to me, as it obviously would by the lack of response and commentary to this matter from both the organizations in question and the public (a total of one person weighed in seriously), that the value of a racial epithet, or rather the value of it’s offensiveness is dependant only on the ethnicity’s willingness to stand up against it.

I made the point in my e mail to Cafe Press, that if I were to go open a shop with them emblazoning the N word, swastikas, and antisemitic rhetoric, ethnic mocking and other “more popularly accepted” forms of hate speech, I would hope they notice and stop me.

For this word though, it seems no one cares? Not the people at WordPress, not Facebook, and I have to be fair and give Cafe Press the chance to weigh in, but it may be they don’t care either.

It seems too many people consider this a point of humor to even realize it’s racist. Part of the reason I despise the comedian Carlos Mencia, a non-Mexican by the way, for playing a large part in popularizing the term and blatantly focusing it against fellow Hispanics of another nationality than his own. But if Mexican-Americans don’t stand up against it- I suppose I can likely accomplish only so much.

My observation is derived of course from seeing how the N word has been handled by the African American community. They took a stand and made the world recognize that it’s wrong. In my last entry I wrote a bit about Disassociation, and that word, that condition, is what the AA community relieved the general public of for the most part, by bringing attention to it in the way they did. Personally, I believe there is the correct use of all language, and however offensive, certain words unfortunately have their place and time. But I did learn that language is always like a gun in this respect. You can have one in the house and sure, keep it loaded if you wish, but be sure that when you take it out, think twice before you use it, because not only will you be hurting someone else, but you may very well hurt yourself in the process as well.

I mean, whats it going to take? A hate crime? Do some ignorant people somewhere need to hurt someone or god forbid kill them while using that anti-Mexian, anti-Hispanic term? Wouldn’t it be typical of American society that it needs the media to get involved before it really shows it can care about a cause?

It’s disgusting how ignorance in America targets Muslims now because of the actions of some fanatics nearly 11 years ago. You have some fanaticism in respect to southern border patrol issues and immigration, you have a quiet hypocrisy about how the northern border is handled (the joke is on the hypocrites though because enough Hispanics use that to their advantage and immigrate as they please through the northern border), but you don’t see these things associated to each other when it comes to issues of race. A teacher reads Shakespearean literature and is ostracized immediately for the lack of understanding to context, but people run around using a word that to me is as racist as the word “Spick”, and no one says anything about it. A Village Voice column humorously named “Ask a Mexican” where I’ve seen the word used comes to mind. Although I can’t say that other than it being a funny and informative column, that they used it in a racist manner- just that I do remember it in there, to be fair. But it all comes down to people standing up and saying something… which they’re not.

So these self admitted “drunk bitches” (thats right they call themselves that), who randomly picked a blog fight with me over a one line response to one of their entries (all documented well enough on their site- which by the way, hilariously makes them seem like lunatics, but they don’t see it) can go around calling Spanish people “beaners” and no one, not the website they have their blog on, or their misguided short list of fans… or anyone who reads (save one person) my words, bother to say one word in criticism of that inappropriate behavior. It’s unbelievable.

Alright- said I’d keep it brief, so thats it for that update… more to come. I plan on writing The Voice and The New York Times as well. The L. A. Times might be interested.

Next on that list is Blogging… on my Production Sheet?

I keep a production sheet of all the up in the air projects I have going on. I have an idea that becomes more than just that before it vaporizes into the id, I create a row and track progress. If I don’t, nothing will ever get done and I’ll remember about a great undeveloped idea a year later when I’m copying over a hard drive and I find the folder under an inch of digital dust.

Putting blogging on the production sheet will legitimize it… so should I? If I do, it means I take this shit seriously, and really, a lot of time I don’t. But I do spend time on writing, and it is constructive, developmental and fulfilling…

Also, if I add that line, it’s another line of empty cells I haven’t worked on in however long since I last did…

I’m pretty good at coming back to it though, even on weekends, so I guess it can’t hurt.


Thanks for listening.


Relationships, the unfamiliarity of this word and the actual value of…

It occurs to me this isn’t my personal blog, it’s the O.O., so I have to write this with a particular and distinct literary skew meant for public consumption and not the t’hell with it voice I use on for personal stuff ova’tharr. But if you need reference to comments and you can’t find my blog, which is good, you can refer to The New Good instead.

Recently I heard the word “relationship” and felt such an unfamiliarity with the concept it made me realize how far I’d come in the last year (ref. to personal blog you can’t find). It caused me to examine (of course) the whole concept of relationships from a new perspective. The usual perspective, one where I actually cared for them to work, I am now thankfully relieved of.

Now, I’m sure that somewhere out there, there are the relationships that work. Excluding those using crutches like religion or otherwise cult-like behavior that makes drinking the kool-aid seem like sexy and romantic together stuff. I’m not saying it’s impossible otherwise, but as far as I see it now, after half a life of experience and half of that if not more, searching for love enough to see a pattern in the type of women I personally attract- I am saying that for the majority of people a great relationship is as rare as that jackpot lottery win- maybe even more rare.

There are mechanisms in people that in most, are broken. There is a trait, I do not know what to call it, one of calm and patience, that lends itself to the success of a relationship. In fact, it lends itself to being able to get along with people in general. But even this, in my observance can be defective in some, because it can also lapse into passivity and over compliance. Save this well balanced trait having wise person finding someone equally wise and patient, the best the rest of us can hope to do in my opinion, is master, and become accepting of, our own personal situations.

Not everyone will find or accomplish what they want in life.

Some people will die alone.

That’s just the way it is, and it’s real, and it’s true. And it may be you.

Me? I’m OK. Finally. The strange thing is, that it’s on the complete other side of the spectrum than I thought it would be. I may die alone, and that’s OK. I’ve accepted that considering the kind of women that come my way, I’d rather.

I’m not trying to be funny, though it may make you laugh. It does me. But I’m serious. I’m not enamored with the thought of lovey dovey cuddling anymore, I’m not thinking about “what if I don’t have kids”. I’m happy, focusing my efforts toward accomplishing personal goals. In fact, I have taken such a step back that I can see the issues people (and by “people” I mean women, since I don’t really care about men as any kind of romantic interest, former or otherwise) have, clearer than ever. I no longer tell myself “nah, that can’t be right” and make the ridiculously repetitive error of allowing yet another one in to disappoint me, I simply see it for what it is, and I set the boundary.

Is it bitterness? A self check one does when an evaluation falls a bit on the negative side- results come up clean.

Any bitterness I feel is concentrated most on the individual, then diluted on the culture, but when it comes to the gender, my observations are for all across the board, and that focused bitterness for the specific person falls wayside as irrelevant.

I don’t see the necessity of romantic relationships anymore.

We all know (or should know) the science of it. Love is a biochemical delusion. Yes there are instinctual drives at play, to procreate, to mate etc. But practically the word “relationship” doesn’t apply to those animal drives. “Relationship”, to “get along” with your significant other… to build a life together… only the truly fortunate find significant others with the ability to do what needs to be done in order to be “a couple”, a “team” or partners or parents successfully. And even those “successful” relationships sometimes seem to have a temporary expiration date- which with my new eyes so to speak, I really do understand. It makes so much more sense than the concept of “forever” most women want you to sign on for.

I mean think about it- “FOREVER”… resisting the urge to use echo and reverb and run on the R sound…

Forever, as a concept for a temporary life. That’s kind of stupid actually. Even IF, in a world of a million-million different options, you found “the one”… Which if you are truly aware of your flaws and accept the limitations within yourself necessary to claim knowledge that this person you found IS truly the bes tthat you can do… I can understand- but under those circumstances, we all know how unlikelythat is don’t we?

If a person does, as they do at the alter all the time, soon after they end up thinking of course, that they can do better. Why? Well simply because to admit you can’t do any better is to put yourself down. And you may be struck, and taken by the loveliness of this person you found and languishing in the glow of seemingly having conquered that ass, basking in your champion glory… but it won’t last. It fades. You’re human and soon enough you’ll see another challenge you need to conquer and that’s when the trouble (only trouble because you bought into the system and its rules) begins.

Can you meet someone who will make you say you don’t want anyone else? Sure, I’ll say it’s very possible. But you better hope they feel the same way or everything I just said in reference to you- I mean for them.

Do we “need” a relationship? To live? To survive? No. You can get along just fine without a long term relationship. Would it be nice to have a partner, someone whose got your back to use street terms? Sure, of course. But do you need that? No. What you get from a significant other you can get anywhere else. Friendships, sex, partnership, loyalty, children- all attainable, and fullfillingly, from other sources than a “relationship”.

So on a personal level, I don’t have to deal with women’s bullshit. And this is what lately makes me the happiest. I used to go back on my own words and intentions, and allow myself to get dragged back in to the bullshit. In the name of open mindedness of course. Does this mean I’m closed minded now? Maybe a little more closed minded, but what I definitely can say I know is, is that I don’t have to put the shit to my nose to know it stinks so to speak. I don’t have to allow people to screw me up to know that’s not the way to go. Since I stopped, and simply said “no more”… I’ve been the happiest I can be and more so, as I said earlier, I’ve been able to distinguish B.S. from reality better than ever.

I’ve met women, and as predictable as sunrise, the hooks come out. They begin to try and suck you in with nonsense to be able to feed their own need of validation. I see this now and understand the saying “she’s a man eater”. Because when you can see things from this vantage point, you can see how women do what they do so that they can purely consume a subject and attain for themselves what they need- and show no regard or remorse for the consequences to the person they are effecting with their actions.

One woman I was seeing up to a month ago couldn’t go on a date without suggesting I move out to her side of town.

What IS that?

Can’t just have a good time?

But this is a micro-example. I get more out of hearing my peers stories, and observing those who don’t like to share, than I do from my own cautious experience. Both are invaluable of course, but the majority of observation comes from outside, not in.

I meet women now, and drive the problematic ones away with frustration. frustration because they can’t get me to play their game. They retreat, realizing they are up against someone who is going to get from them what he wants, with no promise of recompense, same as they would do to me if I let them.

And that, is only when I feel like even bothering.

I never understood men who paid for sex. But now… I see the wisdom. It’s just so much less complicated and liberating. And though I have yet to do so myself, I can see myself buying myself the best in those terms when I’ve accomplished what I need to for myself in life.

Or, who knows, I might win the lottery?


Relatives and Holidays tomorrow, I’m tired of writing.