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And so it’s the end of August, almost a year that I’ve been here, seems like just yesterday I was reassigned to the XXXXXX’s Office and began to get a different skew on the general public. Well, not so different- just a more candid confirmation to the nihilist view I already had.

In any case, it’s coming up on a year, I’m farther away from the end of that relationship that was catching fire when I started here, physically, and mentally I’ve put distance between myself and that past. But this is fodder for another blog i don’t make it easy to find… here it’s about outlook, not in-look. And that said, The World as I see it- still disappoints.

It hasn’t changed much. No advancements in science too notable. At least none that make me proud to part of this human race. I’m sure the iPad has some value in respect to stock prices and whatnot- but it’s not advancing the human race in any way I can see. I mean, sure, it’s a cool new toy. But I don’t see apple providing one to every school in the U.S. in order to improve the horrendous place America holds among education systems worldwide. And no I object to those who read that sentence and say that’s absurd. It can be done. Just like you can download a trial version of some very expensive software and it shuts itself down after thirty days- is the same way you can shelf like an iPad for the kids in the schools across the country with the worst graduation rate. Or cable them to the god damn desks. They ARE internet based right? So any content is accessible on a network, not necessarily personalized to the machine. Correct?

But no. Apple, a leader in technology isn’t about to do that even if it does ensure that every single kid who uses one in school for 4-8 years (Kindergarten to Highschool) is likely going to set aside a jar of coins to be able to have one to take home with them when they graduate. Or sooner, for having missed using the toy on the weekends. In the meantime until the jar is full of coins, the kid might actually want to stay in school longer or opt for a saturday study day since using it is so cool- but no. Apple doesn’t care about the advancement of man-kind. The betterment of our youth as a whole. It’s just fine proliferating the elitist class division that keeps the poor-poor, and the rich-rich, until the poor get sick of it and bash in the heads of the rich, as is what happens, historically.

I mean, am I the genius or the idiot to actually think of this? Either I’m the genius to be the only one who realizes this market or the idiot who thinks he’s the only one, and it’s been thought of already- but not acted on.

The iPad can be integrated into a school desk itself, god knows the entire desk-top can be a screen giving so much more space to play with, and now Apple can partner with the suppliers of those desks- thats got to be a billion dollar market, to supply that new product together and both boost their sales. No one gets put out of business, and everyone wins. EVRYONE.

But again… provided free or close to it to the poorest of schools with the lowest graduation rates, inspiring kids to stay in school, and cost adjusted as the tax bracket of the school’s student’s parent’s goes up. Because if you can fucking afford it, you dont need the break.

And this by the way, is just one idea that came to mind right now as I started to write this.

The world, hasn’t changed. Things like this don’t happen. And for me, a pawn, a peon making a shit wage (for my own reasons) to be able to think of things like this – and for those who can actually make a difference like this- it’s either a thought that escapes their mind- or it’s something beneath them.

And again, that’s just one example of what doesn’t happen in this world, in this country, year after year- not inspiring one to have hope, not making one feel proud, not instilling faith in that we as human beings aren’t just a virus or a fungus on this planet consuming it to death.

Little pockets of conservation. Little pockets of vegetarianism. Little pockets of activism. Little pockets of misplaced loyalty to animal rights. All of it- small. Little.

Making no difference really. When the majority of the world are followers. Sheep. Content to be entertained and all of whom live to play into the whole game of look at what I got. Look at where I went. Look at what I did. And what they did, where they went, what they got- had nothing to do- for the most part that is- with anything that would improve the world or help mankind.

The system elects managers, not leaders. Managers of the system in place. Nothing changes. Presidents are judged on how well they manage the shit that’s been fucked up by their predecessors, and no one is allowed to take it all apart and put it back together in a way that works. Democracy, perverted into a fuck-itself situation. Too many assholes with something to say, and no one with the base-line agenda to keep the best interest of MAN-KIND in mind.

And no leaders. Unless you look to Actors.

They go into the entertainment business, they give the sheep some cheap laughs or thrills, and then they take the money the sheep have so willingly and irresponsibly misappropriated to them, amassed millions, and they apply those funds to where they can make a difference.

The world improves at the hands of Brad Pit, George Clooney and Mat Damon.

Because they put themselves in a  place to catch the money you assholes are throwing away on bullshit. They provided you the bullshit (like Apple provides the toys).

And thank god they have a conscience, and a human instinct other than that of excess and indulgence because if they didn’t, the world would be in just a slightly worse place. Emphasis on slightly.

Without them, we wouldn’t be in a much better place at all. There are plenty of philanthropists, all taking care of stuff they think should be taken care of. It’s all well and good. Kudos to all. But still, with all this money being redirected, all this effort being put in, the world is still fucked up isn’t it?

It all seems like a drop in the bucket.

How is that possible I wonder sometimes? How is all of that possible.

The only answer I can think of is, that no matter how many philanthropists there are- the amount of sheep/ consumers, and providers of those meaningless consumables, greed mongers and profiteers for the hoarding of wealth or power or both- outnumber them, and so there will never be, as long as man-kind doesnt unite in the name of advancing itself as a whole- a solution to problems like world hunger, or lack of education, or class warfare.

So in the end, when evaluating all of this, what are we left with. What Am I Left With?

I, a cog in the works. Powerless.

Observance of it is stressful. Powerlessness, is stressful. To adopt a futile code of ethics and actually believe that one man can make a difference (without explosives) is foolish and a waste of precious time. So what’s left? The other end of the spectrum. That’s all.

The other end that says each day you have is one less you will have, and you should try and enjoy each day because you can’t get them back. You WILL die one day, and you do not want to look back and see a long list of days where you spent them sullen and miserable over the unchangeable state of affairs. You want to look back and feel good about having spent this time on earth, your limited time, well.

And in a way, it’s all your left with, but it doesn’t escape me one bit how this “other end of the spectrum” you’re left with because of utter helplessness otherwise- aligns you in a way with all of the irresponsible ones who unlike me, engage in self indulgence out of not having the means to influence change- but rather because they simply don’t care.

People are still calling New York from all over the country expressing their unsolicited opinion on a Mosque that’s being built in the downtown area near where the World Trade Center once stood before 9-11-2001. Idiots.

People are still taking – taking – taking – from the world around them, and not giving a second of thought to their good fortune- but rather thinking of how they can take more. 

Nothing is different.

The only thing that seems to change is the manner in which those who struggle learn to deal with their misfortune productively or at least in a way not to let themselves eat the barrel of a gun.


That Flight Attendant Guy

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Is he still news?

If not- Good.

He should have never BEEN news if not for the blurb “Flamboyant Drunken Flight Attendant Flips Out Causing Dangerous Delay”.

I couldn’t believe the shock I felt over the ignored little story I overheard on the news the night before- in headlines the next morning! And WORSE! he was being called a Hero????


Friends of mine, and family members (oh the shame), not knowing any better and just following the beat of the drum- touting him as the supposed hero the media told them he is, and unwittingly giving up their brains to the conformity of being sheep.

Was I crazy? Was I too critical? Was I angrrrrry? Was I wrong in thinking this guy, is not only a flaming fag (no offense to non-flamer homosexuals but flames like this guy really do give you a bad name and ARE annoying- say no, I dare you disagree), but he’s also an affront to what a real hero is- the Working Man they claim he’s the hero of.

Apparently not- by the eventual outcome.

I mean, was it a test by the media to see how many fools in a recession will still cheer a man clearly less of man than ” a man”, in other words- how many sheep will cheer a man clearly NOT a hero- in a time of recession no less- for QUITTING a job- rather than jeer him for not keeping it- and I say again- in a time of RECESSION when so many are unemployed and needing jobs.

Well if it was a test- we failed as a society, and passed with flying colors when it comes to showing whether we will put up with bullshit like … lets say… George W. Bush again.

Yep- they’re still stupids, so it’s ok, let’s keep drilling for oil and attacking 3rd world countries in the name of peace and democracy while really it’s a move to fill the pockets of the owners of the companies who have contributed their way into ownership of the very government in command of the armies that can make such a thing happen. Sure, let’s keep telling the general public what to think- they’ll follow along like lemmings. They, the poor and stupid, will continue to allow their children to join these armed forces under the guise of patriotism (they raised their flags against whoever we told them was behind the World Trade Center attacks didn’t they?) and give us plenty of bodies to proliferate the designs of greed.

But nah… it wasn’t some kind of test was it?

It was just some news editor’s practical ignorant joke.

And yet, many a follower.

And yet, I, the morning after, slack-jawed, felt a rage over the slander of both the words “Hero” and “Working Man” being used to describe neither in that person who as I saw it- was a fucking LOSER who couldn’t hack it. Instead of deciding this like a man, in a rational way- where maybe he creates a plan of action to improve his life if not simply change his life by changing jobs… the asshole endangers the lives of hapless travelers- these poor people who need to get somewhere- pay exorbitant amounts of money to do so- and enclose themselves in a flimsy flying capsule hanging on explosive loaded wings in order to get where they need to be for pleasure, family or work… AND endangers the lives of the TRUE Working Man Hero’s who were walking by the outside of the plane when the ramp balloon exploded and deployed- men or women who have families to support and work HARD! Do you know anyone who works in an airport and is required to be on the tarmac? I do. And if my friend had his neck broken by the impact of an inflatable raft being deployed in a non-emergency, I’d be fucking pissed at the jack ass that made that happen!

The irony would have been that the man toted to be a working man’s hero by the press would have killed a true unsung working hero.

But I digress… he endangers the lives of his co-workers and underpaid pilots that make his living possible as well, and he goes out like what I clearly saw as being a coward, not a hero.

I have a job I hate right now, but I do it. People do depend on me, and I have to make a living. This guy went postal and some jerk off editor actually let this person be called a hero??

Now some time has passed and as much as for the embarrassment I’m sure, as for the facts coming out that the guy was an unstable fool who committed a crime and should be punished for it- the story is no longer in headlines.

But now, seeing how things have turned out so pleasantly and for the side of truth which is what reporting should be about- I think whoever it was who “broke” the story- should be FIRED!

Fired on the grounds of gross negligence to his duties as a provider of honest and truthful news to the general public. Influencing the public in an irresponsible manner as well.

I’ll repeat- this guy went Postal! And some jack ass thought he should be called a hero- AND that person had the power to get others to follow suit- and RAN with it- negligent of the facts.

Lets be deftly clear- this guy, the former flight attendant, did the equivalent of what the saying “going postal” comes from.

And that is a person who works for the post office, going in to work and shooting everyone in the workplace. Hence the term- going postal. Attributed to persons who “lose it” at work, with dangerous or unfortunately sometimes lethal results.

That this guy didn’t kill anyone was pure luck.

It takes an explosion similar I imagine to that of an air bag deploying- to release that raft/ ramp- only I imagine, a lot larger.

What if the plane were being refueled? What if there were something flammable on the tarmac? I could go on and speculate for ever- but the bottom line is he’s a criminal and someone seized the rather college dorm humor-ish opportunity to start a media frenzy under false pretenses.

Fire whoever that was. All of them, who let that story come out that way.

None of them should be in the news business. They should work for The Onion if anything.

Don’t get me started on how I believe there should be prosecutable laws in place to punish those who commit irresponsible public influence through wrongful and equally irresponsible journalism.

I’m sure every athlete ever accused falsely of a crime, every celebrity ever falsely scandalized and every private citizen ever effected by such a thing would agree the news media should be held responsible and prevented by threat of lawful prosecution when it comes to this kind of thing. (notice I didn’t include politicians in the list- because they deserve all the bad news they get for the life of lies and thievery they’ve chosen)

Fire them if for nothing else- the waste of time. They wasted time on TV, Radio, and advertisers I’m sure, wouldnt appreciate being associated to poorly reported news, just the way they wouldn’t want to be associated to A philandering golf pro- which by chance- I don’t agree with- but as we saw, is the case.

They wasted my time.

And now I’m done wasting my own on this subject or this ridiculous modern-day soap box called a blog.

Ciao for now.

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Two thoughts confrimed, and a cause…

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1. When one’s material needs are taken care of (all of you making good money), there is very little that exists, to satiate your personal contentment- aka, to make you happy. This says a few things. It says that if  a human being has things taken care of for them (i.e Paris Hilton or anyone in a lucrative line of work or business), they have enough money to provide for their material needs- they, unless divinely gifted, become either a creature of excesses- or they become a philanthropist. Sometimes both in good measure, or one after the other.

In a way… it may be that human beings may NEED to be in a state where everything IS NOT taken care of- or basically- we get bored. The rest of my case is in the following…

2. The oft-not talked about dirty little secret of poverty- that the poor are poor because they’re stupid with their money. Spending it on excesses they would be better off abstaining from and reinvesting what money they do have on improving their situation. To this I can extend a small amount of understanding because in a world of excess, it is truly hard not to feel a drowning desperation when the world around you shows you the life you do not have that is better than yours, constantly, and consistently, without reminding you that to get there you have to bear down and sacrifice, hold out and abstain from indulgence whether it is for a temporary alleviation of your misery, or for a illusory taste of the good life.

In other words when you watch Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous, there is no disclaimer warning you that the influence of seeing such lavish extravagance may lead you to despise the conditions you were born to so much that you could develop a materialist complex thinking that if you can buy everything you see advertised that you will be happy- or you will develop a substance dependence from occasionally over indulging in the “feeling” of having it all.

No, there’s no disclaimer telling you that to get there (if you actually want to be a person who can justify a quarter million dollar car), you have to turn away from indulgent expenditures and invest the money and time you have with sacrificial habits to be able to garner the results that would improve your situation to be able to afford those comforts everyone else around you has. Which isn’t easy advice to take… “hey, see this good shit? Well if you want it- don’t go out this weekend and have drinks with your friends, don’t go out on that date with that girl you met, don’t have fun that’s going to leave you closer to broke before payday… instead, when you’re off work, you should work. Study, make shit, so that one day down the line, maybe then you can have the latter problem of finding how to be happy because all your material needs are taken care of.”

Anyone else seeing the vicious cycle here?

Stay poor, because you don’t know any better, or get rich, and end up bored…

Which then brings us to the present day… where there ARE enough billionaires in this world (millionaires are old news), to quite possibly fix the worlds problems… Don’t you fucking tell me there isn’t enough money out there!

But they don’t.

I watch a video like this one, and so much goes through my mind… So much.

Towards the end when they show the size of the audience- watch it, it’s a STADIUM… of people she openly referred to as “having enough” and being a group she can appeal to for help- easily. In other words- they GOTS money, and they just don’t know what the fuck to do with it.

We live in a world where people shouldnt go hungry, but do. We live in a world where people shouldnt be uneducated, but god knows, they pick up the phone and call New York because they think they actually have an opinion that matters on the subject of the Mosque, and so they are uneducated and downright bigoted and stupid.

And we live in a world where Paris Hiltons aren’t strangled by their parents for simply being a waste of flesh. A mistake. An embarrassment. A disgrace. (I use the name because it’s the most common that comes to mind, but there are plenty of others) We live in a world where it’s allowed… to manufacture a vehicle, for sale to the public that can afford it… at the cost equivalent to the amount of money that can feed a small country, build a dozen schools, educate a hundreds if not millions of children to become teachers to work in those schools, or otherwise improve the world we live in… And despite living in a world where such a sad waste of money is offered to those who may have it to spend- we also live in the world where those people actually spend it. Not as a quick cheap thrill- like renting that Bugatti or Lamborghini for the day or the week- no. BUYING it. Saying goodbye to the large percentage of money that’s lost on resale value at the very moment it’s driven off the lot.

And if it takes $13 a month to send a young chinese girl to school, and a donation of 10k+ to change not only her world but the world of her entire family… how is it not criminal to buy a $250,000 car, a 4 million dollar wedding, a yacht, diamond rings, I could go on.

I’m not saying one can’t have these things if they must- but I am saying that it’s disgusting to see those that indulge, and haven’t done enough to help the world they live in.

I am saying I wish I lived in a world where such a car can be built, and maybe even manufactured in limited supply, but prohibited from mass production or permanent purchase simply because of the sheer disgusting human shallowness it would exhibit- and we should be above it. Because of the horrible things it would say about the human condition. And the proceeds resulting from the lease or rental of such vehicles produced in limited supply, should be severely taxed leaving only moderate profits for those producing them, and the taxes put directly and unconditionally towards community renewal, urban development and education.

This is the point where I want to stop writing, for the futility of it all.

Here is the link if you haven’t already seen it on Freshly Pressed.

And by the way, people like Sheryl Wudunn should be leaders of the world, not just fundraisers.

Comment on; Where do you put a Mosque?

August 17, 2010 1 comment

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Answer: You put a Mosque, and for that matter a Church, a Synagogue, a Temple, a friggin Tree people want to pray to on Arbor Day… Anywhere the laws of the land will allow. This is the United States of America and Freedom, as much as humanly possible, is what we stand for.

I’ll continue this rant on my own blog…

I happen to work for The City of New York in a capacity that affords me the unfortunate privilege to have the opinions of New Yorkers and now with this Mosque debate- any jerk off who has an opinion outside of our city- thrown at me. I have to hear all of it. In the last months, there has been a grand total of three… that’s THREE supportive opinions I have heard regarding this matter- the rest are from people who for all my ability to try and extend my understanding- simply put- need something to hate.

I have had enough time to think of all this. I have heard enough. I have spoken to parents of soldiers both alive and dead. I have spoken to parents and friends of those who died and those who worked at the 9-11 site. For them I feel remorse, of course, but no amount of loss is an excuse for uninformed irrationality- to put it nicely.

I have spoken to the crack pots who dont have anything else better to do but stick their noses in anything the media tells them they should care about. I have spoken to all of these people from all around the country.

Few of them can contain their rage to express themselves in a rational way. Most want to yell at whomever they get on the phone. One bordered on threatening terrorism himself. Most, have southern accents. Most, make the ignorant assumption that the Mayor of New York has the power of a King and that by his decree he has “allowed” this to occur. Those in particular I regard as Idiots.

But again, most just want to hate. The same emotion that fueled those who supposedly flew planes into the towers that morning.

I work here in the area. I was going to school at the foot of the WTC. I was, if not for my genuine disdain for Math Class, supposed to be there that morning. I worked at a school shortly there after- again, at the foot of the WTC, where an entire dorm room floor wall was covered with the names of those students and family of students and faculty that were lost that day.

I come to work every day- tolerant of the tourists holding their maps, looking for “the hole”.

It’s a tourist attraction to people. This, is nauseating to me. There isnt a god damned day I dont feel a sadness inside for what happened here. I see it- every- fucking- day.

So when I hear everybody and their mother think they have a qualified opinion on what goes on here in New York in relevance to the World Trade Center- you can imagine what I feel.

Yet, I tolerate you.

You, who would be no better than Jim Crowe or Hitler and take people’s rights away simply because you have the need… the NEED to hate.

I have to leave this job. I have seen too much of what the general public is like, and honestly, it’s killed my faith in mankind, and even American Ideals.

This country is filled with corruption and bigotry. People, who even if we do have the worst ecducational system in the world, should know better, should recognize that NONE OF US COME FROM THIS LAND! They don’t have the basic kindness and common sense to ever allow me to think this world will be a better place.

Honestly, I’m ok with not having kids now that I’ve worked here, and heard all of you people and your “opinions”.

No one, not one organization in the world, has stepped up to say, when they do build the Mosque, we will come to help. We will lay brick and mortar with you in the name of Peace and for the end of violence and aggression between the faiths of this world.

That, is truly sad.

I’m reading America’s Hidden History by Kenneth C. Davis right now, and in the first few pages alone, I’ve learned the fact that most of history’s conflict, has alwys been about religion. World wide.

I am of no faith, but support any theology that gives people comfort- and no theology that looks to convert or to keep people from their own choice.

I thought once the Bush administration left office, I could be proud to be an American again… but I see that isn’t going to happen. There are just too many hateful bigoted stupid ignorant people in this country and I can’t defend you anymore.

Thanks, all of you.

Thanks for ruining what could have been a wonderful country.

And in a way, maybe thats how we should deal with you. Let you have the country and let you run it into the ground with your hate. When you get yourselves destroyed, we, the peaceful intelligent and tolerant people can come back and be better off.

A Man of Letters (via I Love Things That Are Great)

I defer to those who do better than I. both in selecting subject matter and the subject matter itself.

A Man of Letters When it comes to cultural satire, it seems you can't shake a stick today without hitting a 'prankster'.  Whether that pranking comes in the form of phone calls, fake documentaries, 'gotcha' style interviews,  (not in the dumb Sarah Palin way, but the cheeky Borat way), or fake newspapers, it's all about making fun of this stupid society that we live in…or as The Onion cleverly put it in their amazingly funny atlas– Our Dumb World.  The prankst … Read More

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Canadian Streets Exhibition – The Final Prints (via Dale Tidy – Vancouver Based Photographer)

Psst. Check this out.

Canadian Streets Exhibition - The Final Prints Here is the selection of 13 images showcased for the Canadian Streets Exhibition which were chosen out of 7500 photos that I took during the month of July last year. 1. Welcome to Vancouver 2. Our Sunset 3. The Boys of English Bay 4. Untitled 5. Existence 6. Chinatown 7. Life, on the Street 8. Canada Day 9. Fairgrounds 10. Sign of the Times 11. Granville St. 12. Untitled #2 13. Dream, Life (prints are available for purchase – contact mail@daletid … Read More

via Dale Tidy – Vancouver Based Photographer

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Attention, those born to Immigrant parents; Did you know about this?

South Carolina’s Senator Lindsey Graham and Arizona’s (no suprise there) Senator Jon Kyl discuss the  introduction of a new bill which would seek to alter the 14th Amendment and which would remove the right of citizenship from children born from immigrants in the U.S.

Be advised, this pisses me off, and if you don’t like reading profanity, turn back now.

Anyone who reads my blog knows the loathing disgust I feel towards the backwards assed reverse-evolving people in this country who need to take their fear mongering bigotry and contrary to the edicts this country was founded on, attempt to make their nazi-ish, pseudo-inquisition-ish ideas the new world order everyone within these borders should live by. And usually, I would have a lot to say about something like this, but really, that’s it. I’m fucking disgusted. That’s it. They’ve gone too fucking far.

I can’t stomach it anymore. Why aren’t admissions like this, ideas that run clearly contrary to the base principals of what AMERICA is, treated as treason? I understand that this is a free country and the Constitution can be ammended, but this is fucking UBSURD and it should be made clear by the powers that be that this kind of backwards assed, racist, isolationist, bigoted, retrogressive thinking will not be tolerated.

Agh. Wishes that won’t come true. I know. I’m not capable of even writing much on this subject for the wreching, nauseating, revolting and just plain sickening feeling it brings up. All I’m going to say is that if something like this actually goes through, I’m leaving. Renouncing my citizenship, and leaving. It was bad enough living through eight years of Bush. Something like this happens and for me, this is no longer the United States of America, land of the free. It will be the Republican State of America, a right wing dictatorship where you will have prayer in schools and religeous law crammed down your throats. Persons of “other” faiths will be deported by any and all means both legal (since they’ll change the laws to suit them as they are trying to do with this ridiculousness), and contrived (the CIA will frame anyone they need to in order to get them out). That president/ dicator of THAT country, will probably have a tiny one inch moustache right below his nose and institute a new salute that consists of raising one’s arm straight forward and out towards the sky.

Here are some references. Fuck this. Who is electing these tards?!

P.S. Stop calling New York about the Mosque! It’s none of your business if you’re not directly associated to it by residency or by relation to a victim of 9.11- and even if you are- there happens to be freedom of religion in the country we still have so far! It’s not the religion’s fault! You can put a Church wherever you want? You can put a Synagogue wherever you want? You can put a Mosque wherever you want too. My god, people, grow the fuck up. Hating a religion for the actions of some fanatics (like Timothy McVeigh I might suggest, or the unibomber… hmm, what religion were they?) will not bring back those who were tragically killed by those fanatic’s actions.

Ugh. Enough already.