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I once wrote…

aka life-isms.
by daniel damian mendez

in life…

~ religion is the sloven externalization of responsibility committed to by the knowledgeable, and the refuge of ignorance and insecurity for those incapable of higher thought.
god bless.

~ there is only meaning- between the birth of selfishness and the finalization of fulfillment.

~ “good” is only the illusion existing between ignorance, and denial.

~ society- by design, is malignant in the name of capitalism and the proliferation of greed.

boy, i certaianly had a groove there didn’t i?

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Michael Jackson is more annoying dead.

June 25, 2010 2 comments

The Jackson Five were the shit. MJ had as much talent as he did wierdness. I never really understood the fascination with him when he was alive- and now, it seems that because he’s dead- all the wierdness is swept under the rug- like he wasn’t a suspected pedophile, a strange recluse, a self loathing body dysmorphic, a self loathing african american (don’t give me any shit- he bleached himself and married white women), and in the end- a drug addict.

Brilliant musician though.

But hmm, I dunno- can we not reward the surviving vampire like family by increasing royalty payments now?

I wanted no part of MJ when he was alive- after the J5 I mean. I tolerated his videos once they were released- once each. Just like I tolerated all the hoopla his family needed to raise when he died. A stadium service? Really? A movie? Rrrrreally? It did suck because he WAS talented, underneath all the dysfunction. It was what it was. It will pass I said to myself. The man died and the fans (insane as they may be) need this and the family is quick to capitalize- of course. But it will pass, and it did.

But now what? This is going to be a yearly resurgence of bullshit in the name of this guy?

Guess who’s behind it.

The record companies, the family, the interests who make money off what remains of this singer’s work.

You know what I’m mourning? The shame that MJ didn’t live to do Celebrity Rehab. Oh well, maybe we’ll get Lady Ga Ga soon enough.

Ugch. I have to tolerate this nonsense now like I have to tolerate Christmas,Valentines Day, over zealous religious people, the heat, stupid people, supposed reality TV, prejudice, hypocrisy…

So much more.


First time I saw this chick perform, and yeah, thats right, I said Chick… I said to myself- here is the Elton John of our time. Talented. Intense. Artisitic.  A true show-woman.

But as time goes on I’m seeing some stupidity that detracts from that initial evaluation.

Elton John is a Genius.

And it may mean nothing to this Jew-ess, but the comparison IS being made- not just by me, but by many influential people in the entertainment world. And whether this fat asses big schnozzed chicky appreciates it or not- shouldn’t she show some recognition?

Some recognition to her own career if not flattered by the positive press she’s recieved already?

Don’t make it hard for me to love you.

I have nothing against a fat ass and a shnoz. I’ve dated both before. None with such talent as she has, so don’t go acting like a dick and change my feelings about’cha Gagz.

Don’t go the Winehouse way.

Please don’t go the Winehouse way.

What an ASS!

The Master and... Protoge?

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June 23, 2010 Comments off

Why is it in a person’s custom to introduce themselves to an anonymous someone answering a phone in an office somewhere?

If you’re calling an individual in some rergard- it’s understandable, necessary and polite… but if you’re calling a public office or a business, such as a customer service center and you’re not required to identify your account- then why are you stating your name?

Who cares who the fuck you are?


Why when you give someone exactly what they are looking for- because you know what they need, since it’s your job to recognize their needs as soon as they state them clearly- do those people question your determination- if they came to you for the answer they couldn’t figure out for themselves in the first place?


Why are most people opposed to clear communication? Why must they find the path most complicated towards reaching their goal- when communicating?


Why can’t most people just recognize, and answer, a Yes or No question when asked?

Why must they respond with a story? An elaboration on details that if they were of any consequence – you would’nt have had to interrupt them with a Yes or No question.


Why can’t people learn to simply ask for what they want in a direct way? Why must people approach the attaining of information by telling you a story? Is this some ghetto form of communication I simply do not comprehend?

Why must I interrupt a “story” and ask- “What are you looking for?” – “What can I help you with?” – “Who do you want to speak to!?”??


These questions plague my mind every single god damned day, before and after I pick up the phone at work, several, and I mean several times- throughout the day.

People are generally stupid it seems. They clog their lives with unecessary irrelevant habits and customs preventing them from acheiving their goals, by preventing them from their own clarity of thought.

This, is the first and foremost reason I sincerely believe mankind is doomed to eventual extinction.

Most, are stupid in these ways and are followers who need to be led, but leaders are corrupt. Greed for money and power ruin any possibility of the evolutionary advancement of the human race.

There is no talking sense to most people. Instead of trying to get to a higher point- a point of progression- a mutual advanced understanding- all most people want to do is make it an arguement, and win that arguement- so they feel like they accomplished something- even if in accomplishing it- they held up their own advancement- and especially if they held up yours.

Misery, loves company they say. And the human race, however benevolent or gracious they may think they are- are miserable.

I’m for the closing of this chapter in the history of existence. This human thing is a failure.

I bet they don’t approve my comment…

The Blog is called Say it Ain’t So Already where you can go and see the post for the day- 6/21/2010. This is my comment to the post- and I just bet they won’t allow it on the site.

“Sh8t happens. You should have thought about what kind of pelicans you wanted your kids to know before the oil spill and done what you could to make sure regulation of the oil companies was in order. But of course- like most Americans, we don’t give a flying pelicans ass until the fit hits the shan- BECAUSE we didn’t care to pay attention before. So quit your crying and pseudo martydom for your kids- you’ve done a great job at showing them the effects of complacency and non-involvement along with the effects there-from.

You should now be teaching them what fun a greasy pelican can be. God’s pelicans- you kill me! Ha! – HA! God’s Pelican IS the one with tthe oil on it! Or are you not a creature under your own god’s brow? God made you and everyone else complacent- made the oil companies advantageous of that complacency- and now an oily pelican! God WANTED to oils up mother nature and hey- we can all guess what happens after god oils her up! That’s betwen them- if they like involving pelicans in their activities- we should all just respect god’s little fetishes.

Hilarious Post- thanks for the laugh!”

Correction; not “your kids” but your “2 year old friend”… Don’t get me started.

Boycott Commercial Holidays- Or give me Oral Sex

Father’s Day

Mother’s Day



Valentine’s Day


Those are the big ones. What makes them different? They are commerically driven. They aren’t about commemorating anything really. Not purely. They’re about making you spend money. They can all be replaced by the sentiment that you should commemorate that occasion every day, every week, every month, every chance you get.

Yes yes yes, the ignorant will argue that those days are “nice” and all that nonsense- but I’ll just say really? Thats nice. I think oral sex is nice, we don’t have an Oral Sex Day where all kinds of interesting sales could happen do we?

No. I celebrate Oral Sex Day all on my own and as often as I can. I don’t need a calendar reminder to tell me that I need to go home and give my significant other oral sex on that day- although if you ask me it’s a day thats needed- especially after Valentine’s Day- so I can get some in return.

So- same as I dont need an Oral Sex Day- I dont need a Father’s Day. Read my short story Lost and tell me how much I need a Father’s Day on my calendar? In fact- I have a step father I appreciate very much and Father’s Day for me- makes it really awkward.

I have a couple friends whose father’s have past away- it makes it very uncomfortable in this fat assed unintelligent country ( I can say this as I am a natural citizen) to be reminding these good people of their loss on this day.

As it is they have two days they commemorate without a national calendar reminding them to – a birthday and a…

Thanks so much.

Can you imagine how much more painful Mother’s Day is?

Screw that.

Don’t get me started on Christmas… Fat Imaginary Magic Man Day.

Derived of religion, bastardized and set on a Pagan Roman Calendar day- why the holy fuck are we still entertaining this charade?

The Day Christ was born… no, it isnt. Do your research.

Leave the religion to the religious.

Anglo Christmas is a ridiculous bullshit celebration of how much money you have and how much you can spoil your children with that capitalist gain.

It’s more appropriately named- Pretend You Care About World Peace and Show Off Your Money Day.

Thanksgiving? Again- you need a day to help you be grateful? OK, lets combine it with Tax Day. Take a look at your bottom line on Tax Day and sign your 1090 or whatever form you deal with- send it off, and feel grateful.

Get together with your family who you haven’t felt grateful for all year and tell them how much you appreciated the fact you didn’t have to tell them you appreciated them all year – just so you could get it out of the way today on Thanks-Tax Day.

Valentine’s Day and Easter- both religious days just as bastardized as Christmas.

One is represented by a bunny- a rodent thats known for how much it can fuck and reproduce- to represent a day of resurrection for Christians…

Get this now… even if you remove the bunny… youre celebrating the resurrection of a human being from the dead.

A zombie.

Easter is a Zombie celebration day.

So lets put on funny hats and paint eggs and hide them in a garden and then send children to go find them???

Why don’t we just add Jesus to the latest version of Left 4 Dead- xbox 360 version please- and call it a day. Literally.

Valentines Day? The fucking nemesis of hipocrisy for a single man. No matter when you start dating a woman- save for the remaining days of February AFTER that shit day- are you saved from the eventual hipocrisy of Valentine’s Day.

St. Valentine.

Who the fuck was he again? Patron saint of WHAT? Don’t tell me- because it won’t make sense to me anyway. It will only make ass-sense. Sense for asses.

For Americans it means going out of your way – like we do for the other unecessary days and telling your sweetheart- your significant other- that you appreciate them.


Verbally? No.


You have to go out and BUY shit. Because if you say you love her every day, be supportive of her desires and endeavors, be a man for her when she needs one, whether its with a hammer and nails or with a strong shoulder to cry on or an ear to listen- it won’t mean shit if you dont have flowers on Valentine’s Day- right?

So… as a dating or married man you have an anniversary or two depending on how high maintenance and insecure a woman you’ve paired yourself with… You have her birthday… her parent’s birthdays, your parent’s birthdays, her siblings if any, and the list goes on, holidays all- where you have to shell out money to purchase items representative of your love.

Real Love, according to the American Calendar- does not exist.

It doesn not exist and  you need to be reminded of when to be a human being to your mother, your father, your significant other, your god and then you have to be grateful to them all.

Why? Because you’re probably stupid.

Being American, you’re probably obsessed with money. You should be, you’re gonna need it to keep up with the holidays.

You think this kind of a calendar has anything to do with the national debt? The problems Americans have with their health, their spending, their educations, and basically- everything?

Nahhhhh- right?

Expectations of Failure.

Have you ever had a professor who you thought “no matter what I do- this fucker is going to fail me”? Like he was waiting for it. no matter what you came up with, this guy was waiting for the opportunity to pounce on whatever flaw they could find- because there will be one, always, since we’re human. Some of us have had relationships like this, where that significant other was always unsatisfied, no matter what you do- they would find something wrong with it.

In the professor/ student situation- it wasn’t like the unhappy professor could have tried to help you to achieve satisfactory work could they? it’s like they needed to hang back and wait for that satisfying feeling of putting you down in some way. Mr. Know-It-Alls that they are.

In the case of a relationship the same holds true, with a hostile sense of course, since it seems a personal vendetta.

At some point in both relationships though, I would hope the student or well-meaning significant other take a step back and say you know what? Fuck you. Either grab a row or get the fuck off the boat.

This is what our President needs to do.

I’m tired of waking up and reading how the press was sitting back waiting for the President to make his speech or make his statement or whatever he did next- and they found this fault and that fault and bla-bla-bla- Press, you’re starting to look like a bunch of unhappy bigoted bitches who can’t lift a finger to help the situation- but LOVE to criticize the man in charge who has to do the job. You don’t want to COME OUT and say the N… can’t do it, but god damned you fuckers are sure IMPLYING that’s your opinion every single god damned day.

What’s worse is- the man seems to care about you implying it.

I think it was completely wrong of Obama to cow-tow to the bigoted insecure people who questioned his methods and needed baby sitter hand holding at the beginning of the BP Oil Spill.

I watch the coverage and wonder if they feel any sense of shame? I feel sorry for this President who is forced to try to be a good-black President for what seems to be fear of being called a bad-black President.  When if you who have something to say- get on the fucking ticket and either take care of yourselves emotionally, not whining about “oh the president doesn’t love me”, or you in the press use some insight instead of that Professor who hates me or the girlfriend who is never happy attitude- and HELP the country understand the responsibility of the Office of the President instead of drumming up the bigot’s need to criticize what they can never understand- then maybe the Prez can feel free to do his fucking job the way he needs to do it instead of having to jump when you say jump.

If this President has failed at anything it’s been not putting all you assholes in your place. And isn’t it funny- it’s the critics who are using “the race card” these days to try and manipulate the Office of the President of the United States.

Am I failing to make my argument in some way?

Because if I am I can always just fall back on the default “you wouldn’t be saying this shit if he was white”- and its funny how that always seems to fit.

Wait till we have a President of Latin American descent- Then we’ll have a representation that will certainly put the press in their right place.

Thank you Daily Beast Cheat Sheet for setting me off. I would rather not be giving a shit.

I know – I know – If it’s not going to be the President (Bush) making me ashamed to be an American, it’s going to be the people when the President is other than white.

I know – I know – we have one of the worst educational systems in the world here on our land- and we have the double edged sword of freedom of speech and religion that make it so zealots and bigots and fanatics have to be tolerated- and most times its the combination of all of those factors that make for the most laughable if not for being so fucking scary examples of how human life maybe isn’t so precious all the time because it can go so wrong when you let EVERYONE just go on breathing even though they’re certainly acting like they don’t appreciate the life they have in the diverse world they’ve been gifted living in…

Yes, I know those factors have alot if not everything to do with the abhorrent stupidity one has to witness in this country and I should be more understanding- but it’s just fucking sad that in my life time I won’t get to see certain things that would come of progress- simply because mankind is busy wasting it’s time expressing and listening to expressions of this kind that do just that- simply waste fucking time- distact from things, and prevent a team effort to solve the problem.

What should the President have done?

Blame the terrorists for the oil spill? Then you assholes would be raising flags in support of anything and everything he would ask you to do- like going to war with a couple countries maybe?

Hey, it worked for his predecessor- right? 

You should be ashamed of yourselves.

An asshole idiot becomes president and you let him get away with everything under the sun- but a smart guy gets in office and you dicks cant do a damn thing but criticize.

It’s easy to pick on the smart guy I guess. When the criminal we had for eight years before that was just an unpredictable dumb ass with a big stick.

Everyone is just the scared neighbor who minds his business and keeps his mouth shut when it came to Bush. But now that Obama’s in town, you’re all brave & shit.