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Facebook, now BirkaBook?

May 25, 2010 4 comments

Or is it Burkabook? In any case, it’s gonna be Hide-Your-Face-Book it seems, and you know, it may be better that way.

Read about it.

In my case, as you may know if you read this spooge I slather over this page like a disgustingly delicious self indulgance after the fact- I could care less… but I do have a thought…

Maybe Facebook should do something for those who recently get together with someone else…

You know… you meet someone, and they share their FB page… but one day you’re at their place and they want to show you something on FB, and when they quickly pop open their page you notice- hmm, seems there’s a lot more content on there than when you last visited their page- from YOUR page.

Of course, theyre hiding stuff. No No No, lets not mince words- yes, theyre hiding stuff.

Thats their right of course- and yours.

Who knows, it could be access to past lovers, pictures or comments that may give you a different impression of them, or theyre hiding YOU from people in their life for reasons you may not want to know (meaning how they feel about you- REALLY) or the same reasons stated above- but bottom line- it happens. It happens and in the moment the modern individual adjusts. Sensitive or not- he or she adjusts, puts things in the “hmm, we’ll see as this develops” mental file and proceeds to deal with whats right there in front of them- however concealed a life may be behind the smile and eyes before you.

So… Relationship issues aside- this is now a factor in the social world- So shouldn’t FB do something about this?

Here’s what I propose-

A privacy setting that allows you to access your page in… lets say… “getting to know someone” mode, or… “I’m hiding shit” mode, lol. So when you access your page- for whatever reason, and you have eyes over the shoulder so to speak- the page that does show up- is the page that they would see if they access your FB page from their end.

Then if no one’s around and you dont have to hide that ex hook up’s comment about how great your tits look in that dress- and remember when, or that dirty girl you hooked up with’s offer to hang out soon because they want to get sum’more of that NSA good lovin’… then you can click the “I’m alone” button, enter your password, and see the page that’s meant for your eyes only.

There you go. No aaaaawkward moment for the guy or gal who you’re censoring your past indiscretions from, or simply shielding from other guys or gals you may have intentions towards.

I mean, lets be honest, little things like that can derail what could otherwise be a menaingful relationship you know- and relationships need all the help they can get. It’s hard enough to find a good one. Easy enough to hook up. And no one likes the revelation that there’s shit being hidden. it just leaves a bad taste in your mouth and makes you feel like this person isnt who they’re really portraying themselves to be.

But of course- it’s always good to use common sense too- if youre hiding shit on your FB page from someone youre getting to know- just dont open your page up in front of them? How about that?

That way you can continue to hide anything and everything you want about your life as you continue getting to know anyone you want, and anyone else on your FB page as well.

Lets just hope they’re not doing the same with you- or well, thats not gonna be a good, or long term relationship, that starts out with deception from the very beginning- is it?

But again- this isn’t a relationship column- its a privacy suggestion. And a good one I think.

Whadyagonnadoo? Thats life.

Get with it Facebook.


OK,OK, I watched Lost too…

But I’m not gonna go blogging on it, so sorry to the the vacuum of that ilk…

Instead here you go, you can listen in on a conversation and get my thoughts on it that way…

10:33 AM

M~: that was my fave part… Juliet and sawyer
I almost lost it
Claire and Charlie
Kate and jack

Yours Truly: yeah she can illicit a response that actress
freckles was killin it in that dress

M~: lol
ye she looked dope 

YT: it was all about Jack btw
it was all in HIS head

M~: yesss
it was all in his perspective
the closed it with his eye closing 

YT: he was Lost

M~: I’m gonna watch the Kimmel thing tonight, I was out cold right after

YT: it could be said all of it happened in his mind, after the plane crashed and he wandered through the bamboo forest injured, dying, that’s why everyone dies in water
yeah I couldn’t watch it either

M~: ye there’s so many ways to interpret
they did that on purpose – yes they’re all literary references 

 YT: all the names of the characters, authors he’s read

 YT: yeah I thought that a while back, but they talked abt it in the interviews
cute I thought, but now I see 

 M~: ah I was about to say that 

 YT: poor Jack
father issues, love issues, no son issues

 M~: ye he was the center of it all 

 YT: I don’t like how it all wraps up for me

 M~: what do u mean 

 YT: I want someone
else’s version 

 M~: ah
they’ll be lots on the blogs today. has a good one but won’t be up until after 12p EST

 YT: find one for me that’s nice and tight, because it kills it for me to think of Jack lying on the beach with a head injury and dreaming all this up – this fight between good and evil, this insecurity of not being able to keep the girl, this wanting to be a hero, reluctantly, never having a son, this basic thing – the flash of life before your eyes one has before one dies
– an embolism dream comprised of all the literature he’s read, all the desires he’s had, the unfulfilled unfinished feeling of a man trying to put it all together in a last ditch effort to be ok with his bad luck of being on a plane that goes down in flames

A metaphor for his life

 M~: that’s a good way to summarize it
  well written (exp)!

YT: copy paste and credit me, lol 

M~: noooo 

YT: but it’s not the ending I want

M~: ye I know, that’s why it’s a little disappointing 

YT: it’s sad, like seriously they can rename it- “Poor Jack” 

M~: lol so true
  or “lost in Jack’s head” 

YT: none of it ever existed- it was all his imagination built on his life and the ppl he saw last
  spirit dreams
  limbo… “Where are we?” he asked his dad

M~: I hope the producers like come out and explain things at one point

Yours Truly: Me too.

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12 Events That Will Change Everything

Not everyone caresses their Inner Nerd like I do, I’m aware of this, so you may not get Scientific American e mails to delete most of the time like I do either- but that’s why you have me? Right? Because I’m big and handsome, latin and loverly, smart and slightly intellectual, yet rough around the mother fucking city-life edges…

Or not.

In any case check this out… its pretty scary-cool.

Not like youre gonna do anything about it anyway- right?

12 Events That Will Change Everything

All 12 will have you thinking.

That’s Right- Americans as bigots, Nice Picture!

Ooh look a second Opinion in one day- dont you go thinkin’ I give a fuck…

But really- what happens if Mexico decides to subsidize immigration right over us into Canada or somewhere else like Spain (eesh they wont like that- theyre already fed up with the Moors) or else-wise where immy’s as I affectionately call them aren’t so persecuted and confused by how well employed they can be at the same time!

Mexican President Felipe Calderon criticized Arizona’s harsh new immigration law during his visit to the White House prior to President Obama’s state dinner with Mexico. Calderon called for an immigration policy that departs from “such laws as the Arizona law, which is forcing our people to face discrimination.” Dayo Olopade on the Obama-Calderon friendship—and what’s on the menu. Full Article…

If i were in Mexican government- you KNOW I’d be teaching Arizona bigots a lesson by getting each and every Mexi out of there ASAP.

Lawns unmowed, Gardens unkept, Dishes Unwashed, who’s drying the cars after the car wash? Who’s buying the kakhi’s n’ wife beaters n’ Keds? Who’s delivering that order? Now there are too FEW kids in the schools- Teachers are getting laid off, schools are closing for surplus budgets- publishers are taking back school books because no one’s using them, Apartments, although over populated moments ago- are now empty entirely- landlords are RAISING rents on the bigots who remain because hey- life’s a bitch and they gotta make their’s – right? am i missing any one of a million other effects of these bigots looking a gift horse in the mouth? Oh yeah! Not a god damned decent Burrito in the state!

And the angry kids who ARE American citizens they leave behind? What do you think theyre gonna do?

Now lets be real- the only reason there are so many undocumented immy’s anywhere in the U.S. is because the NIS fucked up. They slacked off looooong ago.

When I was coming up I saw the skits on the sit coms- “La Migraaaaaa!” We all saw Cheech and Chong’s depictions between tokes- right? It was still goin on back in the 70’s… so what happened- where are the raids these days?

I’ll tell you where- theyre pushed in a corner in liu of the revenue produced by law enforcement otherwise- it’s the same reason they havent Legalized It mannnn… because theyre making money form keeping it ILLEGAL.

Wrap your head around it.

If you take one preventative law away- you unemploy those who enforce it, you reduce the revenue of those companies providing products and services for that prevention, and you reduce the federal tit-squeeze for the communities dealing with such calamities such as oooooh immigrantes! Dude, you fuck with the cooks at Gonzalez-Gonzalez (Houston and Broadway in NYC) and youre gonna have to contend with me ’cause dammit those boys can cook- illegal or not!

Elect Damian921 for Mexican President and stick it to the bigoted Americanos gringos!

But seriously, the ONLY solution here is – if you really… REALLY have such a problem with the indocumentados mother fucker? It’s amnesty for all who got by on the laziness of those who were supposed to be enforcing those laws to begin with- and tighten up the borders. Period.

Or… keep being hipocrits and act like you didnt let them in- then you can always require Canadians to take jobs left behind by Mexicans before they get their residency?

Not gonna do THAT are ya… Bigot fucks.

Need I say more?

I’m Latin, my mother came to this country and for a minute, was illegal- since then she’s become a resident, then a citizen, and she PROUDLY holds two passports as tightly to her busom as the three kids she’s had- two of which are college grads- one who will be cooking your food when you go out to eat, and the other who will be providing you with your TV content – and last but not least- the oldest- who’s looking you in the face when you least expect it, smiling, and taking you for what he can get.

Like a good American.

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I like the Boss…

As some of you may or may not know, I work for NYC gov’t. None of your business where and doing what. I come from the hard knox, not one of the affluent, trust-afarians, or Yuppies as they were once known-

So Yes, I do have a healthy tentative cocked and loaded resentment for the rich when they deserve it- but also an applicable pity for those ingorant to the real value of a dollar- you know who you are. This doesnt mean I side with the rich or the poor universally. I am as much an advocate for getting off your ass and doing what you have to for yourself- instead of complaining about it. But I know how it can be when youre just not catching a break either- and you need a hand.

So I could apply an ignorant hateful pointless POV to our illustirous Billionaire Mayor, The Boss as I affectionately call him, but I dont. Why I dont? Many reasons… he does the job for a dollar… he’s a successful entrepreneur, a politician who switches, and bitches party politics as he sees fit according to his needs at the moment (maybe he’s down with the New Good?)… fucking smart… But mainly, because he strikes me as down to earth and real. Thats it. Bottom line.

Judging by how many people try and jump on him for a misunderstood quote- or what they would like to say is a mis-spoken word- Like these god damned Tea Party idiots when he said it could be ANYONE who tried to bomb Times Square- but in the description of anything- mentioned people who may have an issue with the Health Care bill… I know I’m right.

So this morning I’m in the shower, and no, not with with the Boss, but with the radio on, and I hear his quote on the pending signing of this quality of life bill… “Don’t be suprised if I just sign it”

And I crack up and the candor.

Ya gotta love that shit, if not simply respect it.

I suspect in private conversation he must blow off the bullshit nay sayers and critics in the same way I would if I were in his position.

Nuff respect. Good Job Boss-man.

How was breakfast with Jay-Z this morning I wonder.

Blissful Apathy

There is an oil slick in the gulf… Danny doesnt care.

Raised an eyebrow at gas being above $3 a gallon last weekend- but really, dont care.

There is a Nixon getting into politics, Danny doesnt care.

A new P. M. across the pond- neh, dont care.

Something going on with New York Teachers? Love teachers, but seriously, dont care.

A female nomination for the Supreme Court… Cool, but dont care.

The market dives, maybe a mis-pressed button, recovers, dives some more, recovers, dont care.

The world is decaying and human beings are helping it along at a disgusting rate. Too many people dont care- my caring wont make a difference- hence I do not care. In fact- beginning to believe thats the way shit goes and why fight it? Lets go back in time and save the dinosaurs, put the Greenpeace and PETA people in the time machine first- lets hope it works.

Cabbies in NY are being skimmed by doormen? Good, fuck’em. When they have a better driving record, dont talk on their phones while driving, dont smell, dont scam people coming home from the airport by taking longer routes, dont dont dont- care. Thought I might- but nah.

I did see a report of a man who while tandem sky diving turned his body under his client to take the impact of the fall when both chutes failed….

That made me cry.


Bu tthen again, so do the religious right.