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What is there to Opine on today?

Hmm, lets see… I’m sick so the general apathy I usually feel is amplified by a tenth to the I dont give a fuck multiplied by Pi.

What’s Obama up to? The financial reform bill? Fuck this, why don’t we just police all these peoples shit and tax their bonuses as income, because it IS income to those recieving them, and thats that! holy shit what is the fucking fuss? They fucked up, now you take away the privilege thats been abused- fucking basics man. I’m tired of the media placating these morons who object to obvious shit.

Tea Party… hmm, republicans who want to do bigoted shit and dont want it traced back to the republican party… need I say more? Thanks Jon Stewart for clearing that up, or was it Bill Maher?

Oh, and some Jag off said volcanoes are caused by women dressing scantily? I wish this were true so I can go jack a deisel hummer and head for the compound as armageddon ensues due to the already billions of women out there showing their god blessed sexiness, as wel as all the strippers working hard for their money- all setting the world off its axis, causing the techtonic plates to shift and the earth to open up and swallw assholes like that who make REEEEEE- diculous comments because they cant get none!


Alicia Keys… write your own blog!?

About a month ago, maybe a couple of weeks, but in linear time what with the internet and all, time seems to move faster… I recieved a e mail that included a Head Blogger position offered by AK Unlimited… I was curious- what must one have as far as credentials, to be  Head Blogger? Immature jokes aside.

I clicked on the link and was suprised to find that AK Unlimited stood for Alicia Keys.

Now I am no R&B fan. I am latin, and though I may walk down the street and you probably type me as someone listening to that clown music noise, Bachata, that blares from the noisy mufflered dropped down neighborhood racers uptown or in the spanish neighborhoods in the outer boroughs (self loathing- check)- you’d probably be suprised I’m actually very happy listening to a Clash or Kings of Leon Station on Pandora, if not just U2. I identify as American, and I answer the overly common question “where are you from?” with just that- American. And I correct- “do you want to know where my parents are from?” With a warning- “but remember, knowing where they immigrated from isn’t going to tell you much about who I am, it’s only going to tell you where THEY came from”.

I recently answered the question as to why I dont like R&B by saying it was horny gospel to a hip hop beat. Its bad enough hip hop has been gangster bastarized since we heard the last of Tribe Called Quest or Funkdoobiest as well as all that came before… and I’m not saying there isnt appeal to Biggy or the Staten Island monstrocity that is the Wu!  But for the most part its violent posturing garbage and I don’t listen to it anymore, save the talent and graces of such empresarios such as the Roots and Mos Def, and the Beastie Boys- keeping the art alive- purely. So that being said, less a reason to catch any R&B on the side… I’m just not exposed to it…

But once in a while someone rises up from the muck and the mire… someone strikingly beautiful and talented, seemingly uncorrupted by the travesties of her own culture or the travesties of those condescending cultures around her, and you sit amazed at what god created, if there is one, which she makes you believe, for the moment- there might be. Alicia Keys.

So I said “hmm, interesting, I would put my name in the hat if I were more ’bout-it’, or had my credentials in order, or were more deeply involved in being the writer I wanted to be back in 2000”. And I moved on, no other thoughts in mind. Certainly not blogging about it.

There was a blurb on some news show? A week later? I think it was New York One? Maybe? I was working out at the time and it was on the side of empowering women or something. I am not a woman, as much as some days I wish I could be- so I can get over on society- but THAT’S another blog for another day! In the end I thought to myself, “hmm, getting it kinda late there”. And again, moved on, thinking “I wonder who they’re gonna get for that position?… Lucky bitch”

But now today, another Monster posting for the same postion??? and well… it does take a little prodding and poking to wake the dragon some days… But when you wake him, Damian being his name, he gonna spit fire. So here goes…

What the fuck is going on? What does this say about either the R&B community, or the Black community? Seriously? There are no competent bloggers who want this job? Have you read the damn posting? Shyit, I WANT THIS JOB! Can you imagine? Hanging out with the Keys crew, traveling, schmoozing, chillin, and writing???? Dude, I’m not into R&B but you do NOT have to threaten me with a good time but once and I am in.

I could die doing that job and if Alicia Keys is the last thing I see in this life, I’m ok with that.

But back to the point (usually where I piss people off)…

What does this say? Are there no competent writers, African American or otherwise- who want this position? Are the majority of bloggers too white, if like myself even not, white?

Is this a racial thing? Is the Keys camp flipping through resume’s and saying – nah, nah, nah, too white? Or are they flipping through rez’ and saying hmm, maybe, but he/she too white? (if theyre black- which I need to start the revolution now and call black- Brown, ok?)

Or without the racial component at all (SO FUCKING UNLIKELY- hello reverse racism! oh yeah- talk about it- its out there and its happenning right now as we speak/ read)- are they just not happy with the applicants over all?

Whats going on? I thought this position would be filled by now.

Why doesn’t she write her own blog? Dictate that shit?

I love Alicia Keys, I think she’s amazing. In fact I DL’d the song New York last week because I just realized it was missing from what I listen to (and no I’m not justifying myself to you- who the fuck are you? I’m just sayin’, thats an amazing song and pure genius that strikes to the core of being a New Yorker, while including those adopted to our shitty city)… and I keep it in my A1 playlist amongst the Clash, Kings of Leon, Radiohead, U2, Glasvegas, The Killers, and more. I dont know if AK would appreciate being grouped in that way, but I know her wallet would if the rest of the world accepts her in the same regard. You dont wanna be Maxwell or others who get stuck in Brown’sville because they shun the mainstream for the love of their own… which they may get, but not in the form of cold hard cash to pay the bills. Maxwell was the shit though, say no. So was badu and what was his name… sang Brown Sugar and played himself with the naked video? Whatevs.

How do I end this blog now?

Like this…

When I told the asking party why I don’t listen to R&B my answer, I added a few minutes later as I bopped my head to the first part of a Black Eyed Peas song, because the latter part tries too hard to be dance and quite franky sucks… I said…

“the other reason I dont listen to too much rap or any R&B anymore is, ’cause when I do, it brings out the nigger in me”

Again, another blog for another time, lol.

O.T.B., R.I.P., NOT. & P.E.T.A.

The rare occasion where I’ll be posting the same blog on both my personal space and my public space, is here again.

The OTB, Off Track Betting, of New York, I hear, is going out of business.

Well, gooooood fucking riddance. Just about the same sentiment I have for my lieing cheating ex.

Rare also, is the occasion that something happens to better society- clearly. Usually there is hope, and effort, and the outcome is always unclear. But here, in the death of these holes in the walls where degenerate gamblers can loiter and pollute communites throughout New York while ignoring the need of jobs and the needs of their families- there is clear improvement in their absence.

Let these pieces of shit go to the fucking track if they want to wager on the use of animals in competition with each other. Why PETA doesnt go after these places is beyond me. It’s abuse of animals like any other.

But of course, youre wondering why am I so adamant about this?

Well, my father was a degenerate gambler.

He spent too much of his time, and mine, as his young son, in those dirty smoke filled places. Not to mention the money he spent. Chasing the cheap thrill of nothing more than guessing correctly.

My father, one man, out of hundreds if not thousands, who frequent these places. Too lazy or cheap are these men, to actually go to Aqueduct, or Belmont to watch the horses they bet on race. To BE in the place where it happens. God forbid they have the class to go to the rail and feel the beat of their hoofs in the soft dirt as they blaze past. Certainly it can be an experience. But add any amount of class to it, its still the abuse of animals for the boredom of man.

In any case, my dad, dear dear dad. One of many, and what I mean to say with that is, what happened to me because of those places, because of my dad’s need of those places, and them being available to him, I’m sure I’m not the only one it’s happened to.

He once did go to the track I remember. I’m sure more than once, but I do remember this one time in particular… because he decided to go from the OTB to the track with a couple of his friends. And it would have been cool, finally getting the motivation to actually GO there, like a real man would, a man with some class… except for the fact he forgot his kid at the OTB.

Yep. I must have been 4 years old maybe? Maybe two and a half feet tall? Whatever it was, I could fit under the tables and I would sit under there and play with whatever toys I brought along with me. Or I would collect the tickets strewn all over the floors and make up some game or another. Well… thats where he found me when he got back. I had looked for him but couldnt find him, so I just continued to play. Figured he’d show up eventually.

How sad is that? I was so used to the fucking smoke filled OTB that even in the absence of my own father- I felt comfortable enough to just hang out by myself- at FOUR years old amongst the trousers and shoes of strangers!

Was it better than being left at home alone and told to lie to your mother when she got home as a result of her finding out from a family friend that he committed such an error as a result? Can’t tell ya. Both kinda fuckin suck.

So all in all- thank you to whatever forces of business, god knows it wasnt nature- that have put down the nag of the OTB at long last- that lame bitch. Fuck those places, fuck all the degenerates in them, fuck the neglect they offer their families for their lack of character that they need such whimsical bullshit thrills as whooping and hollering because they guessed what horse would win a race against other horses??? And fuck New York State for being fucking hipocrits and allowing THIS form of gambling to be legal, while turning a blind eye to my beloved game of skill, Poker, keeping other forms of gambling illegal and keeping prostitution illegal and unchecked while furthering the abuse of women and the spread of disease as a result.

Regulate and legalize the wagering on fucking horses, but not the sale of human flesh.

Perfect sense. You god damned idiots. Fitting we now have a legally blind governor. Keep him, at least it makes sense now that our legislation doesnt and has never seen the clear way to improve the state we live in.

Youre not educating women to NOT sell themselves anyway, so just ignore the ones that do it for non taxable cold hard cash. Idiots.

I digress;

Fuck Off Track Betting.

And Dad, you still alive? Somewhere? I wonder… sometimes.

That 3rd subject…

Was Tiger Woods and that ridiculous nike ad…

Oh my dear lord in heaven christ jesus in the freakin  morning- who cares about this guy and his supposed sex addiction? And now, the media, taking it to new lows… incorporating the man’s dead father’s voice in a tone vaguely suggestive of judgement… further alienating anyone intelligent from paying any attention or spending one single dime in that direction.

Because of this ad, I will avoid Nike products for the next… I would say… 5 years. Or for as long as I remember that ridiculous low.

And I will remember it- thanks to their iconic emblem on the screen in black and white just burned into my memory.

Why people create a market for this crap from companies and media- I cant understand.

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An open letter on Dating in NYC… and maybe the world

Background info: I keep a personal ad on I dont pay for Match because after having done so a couple of times I realized its a marketing gimmick used to keep you hooked when they throw three “similar” people at you every time you wink (free option to show interest) or as a paying member, you e mail anyone…

Now, if youre interested in someone, unless youre a player of course- no judgments- shouldnt you focus on this person youre interested in at least for a proverbial minute, before moving on to the next? I mean, really? Doesnt someone special, or potentially special deserve at least that short moment of time exclusively dedicated to them? Its not that long, really, what is it- two dates?

Well, Match doesnt want you to even think of one person for a split second- much less for the span of one date.. I mean, you may actually fall inlove… cant have that and not need their services, so they bombard you with distractions…

And you, and me, being me and you, and money being what it is, we want to get our money’s worth when we pay for something- especially if its paid on faith and the product is intangiable… so what do we do? Fall right into it- clicking away, winking away, e mailing away at one or two out of every three results we’re thrown.

Securing that if even the first person we were interested in, for whatever reason, hopefully sincere ones where they had things in common with you and their expressions were endearing to you- that evenif they do respond… your mind wont be completely on them, or even waiting for their response anymore… youre nto part of the next best thing mob. The people who treat everyone like theyre disposable, because right around the corner- they believe, is something better- always.

When, not realizing, theyre not anyone’s best thing either. And this is where they should be focusing. Being better, to attract better, and deserve better people.

God forbid that- but in any case- I still keep an ad on there with not-so-cleverly hidden hints at the means to get in touch with me without having to pay for the service…

You would think this would be something good on so many levels… save the ladies some money, save myself some, limit my choices, forcing me to focus on one at a time and not be corrupted by the site’s BS… but no.

It seems you run into a phenomenon on Match… a woman’s valuation of self worth.

Somehow, and it strikes me as incredulous even typing it, btu as you will see by the open letter below, it is seemigly true… it seems women allow themselves to be valueated, priced, materially, by men, based onthe price of membership.

I know – I know it sounds crazy… but I have long since suspecting it- asked my female friends, some confirming it partially (of course it cant be easy admitting to a man if it were true that your self esteem is based on whether a guy will buy a membership to a dating site, a drink, or dinner… and I guess the list goes as high as engagement ring and baby food), and others not at all, avoiding it entirely…

But occasionally a woman will come along and inadvertently wear pridefully what other (smarter I guess?) women hide shamefully… and thus we have this exchange, where I pounce…

End note to background… I really AM looking for a woman who is above it all. And its sad that so many women are so complacent intheir so called “search” for love (when really its a languished state where they sit around waiting to be found by whomever gets up the initiative to cross over their self imposed boundaries) that they see my ad, may actually be interested, and then do exactly what the ad says not to do (if they do anything at all)… winking, and e mailing, from withtin the Match system, where I have clearly stated I will not be responding or joining???

And they dont get it… that if I join… It wont be just for them… but if they contact me, I will be. At least for the time it takes for me to figure out how far the acquaintance will develop.

Enjoy reading- a look into the mind of Woman in NYC… to me
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dateThu, Apr 8, 2010 at 6:22 PM

hide details 6:22 PM (16 hours ago)
So you’re not joining got it.  Though I like the creative way you got around the email block.

I can understand only paying for what’s worth it but all good women love to be courted and a good man understands that requires you to go into your pocket.

Most importantly my name is Terrica can I assume yours is Damian

daniel m to ttaylor_law
show details 7:55 PM (15 hours ago)

Thanks, but as a good man, I know that if a woman needs to have a man go in his pocket, needs to actually tell him so (kinda tacky) and more so- setting the price at the price of membership to a site that makes so many other women available to him (hmm, a good woman is priceless), she may not really know what a good man is. Or for that matter, what a good woman is.

Good luck, may all your matches be paying members, and may they not be too distracted by getting their money’s worth.

Thanks again.

Daniel Damian to me
show details 6:20 AM (5 hours ago)

Hmm, tacky not quite! You’re willing to sign up for the site take the time to create a profile so you can meet people and therefore benefit from the service the site provides BUT you don’t want to pay for it. That’s like walking into a bar ordering a drink and drinking it but then refusing to pay for it because the bar down the street charges less for the drink. There is a word for reasoning like that . . . Cheap. And likely the reason why you’re still single, but best of luck in your search I’m sure some silly woman will settle for you but as I am the total package you fall short.

take care

D. to ttaylor_law
show details 7:16 AM (4 hours ago)

Oh sweetie, I wouldn’t start with the analogies when as a woman you just told a man that to be with you its required they reach in their pocket… because, you know what that’s ‘like’ don’t ya?
If you still don’t get it, let me make my point with a question… How much?
You’re analogy of a bar is way off  hun. Yes, I walk in the bar because that’s where people meet, but I dont buy the drinks because it impairs my judgment.
Match let’s you, in fact tells you, putting up an ad is free. But in order to communicate, you have to pay… understandable. Any pimp sets the prices for the women they can sell, like my hint above points to incase you still didn’t get it. But then you pay to meet one woman,  they throw three more at you each time you show interest in any single one. And three more, and three more. Literally telling you, ‘here are three more just like her’…
Now, if I were you, I wouldn’t criticize the guy trying to go to a bar and meet women like a decent man, unimpaired, rational and in full control of his faculties, to use your bar analogy… and simultaneously trying to do it while defending the very honor of women blinded by a society that teaches them to value themselves by the money a man would spend on them, making them no different that any other store bought property, or more commonly,whores.
And to enlighten you further sweetie, incase you thought it was somehow ghetto-cool to let a guy know that for you (assuming you’re a good woman) he would need to “reach in his pocket”… like you seriously don’t hear how that sounds and how those same words are spoken on street corners every night… I’ll tell you this…
For a woman that a man thinks is worth having, a man will not only want to spend his money, but more importantly, spend his time, his energy and thoughts and energy on how to keep that woman with him and how to make her happy…
This is something he does because she INSPIRES it, not because she points to the price tag like you did.  He is inspired, and usually that inspiration makes him spend a lot of all those resources than he would have without it. Simply because like I said before, if she’s worth it, she’s priceless. Meaning, no dollar amount carriable in any pocket could pay for even one second of her time. And she, as that dignified Lady, would never be so crass as to disrespect herself by ever saying what you did so casually.
So in reality hun, when it comes to cheap, one of is is aware of true value, and the other is selling themselves cheap…. pun intended.
You have a lot to learn about yourself, this society, and who you’ve been taught to be as a woman.
Good luck with that. 
And before you TRY to write some bitter response I’ll intellectually shred to bits, take a deep breath and realize the basis of my arguement is rooted in the reality you live in, and there’s no arguing with facts. Realize I’m not a conformist, and I’m swimming against the tide when those facts make most women as materialist as you show yourself to be, and that some respect should be reserved for those who try and achieve the near impossible, or unlikely, in their own way.
Have a great day.
Daniel. to me
show details 8:51 AM (2 hours ago)

Actually you just further proved my point but clearly you don’t see that . . . Then you would infer I’m a whore name calling really what are you 10. I think you just like to hear yourself talk because you said the same thing over and over again. Though the laugh for the day is you thinking you’re somehow smarter than me, you how no idea about my intellectual muscle. I made one point in a few sentences and paragraphs later your still talking, facts are simple everything else takes time to explain. So let’s just agree to disagree. Please don’t respond again you keep saying same thing its boring.

D. to ttaylor_law
show details 9:58 AM (1 hour ago)

I truly wish anything you said held weight… it would help if you said it well, or at least spelled it well. And no, its stupid things that are said quickly, thoughtlessly. Relationships, a complicated individual to individually differentiating matter, is complex. But I guess not for a woman who puts her value at what a man can carry in his pocket. You cheapened yourself. Period. And, apparently, you will always be ignorant. Responding as long as you do. Ciao.

3 op’s…

1. Obama and Russian Prez…

Give us a break, like those people and their bastardized corrupter than American government can be trusted? They condict themselves in the most selfish and disgustingly inhuman ways here, keeping themselves apart from the establishment, isolating themselves in their own communities, talking trash about Americans behind their backs every chance they get- insulting our society every tome they can, even in speaking the language perfectly, but refusing to and making others translate whenever the opportunity is available- arrogantly telling YOU that YOU need to learn THEIR language to comunicate with them- while standing on YOUR American soil… so please, lets save face and treat them like the sneaky people they are.

2. Local; St. Vincents Hospital, closing. Ohhhh, the protests… ohhh the objections…

Want to disperse the crowds? Tell them you’ll keep the hospital open and pass around the collection plate…

Watch them wither away likethe hipocrits they are in that wealthy area.

No one wants socialized health care, and they call it welfare, right? But take a poll of the average income protesting to keep the hospital open… bet they can support that hospital and pay off its debtr easily, if they didnt want … wait for it… drum roll please… WELFARE! From the government in the form of “keep my hospital open please? So I don’t die on the way to the next one… aw boo hoo. Manhattanites- you HAVE money- TAKE A CAB!

3… nevermind I forgot the third- maybe next time!

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