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Does this Gay thing ever get old???

Can Animals Be Gay? Asks the New York Times…

An exerpt;

“Various forms of same-sex sexual activity have been recorded in more than 450 different species of animals by now, from flamingos to bison to beetles to guppies to warthogs. A female koala might force another female against a tree and mount her, while throwing back her head and releasing what one scientist described as “exhalated belchlike sounds.” Male Amazon River dolphins have been known to penetrate each other in the blowhole.”

Need I say more?

Happy reading


Health Care, this time I’m listening…

But I’m still confused.

And from what I hear (mind you I’m not the most willingly connected when it comes to politics, if you read this waste of time of a blog you know my opinion on this) I’m not the only one.

Most of the country is confused. So the president, in a theme it seems inherent to our first non-white president, has to go out there after the law is signed and still “sell” it.

This is sad. Just as sad and pathetic as the racial and homophobic slurs being thrown (even spit at) members of congress yesterday. Why isnt anyone denouncing these people with these archane animalistic expressions as unamerican. Because lets be real, this is a country that is made up of, meaning it wouldnt exist without, the diversity of the world. There is no america if there were no races, gays, bi-sexuals, hermaphrodites, trans- sexuals, catholics, buddhists, muslims and every other kind of difference in humanity. Give me your tired your poor your hungry and so on… so we can berade them and ostracise them when they get here. And most of all tell them like the hipocrits we are, that they cant be American, like our parents became when they got here. So to shout out a slur in this day and age only exposes you as a traitor to your very own country.

These people would have no problem with someone of a different race, religion, sexual preference or creed putting on a uniform and going somewhere and killing another person of the same difference or otherwise- in order to defend their right to freedom here on this dirt- would they? But the hipocrits thinik its ok to keep that frame of mind in the year 2010.

But I digress;

So from what I understand, and I kind of didnt want to understand- because it sounded kind of wrong- EVERYONE must buy into health care. You CAN’T NOT have healthcare…

And if you choose not to- you have to pay a fine.

Now, at the risk of sounding ungrateful here, what the fuck is that?

At the risk of sounding republican, and god forbid uttering the W word the way they love to- What the fuck is that?

The question comes to mind- why would you institute something we all (sane and good hearted people) think should be there, in a way to piss everyone off?

And by pissing people off, you risk the overturning of the bill entirely. You cant tell people youre reaching into their pockets to help other people. You can ASK them to help, but dont tell them theyre obligated. Its basic psychology.

Is it part of some two or three step plan? Well I hope so. And steps two and three better follow through quickly. The Right is on fire. And like I said, it kind of does sound like welfare.

Now, it also occurs to me that this wouldnt have been necessary if those who have had the power to help those without, the less fortunate, had done so sooner.

But its the American way isnt it? If youre “fortunate”, you leave the less fortunate in the dust, never to be thought of again, until the government steps in and says hey, remember youre not alone in this country- or – you become one of the less fortunate yourself. Then its ok- right?

I love these assholes who threw dollar bills in the face of the protester with parkinsons disease the other day, telling him he’s a welsh and to work for a living. I love it. Those scum should be arrested, have their assets seized and forced to live a life less fortunate for about 5 years. See how they come out of it.

I bet a bit more compassionate.

But thats where all this comes from doesnt it? Its all a result of man, not caring for their fellow man. The fortunate dont realize, their businesses, their fortunes, would not be possible without the less fortunate. Who does the work? Who is your labor force? You can only treat them as expendable for so long, eventually they will not be so easily replaced.

So… Universal healthcare, yes, the WORLD needs it. But this bill, flawed out of the gate I think.

In my opinion it should have been approached solely on the side of the corporation. Making it an obligation as the cost of doing buisness, that the HMO’s all split the cost of insuring those who cannot afford insurance nationwide. Capping what they can charge those who can, and to fend for themselves when it comes to finding their profits.


Same as those corporations force the individual to fend for themselves when theyre in dire need of healthcare and are flatly turned down.

Cap your CEO’s, cut the staffing, go digital, stop the kick backs, stop the kick-ups to government, learn to save money in those ways to be able to provide to the customer what you said you were selling to begin with- the INSURANCE of healthcare!

Why it has to do anything with taxes to, or the private citizen at all, weathly or poor, I dont understand.

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