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Communication, a thought, a realization.

February 19, 2010 Leave a comment

I caught myself saying “get to the point” this morning as I listened to the radio and a commercial came on.

The lead in.

I realized, this is part of what makes my job so frustrating. People talk like this. Like they’re fucking commercials. They think they have to lead in to their requests. But no, I don’t honestly believe they’re actually thinking about their process, I think they’re unwittingly taught this inefficient form of self representation by the media they’re subjected to.

And I have to put up with it, help it along, cut it off, get it to the fucking point- every fucking day as a result.

It’s a job.

Until I can do something about it, I’ll have to deal with it.

Besides other things are more important. Like getting an aptitude test instituted for the lisence to have a child.

So these inept unqualified jerkwad parents can stop having the kids they can’t feed, can’t raise, can’t educate and can’t control in the fucking subway where I’m trying to write a blog post.


And they keep throwing up their hands…

February 18, 2010 Leave a comment

In what seems to be a gesture meant for the hopeless… Hands thrown up and walking away, another official says fuck it- you’re all going down the drain, so happy trails.


Can 2012 happen for real?

February 17, 2010 Leave a comment

On a global scale- I dont know, but here’s a quick video of some of the stuff happenning on a smaller scale in Italy. Just like the movie.


Maybe there’s hope after all- But not through Government.

February 16, 2010 Leave a comment

Adding Rocket Man to His Résumé

If you care about the advancement of man-kind, the Human species, and not so much about the importance of really good 3-d movies, because frankly Avatar wont save the world, it will just entertain it as it burns- then read this and maybe feel some hope.

Now that we can put to rest the question why King Tut died…

February 16, 2010 Leave a comment

Now we can get down to the rest of the world’s problems…

Remember earlier where I said- because scientists are paying attention to something and spending time on a subject- its worth listening to- even if the science isnt exact?

I take it back.

Malaria Most Likely Killed King Tut, Scientists Say

And I say… Why do we care?

Unless youre going to tell me, “additionally, the sci-fi theorum of Stargate is now shown to be true”, I honestly do not give a flying but-tut why the boy king died, unless he was Goa’uld host.

The scary thing about global warming…

February 16, 2010 Leave a comment

Isn’t that it’s obviously happenning- I don’t have to use examples do I? 60 degree days in winter- snowfall in parts of the country that are known for high temperatures…

What’s really scary is I’m reading a whole lot of press regarding Global Warming, or Climate Change as it’s otherwise known (a sanitized PC phrase thats replaced the more panic striken one of the past), and it seems to be getting caught up in a whole bunch of nonsense- rather than communicating to us, the general public or more importantly, the governments we are under- the fact that hey, we’re fucked.

I read something at the same website linked to above, last week or so, where the scientists who are trying to ring the alarm are being discredited left and right… but even if the science is inexact- its being worked on- and I dont know, I’m no genius, but if a bunch of heavy brains are spending their time on something, whether they let us know sloppily or not that there’s a problem- we shouldn’t be correcting their grammar or triple checking their numbers for a difference of a few decades, or even a  century of accuracy- we should be listening to what we need to do about it!

Things are changing and my crazy anti-armageddon zombie fighting compound building escape planning jokes – dont seem as much funny anymore as they do something I should actually be planning on in order to survive the Day After Tomorrow, Zombieland, 2012, stuff thats… coming?

I need a reinforced bullet proof Hummer that runs on deisel and veggie oil, a stockpile of defensive weapons, land in a part of the country thats way above sea level, and there I need high walls, and deep trenches where I can store months of fuel, food and fresh water.

Who’s with me?

chirrrp… chirrrp… chirrrp.

Okie doke, dont come a knockin on my compound gates, I’ll be sniper training.

And so it’s the Friday before…

February 12, 2010 Leave a comment

Hmm, let me see, how can I describe this emotion…

Fuck this? Yeah that about says it.

Valentine’s, and I hate even dignifying it with the typing of it’s letters or speaking it’s name, has always, in my thirty eight years of life (subtracting thirteen for adolescence), been disgusting. Either I’m in between relationship- one time I distinctly remember a depth of loneliness over an extebnded time alone that I cant even describe- or I’m in a relationship where feelings are confused and convoluted to a point where you feel harrassed by the damn holiday into doing somethng for someone who doesnt deserve it- but youre a jerk if you dont- right?

This time, I’m just out of a four year on-and-off relationship that’s ended, finaly, with the implementation of legal help. Again, disgusting.

I’m still getting over her, feeling things she doesnt deserve me feeling for her, yech, love. And I’m in and out of the “angry” stage, where I despise her for all the inconsideration and selfishness- which I would love to be back in completely- how I was, before this damned holiday came closer. And I’m single.

Anyway, since this isnt my personal blog but one based on my opinion or lack there-of on certian things I won’t get off-topic…

Valentines day is – like so many other American Holidays- almost all of them- a fucking commercial marketing tool to get assholes and the good women out there who do great things for their men- to spend their money on shit.

Its pathetic, even in good times, that youre pressured to go out of your way financially and emotionally because of a date on the calendar. Showing someone you love them is what I do in a relationship EVERY day- I never needed a calendar day to show it more. Its stupid. Its infantile. Its redundant. And its the standard.


Am I bitter- suuuuure I am. But even if I were in a good relationship or even dating someone I liked, I would still feel how stupid this all is. I would go along with it- because like I said above- if you dont- oh my jesus christ you can be pretty much exiled from society as some sort of child molestor or something because you didnt do something nice for valentines day- women play along because its all about them- and please- dont get me started on the way women are brought up to be marketing associates to the capitalist cause- and they dont even know it. All under the guise of having love proven to them- they have to be bought off with products and services. I see the arguement men make when explaining why they pay for sex andit being simpler- since theyre expected to pay for it, and the illusion of being loved anyway with women who arent professional prostitutes.

Oh women won’t like that statement- but if they dont- why do they play along with a holiday that makes them prostitutes? Bought off with gifts and expenditures.

I’m not fighting that battle- its a lost one, long ago.

and the answer is a simple one anyway…

Because most women dont want to think deep thoughts, they want to see physical examples representing the love they think they deserve. They dont want to think and validate the love and appreciation theyre shown on an every day basis… they want to say “he took me there, he bought me that, so I know he loves me” When no, he may or may not love you, but he just took you there and bought you that.

I would liek to see the stats on men who cheat vs men who are faithful, and how much they spend when it comes to valentines day- and how satisfied their women are by those efforts.

I’m willing to bet the men who fall anywhere between the occasional trist- to the out and out mistress keeper- spend a lot more, and have women more convinced of their dedication and love, and those who have less to give materially, but are devoted and faithful, are cursed with women who doubt their love and fidelity- because they dont empty their wallets on days like Valentines day.

Thats the world we live in and you know it.

Fuck Valentines Day… this year at least.

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